SBC SlotCatalog Game Developer Awards 2024

SlotCatalog partners with CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards for the third year in a row to present seven distinct data-driven awards - a one-of-a-kind nomination recognizing the best studios based on pure statistics with no subjective judging.

SBC SlotCatalog Game Developer Awards 2024


For the third consecutive year, SlotCatalog has partnered with the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards to honor the industry's leading teams who continuously innovate and push the limits of slot gaming. This year, we are proud to present seven distinct data-driven award categories, each based on comprehensive analytical insights such as casino lobby presence, market performance, and real-time statistics that we receive from our data partners.

While there are many other prestigious awards in the industry, we see the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards as the most coveted, a so-called crème de la crème. It's like the Oscars for game developers! The level of professionalism and the meticulous preparation for the conference and the award ceremony were truly impressive! We're thrilled to have had the chance to present our nominations on the CasinoBeats stage, and we thank SBC| CasinoBeats team for their outstanding work.

We were incredibly honored to have John Romero, the legendary creator of the iconic DOOM video game, as a special guest at the event. His impact and influence on the gaming industry are monumental, and his presence was truly inspiring, providing a memorable experience for all attendees.

John Romero
John Romero

How We Select the Winners?

SlotCatalog Awards have always stood out in the iGaming industry, being unique accolades based entirely on analytical data rather than subjective opinions. Historically, these awards were determined by examining the presence of games in casino lobbies, providing measurable indicators of a game's popularity and reach. This year, we have further enhanced our methodology by incorporating spin statistics from our data partners. This expansion allows us to capture a more detailed and dynamic view of the gaming landscape, giving us an even richer basis for our awards.

We employ a formal approach to determine the winners for the SlotCatalog Awards categories. On a daily basis, we collect data on the presence of games in casino lobbies, and starting from mid-2023, we also receive spin statistics from our data partners. This allows us to create dynamic charts that offer a detailed representation of game developers' companies' performance throughout the given period of time.

We have developed a certain formula - for each nominee, we calculate ‘points’ based on their daily presence in various markets. Points are awarded for the percentage of presence in casino lobbies and the number of spins they attract. To visualize this, we present the results in percentages.

SlotCatalog Awards Formula

Points = (K1 * normalized % of avg. lobby presence + K2 * normalized spins qty) * 100%.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • K1 & K2 are weight coefficients, tailored individually for each category. We count K1 as 1 for categories with analyzed lobby presence. This is not necessarily when the presence is high, it’s just that conducting analysis for studios with a few number of games doesn’t make sense. In the same way, K2 as 1 if the nominees’ number of spins is sufficiently large.
  • The normalized % of lobby presence is the average percentage for the analyzed countries. ‘Normalized’ means that we calculate the percentage each provider has out of the total lobby points (all providers) that day.
  • Avg. % means that we calculate the sum of lobby points of all analyzed markets combined and then divide by the number of markets involved.
  • Normalized spins qty is calculated in the following way: we divide the total number of spins received by a certain provider by the total number of spins received by all providers that day.

For each SlotCatalog Awards category, the analyzed countries have been selected individually. Also, worth noting, is that we have taken into account casinos with Casino Rank Value (CRV) > 0 to determine the lobby presence. We set CRV ratings individually for each casino.

The analysis period for most categories covers the last 15 months, from January 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024. Each month, we conduct analysis for at least four selected dates, usually the 1st, 7th, 15th, and 23rd. To convey the dynamics and variable environment of iGaming, we have prepared short data visualization videos for each category.

SlotCatalog Awards

Like in previous years, this year’s SlotCatalog Awards include the Rookie of the Year category, where we celebrate emerging talent and recognize the most promising newcomers in the industry. We also have the Game Studio of the Year award, perhaps the most prestigious out of all, divided into three sub-categories - Small, Medium, and Large - to ensure fair competition based on the size of the studios’ portfolios. We picked markets of Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Austria, and Brazil to conduct our research and determine the winners, though, each sub-category has its own nuances.

We have also added a new dimension to the SlotCatalog Awards by introducing three new categories based on geographic markets this year. These new awards celebrate exceptional game development in distinct regions, acknowledging developers who have excelled in specific areas. Highlighting outstanding developers across the entire globe, the featured categories honor companies with the biggest exposure in regulated markets of North America and Central Europe, as well as studios performing strongly within developing countries, namely jurisdictions under the MGA and Curacao licenses.

SlotCatalog’s Rookie of the Year

This category honors new studios established in the past two years, from 2022 or later, recognizing those who have achieved notable success early in their existence. Our goal was to outline new promising studios that have successfully managed to draw players’ attention in a short period of time.

Rookie of the Year. Data Visualisation 2024

Choosing the winner in this category is no easy task. Often, achieving success early on is only possible through major partnerships, which is why the featured nominees are primarily studios working under the wings of industry giants like Games Global or holdings such as Bragg.

To ensure an objective evaluation, we have picked countries with a great number of casinos and diverse geographics and demographics for our analysis, namely the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Austria, and Brazil.

We determined the founding year of each company either through the official LinkedIn pages or the release date of their first game. To calculate the results of the competition, we assigned a weight coefficient of K1 (lobby presence) as 1, but due to severe volatility when it comes to spin qty, the coefficient of K2 was set to 0.5.

As shown in the dynamic chart, the clear winner of this category is Area Vegas, the studio producing games exclusively through the Games Global platform. Access to wide distribution channels of Games Global is mostly what helped them secure a win, though, not to underestimate the company’s content and trademarked mechanics such as Area Link, Area Blast, and Area Cash, which were received really well by the players.

Huge congrats to Anton Kuhlmann, Serena Petersen, and the entire Area Vegas team. Good luck on your journey!

Rookie of the Year Winner
Rookie of the Year. The Winner is: Area Vegas

SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year (Large)

Recognizing the titans of the gaming world, this category honors large companies with expansive teams and portfolios boasting over 120 games. This includes the parent company and all the subsidiaries as well as exclusive studios behind.

SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year (Large). Data Visualisation 2024

Previously, we’ve taken a different approach to determine the winners for the award category. As you know, we have always determined Provider Rank value individually for each company, and that put giants like Games Global (formerly Microgaming) or Evolution Gaming, which own multiple studios, at a disadvantage, since their networks were not taken into consideration and viewed as separate, individual units. This year, we have changed the methodology to address this issue.

From now on, to determine the winners for the SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year - Large category, we combine rankings of all development studios operating under the holding company, For instance, now Evolution Gaming is accounted alongside NetEnt, Red Tiger, NolimitCity, Ezugi, and Big Time Gaming, Pragmatic Play together with Reel Kingdom, Playtech with Playtech Origins, Ash Gaming, Playtech Vikings, Quickspin, Eyecon, and Rarestone Gaming, while Games Global is recognized as one with its whole network of the 40+ unique subsidiary studios.

For our calculations, we set both the weight coefficients of K1 and K2 as 1. As shown in the video, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Games Global dominated casino lobbies in the first half of 2023. However, in the latter half of the year and the beginning of 2024, Play'n GO all of a sudden emerged as the leader. This shift happened as we started receiving more data from our partners during the period.

Congratulations to the Play'n GO team! Keep up the good work!

Game Studio of the Year - Large Winner
Game Studio of the Year. The Winner is: Play’n Go.

SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year - Medium

This category remains perhaps the most competitive, celebrating medium-sized studios that have achieved great results and performed really well over the past year, reflecting their hard work and dedication.

SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year - Medium. Data Visualisation 2024

One of the challenges in this category is identifying the qualifying companies. Many mid-sized studios produce high-quality games that are popular with players, making the competition in this category particularly fierce. To reflect this, we expanded the list of contenders to 10 companies.

In previous years, we used the number of games produced as the main criterion for determining nominees in the Medium category. However, this approach excluded successful companies like Spribe, which, despite having only 15 games, is hardly a small studio with over 150 employees on LinkedIn. Therefore, this year we have considered the number of employees as well, which represents the size of the companies better than the quantity of released games alone.

The official criteria for the nominees are the following: a portfolio ranging between 40 and 120 games or employing more than 50 specialists. You can see the full list of nominees for the SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year - Medium award via this link. Among the contenders are small companies in terms of employees, such as Big Time Gaming with 20 affiliated workers but boasting a portfolio of over 80 successful games, as well as larger developer teams like Spribe with a smaller range of games.

This volatility can be explained by the fact that featured studios collaborate with partners or operate under major, parent companies. For example:

  • Reel Kingdom - with around 20 employees, has released 56 games.
  • Fantasma Games - with 28 employees, has released 46 games.
  • Red Tiger - with 34 employees, has released 312 games.
  • Hacksaw Gaming - with around 50 employees, has a portfolio of 152 games.
  • ELK Studios - with 111 employees, has released 105 games.
  • Nolimit City - with 132 employees, has released 100 games.
  • Push Gaming - with nearly 200 employees, has a portfolio of 70 games.

Companies like Red Tiger, ELK Studios, Hacksaw Gaming, Nolimit City, and Push Gaming have all won our awards in previous Game Developer Awards events. Each of these brands has highly contributed to the development of the iGaming industry over the years, and basically, each one deserves a win. However, statistically speaking, it is Reel Kingdom which is the winner of this year’s award!

For this category, we set the weight coefficients for lobby positions (K1) and spin numbers (K2) as 1. Reel Kingdom clearly had the most presence around analyzed markets and attracted the most number of spins, with its Big Bass games dominating almost every single major casino. A portion of such phenomenal success is partially due to the effective promotion by their parent company, Pragmatic Play. Great job and all the best to the winners!

Players, developers, and casino managers, we are interested in hearing the community's thoughts on what criteria should be used to determine the nominees for the category. How would you define what is a "Medium Studio"? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below or on LinkedIn!

Game Studio of the Year - Medium Winner
Game Studio of the Year. The Winner is: Reel Kingdom

SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year - Small

Recognizing smaller studios with fewer than 40 games, this category is also especially competitive, as gaining recognition and making a name in the early stages of development is a challenging task indeed.

SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year - Small. Data Visualisation 2024

This year, we categorized studios with a portfolio of fewer than 40 titles as small companies. No wonder the list of nominees mostly contains studios that work closely with Games Global, which benefit from huge competitive advantages namely access to wide distribution channels and marketing.

Determining the winners for this category would have been impossible without statistics from our data partners. The top three emerged the following companies:

Among the nominees, a special mention goes to the young and ambitious Print Studios. Founded in 2020, the company supplies games exclusively through Relax Gaming platform. Remarkably, it is the only company that made it to the nomination that operates outside of the Games Global umbrella.

In 2023 and early 2024, Print Studios released only eight games, but each one has gained success and found its place in casino lobbies, receiving high attention from slot enthusiasts. Print Studios won the SlotCatalog’s Rookie of the Year award last year and continues to produce outstanding content. Kudos to the team and all the best with future releases!

Intense competition indeed. For this category, we set the lobby position coefficient K1 as 0.5 and the spin count coefficient K2 as 1. We made this decision to reduce the volatility of lobby positions for companies with smaller portfolios.

Gameburger Studios, Triple Edge Studios, and all other nominees - great job, and better luck next time! Due to the higher quantity of spins attracted, Fortune Factory Studios came up as the winner for the 2024 SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year - Small. Big congrats to the team!

Game Studio of the Year - Small Winner
Game Studio of the Year - Small. The winner is: Fortune Factory Studios

SlotCatalog’s Best Game Development Company North America

Highlighting the rapid growth and importance of the North American market, this award recognizes the best game development companies with the biggest exposure in licensed casinos across key regulated jurisdictions.

SlotCatalog’s Best Game Development Company North America. Data Visualisation 2024

To determine the winners, we have analyzed the presence of the providers in licensed casinos operating under the regulations of New Jersey, USA and Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately, as of now, we do not collect data on the number of spins in these countries. Therefore, the percentage of the provider's games featured in the casino lobbies was the only criterion for awarding points in this category.

Noteworthy, some of the casinos, particularly major players in the US and Canadian markets, usually share very similar ones. As an example, see screenshots of BetMGM and Party Casino lobbies from November 15, 2023.

Meanwhile, lobbies of a range of brands in the region are quite static, where all-time classics by IGT, like Cleopatra or Wheel of Fortune to name a few, have had leading positions for years, as you can see in this screenshot. That is the reason why IGT emerged as the undisputed winner in this category! Well done, cheers to the team!

We would also love to hear the opinions of the community: what do you think about the current leaders of the North American branch of iGaming? With new companies emerging on the market, such as NetEnt or Games Global, which have been previously focused primarily on Europe, do you think this will affect the historical dominance of brands like IGT, Aristocrat, and High 5 Games? Share your thoughts!

Best Game Development Company North America Winner
Best Game Development Company North America. The winner is: IGT

SlotCatalog’s Best Game Development Company Central Europe

SlotCatalog’s Best Game Development Company Central Europe. Data Visualisation 2024

Central Europe remains a pivotal market with a bunch of regulated jurisdictions, and this category celebrates true leaders of the industry, who are most prominent in the region. Nominees were determined as the companies with the biggest exposure within regulated markets like Germany, Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy, and others.

To determine the winners for the category, we have taken into account solely spin statistics provided by a broad network of data partners. Accordingly, classic Gamomat titles like Sevens Fire and expansive series of games such as Crystal Ball and Ramses Book gain the most attention and gather the most spins across some of the licensed European casinos, particularly in its home country of Germany.

Although other shortlisted nominees may have a stronger presence and leading positions in certain countries, the clear winner of this year’s award is Gamomat if we take into consideration average performance across all analyzed markets. Our sincere congratulations to the team on your well-earned success!

Best Game Development Company Central Europe Winner
Best Game Development Company Central Europe. The winner is: Gamomat

SlotCatalog’s Best Game Studio in Developing Countries

This category celebrates the best game development company with the biggest exposure in regions with MGA and Curacao licenses such as LATAM and the Middle East.

SlotCatalog’s Best Game Studio in Developing Countries. Data Visualisation 2024

This award was created specifically to honor the best-performing companies that dominate other parts of the world where casino regulations are still in the process of shaping and are not as strict as in the EU or NA, for instance. To determine the winners, we analyzed data collected from selected LATAM, Middle East, and post-soviet countries, including both lobby presence and spins qty.

Given the fierce competition, we have decided to expand the list of nominees to 10, and weight coefficients K1 and K2 were set as 1. According to our calculations, Playson managed to catch up with Endorphina and Spinomenal by the end of the year and pulled out a close victory at the beginning of 2024. Its ever-growing Hold and Win slot collection was the key to snatching the victory, as these games keep getting high positions in casino lobbies and attract a great number of spins. It’s hard to imagine, but there are now more slots featuring Hold and Win mechanics than ’Book Of’ slots. A notable achievement given the number of similar games based on streak-style respins being churned out by the competition on a regular basis. Congratulations on your impressive results!

We were also pleased to see our friends and data partners among the nominees, such as Gamzix, BGAMING, 3 Oaks, Wazdan, Onlyplay, and others. We highly value your efforts and wish you success in future events!

Best Game Studio in Development Countries Winner
Best Game Studio in Development Countries. The winner is: Playson

Other Awards Judged by SlotCatalog

For this year’s Game Developer Awards, we have also been invited as the judges for some of the other nominations and have been honored to take part in determining the winners for the Slot of the Year, Game Mechanic of the Year, and Game Music / Soundtrack awards.

Together with our CEO Fed, I and four other slot experts participated in scoring the nominees for the mentioned categories, and that’s an entirely different thing than leaving this task up to data and statistics. Thank you SBC and GDA for the fun experience and your trust!

Each expert rated the nominees on a scale from 1 to 10, explained their grades with brief comments, and the winners were determined by having the highest average score. The rating process was the following:

  • 0-4 for nominees that could do more.
  • 5-7 for nominees that are okay but are not winners.
  • 8-10 for nominees that deserve to win the award.

Slot of the Year

The Slot of the Year category is designed to honor the most exceptional slot game that has demonstrated unparalleled performance across various dimensions, setting a new standard for innovation, engagement, and entertainment within the gaming industry. Ten contenders were shortlisted for this prestigious nomination, each aiming for the top spot:

Logo Brand Name Game Avg. Score
Indigo Magic logo Push Gaming Aidan Cliff Razor Returns 8.5
Indigo Magic logo AvatarUX Ana D'Arrigo Donkey & the GOATS™ 6.2
Indigo Magic logo Armadillo Studios Bianca Dolejan Alice's Mad Fortune 5.3
Indigo Magic logo Red Tiger Christian Keszthelyi Astros 7.6
Indigo Magic logo Relax Gaming Jack Horrocks Money Train 4 8.0
Indigo Magic logo ELK Studios Jacob Nordwall Pirots 2 9.0
Indigo Magic logo Endorphina Maryna Iliukhina Joker Ra 4.0
Indigo Magic logo Endorphina Mikhail Kirilin Kraken Bay 5.2
Indigo Magic logo Pragmatic Play Sam Goodall Zeus VS Hades - Gods of War 7.2
Indigo Magic logo Nolimit City Sam Hoiles Disturbed 8.0

It’s hard to deny that every single one of the featured nominees deserved to be shortlisted and recognized in this category. Well, it was quite a challenge determining the winner, with four companies receiving scores of 8 and greater. Ultimately, unlike the data-centric approach, this judging process implied a subjective evaluation, where the scores were given to the expert’s taste and color. Here are some comments to give you an idea of how much opinions can differ within our team, or coincide in some cases:


  • Another instant classic by NLC, with an immersive theme, crazy potential, and gameplay packed to the brim with bonuses.
  • Brilliant game packed with quite disturbing features. Too hard for many players for many reasons! Still, one of the top favorites.
  • Another controversial release from NoLimit City, akin to Mental, but not quite up there in terms of chaos, insanity, and gut-wrenching horror. The depressing theme will hardly appeal to everyone though, so this is not a top 3 spot for me.

Money Train 4

  • A bestseller in the world of slots, almost every player knows the Money Train series.
  • A worthy final installment in one of the most successful and popular slot series ever. While topping the previous installments, it still doesn't stick out enough to deserve to win. A great contender for second place in my view.
  • Main Pros: Pay Anywhere, engaging gameplay, and numerous modifiers during the bonus round. Main Cons: very high volatility.

Razor Returns

  • One of the most anticipated sequels ever, and it takes everything to a new level with amazing visuals, features, and potential. Push Gaming nailed it with this release, and it's a worthy winner in my view.
  • Push Gaming doesn't release new games very often, but when it does, the games really become classics. Razor Returns was no exception and fans of Razor Shark have already appreciated it.
  • A huge sequel to the legendary Razor Shark game that actually managed to outperform the original.
  • Great sequel with a massive payout potential and engaging features. Push Bet is a fairly priced and attractive Free Spins with potentially huge multipliers.

Pirots 2

  • A worthy continuation of the popular slot Pirots, which was also warmly welcomed by the players.
  • Slot with a million-dollar potential, providing unique gameplay enhanced with CollectR mechanics, numerous bonus features, and reel modifiers. Could be a strong favorite but has a low RTP rate.
  • A great sequel with tons of charm, entertaining features, and the unique CollectR mechanic to top it off. Deserves third place in my view.
  • Action-packed release by ELK, with a fun theme, unique mechanics, and bonus features, as well as decent payout potential.
  • Pirots 2 is a great game with a fun theme and big win potential. This is how entertainment should look from my perspective. My top place, with due respect to other candidates.

We are pleased to announce that the winner, based on the general vote, is Pirots 2 by ELK Studios. We totally agree with the other involved judges, as our experts also gave Pirots 2 the highest score in this category. Congratulations to the winner and good luck to all the participants next year!

Slot of the Year Winner
Slot of the Year. The winner is: ELK Studios

Game Mechanic of the Year

The Game Mechanic of the Year award acknowledges a groundbreaking and innovative slot mechanic that has revolutionized gameplay over the past 12 months, by either introducing pioneering elements or substantially enhancing established features. This year, 14 companies were shortlisted in this category:

While our experts couldn't reach a unanimous consensus on which one should be named the mechanic of the year, we still shared similar thoughts on some of the featured nominees. For instance, all of the involved judges ranked Aviator relatively low, although we all agree it’s an iconic title and one of the pioneers of the multiplayer game genre. Adopting the concept from the renowned crypto product BustaBit and implementing these ideas in such a fashion is a significant achievement indeed! Before Aviator hit the market, there were hardly any crash games out there. Spribe has definitely flipped the entire iGaming scene and left a mark in history for that, however, we doubt their Aviator game incorporates the best mechanic of the year. The “Most Popular Crash Casino Game” or the “Best Multiplayer Game” accolades, we believe, would be more relevant!

Another shared opinion among our experts is that each of us values diversity. The SlotCatalog team always appreciates when developers indulge in a variety of genres, themes, mechanics, etc. Evoplay would be a perfect example, who loves to push the boundaries of casino gaming and go far beyond the standards. Their innovative titles like Dungeon Immortal Evil or Star Guardians, 3D visuals of Necromancer or Sprinkle games, or unconventional mechanics like those found in E.T. Races or Legend Of Kaan slots showcase the company’s creativity. None of these turned out major hits, unfortunately, perhaps due to a lack of marketing and distribution. From our perspective, creating a great product is just not enough nowadays!

A different example is Omnigame with its Wheels of Reels mechanic, which we found really interesting. A noteworthy mechanic indeed that deserves appreciation. While a similar reel system has been seen before, Omnigame's take adds a unique twist and provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. However, our votes had to reflect players’ opinions too to effectively determine the Game Mechanic of the Year, and that’s where it falls short.

According to players’ preferences, confirmed by our statistics and data, as well as our internal voting, Gold Blitz™ from Fortune Factory Studios could be the winner. Partially thanks to these mechanics, the studio managed to secure a win in a different, SlotCatalog’s Game Studio of the Year - Small category.

Our judges have also taken a keen interest in the Anyways mechanic from 7777 Gaming, which sparked the following observations among us:

Candy Anyways

  • Being able to win from all 4 sides is cool, and it expands what a slot game can be.
  • The winning mechanic, where combinations can start from one side of the four sides, is truly something new. Slot deserves a place in the TOP 3 in this nomination.
  • Anyways mechanics - winning starts with 3 symbols, not 6 or 8, as usual, + buy feature option + clear and simple gameplay = good combination of mechanics and characteristics.
  • Has unique payout mechanics paired with powerful free spins and multipliers.

In addition, the Supermatch™ mechanic from Nailed It! Games has also garnered attention of our experts. Here are some of our thoughts:

Rome Supermatch™

  • Good mechanics based on older versions, but with solid potential.
  • Decent payout mechanics with a gradually increasing grid.
  • The mechanics of opening the next lines in case of a match are not new, but the vertical layout, respins, and additional bets make it unique. Should be in TOP 3.
  • The winning streak row-adding system is both unique and fun, and this mechanic deserves some love.
  • Vertical “Infinity Reels” - what a nice idea! :)

The hearts of other judges, however, leaned toward another, a more well-known brand. Victory in this year’s nomination goes to Pragmatic Play and its MultiHold mechanic. While not particularly unique, as far as we've seen similar titles before, we have no objections and agree with the decision of the other invited judges. Here’s what we think of MultiHold:

  • The initial Multihold from a year ago is upgraded here, with a larger Free Spins matrix of 5x5 and more chances to win. A powerful favorite, in my opinion.
  • Beautiful and high-quality mechanic with 4 layouts!
  • Super engaging mechanic, with great win potential. My mark is 9 out of 10!

Congratulations to the winner! Without a doubt, Pragmatic Play is one of the leading game developers in the casino industry today, and we are proud to have them as our friends. We truly appreciate their active engagement and continuous attention, and look forward to exploring new horizons together. Well done Pragmatic team!

Game Mechanic of the Year Winner
Game Mechanic of the Year. The winner is: Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is thrilled to be recognised at the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards, winning Game Mechanic of the Year for its superb Multihold feature. Congratulations to Reel Kingdom for winning Game Studio of the Year, too. It will be exciting to see how Pragmatic Play continues to push the boundaries in iGaming after so many recent successes and achievements!

Anastasios Ioannidis
Affiliate Manager at ARRISE powering Pragmatic Play

Anastasios Ioannidis

Game Music / Soundtrack

The Game Music/Soundtrack award celebrates the pivotal role of slot soundtracks and recognizes the slot game that excels in utilizing music and sound to enrich the player experience, creating immersive and memorable auditory journeys that complement and elevate the overall gaming journey. 13 games from 12 different companies were nominated in the category:

This category was perhaps the hardest to score. Turned out our tastes in music are quite different. Kudos to our friends from BGaming and Wazdan – these guys pay high attention to every detail during the development process, and music is no exception. You can always expect high-quality soundtracks that fit perfectly and enhance overall immersion when playing their games. This time, however, they were clearly outperformed by two other contenders.

PearFiction is among our favorites in the category – the soundtrack found in Chicken Night Fever™ is truly amazing, but it was the fun and creative video that won our hearts. To spread the fever far and wide, they ventured into the countryside outside of Montreal, Canada, to film a special music video. With their own staff as the band, the folks from PearFiction brought the game to life in a way that's as quirky and fun as the game itself. Impressive job!

Our game design director and music producer joined forces to craft a bespoke song that captures the spirit of the game – a country-themed barnyard chicken coop disco party like no other. Using the base game soundtrack as the foundation, they infused our unique twist, resulting in a melodic masterpiece that resonates with players long after the reels stop spinning.

Still, the undisputed winner in this nomination is Play'n GO. In celebration of Hugo's 30th anniversary, the Play'n GO team, together with a Grammy-winning Czech symphony orchestra, created a unique soundtrack for Hugo Legacy, which has earned them the top spot in the Game Music/Soundtrack category.

This title celebrates over 30 years of the popular Scandinavian TV show about the jolly troll, Hugo, and his funny adventures. Created in conjunction with the world-class orchestra, the soundtrack of Hugo Legacy sets a new standard for audio excellence in online slot games!

We see Play'n GO as a premier entertainment provider and the launch of Play’n GO Music is a fantastic step forward to realizing that vision. Play’n GO Music is an avenue that will allow us to explore the world of creative collaboration. Our characters, such as Garga or Rich Wilde, will now have room to further grow and develop their stories and to reach new audiences. It will be a place to celebrate the fantastic music from our games that we work so hard to make the best in the industry and I can’t wait to see how Play’n GO Music grows. This is just the beginning!

Ebba Arnred
Co-Founder & CMO of Play’n Go

Ebba Arnred

Our experts have also unanimously voted for Play’n Go as the winner. Collaborating and creating original music in-house with a symphony orchestra really sets the bar high and places the studio far ahead of the competition in terms of the audio quality of slot machines and casino games. Our heartfelt congratulations to the sound design team of Play'n Go!

Game Music Soundtrack of the Year Winner
Game Music / Soundtrack of the Year. The winner is: Play'n Go

Reflections, Feedback & Looking Ahead

It was a pleasure being a part of the fantastic Casino Beats Game Developer Awards event and presenting our unique data-driven nominations. Looking forward to joining you next year! Also, thanks to SBC for having us as the judges for some of the featured award categories. Huge congratulations to all the nominees and incredible winners!

A few tips for future contenders from the SlotCatalog team:

  • Promote Yourself - Casino Beats GDA is a real opportunity to tell the world about your work. Don’t hesitate to put yourself forward and submit your entries.
  • Testimonials Matter - Personally, I pay close attention to them. If there are two contenders and one provides a well-arranged text or visual presentation, while the other simply links to the game or submits a generic, AI-generated text, it’s natural for me to give a higher rating to the first candidate.
  • Marketing Is Imporant - We love innovation and creativity, and so do the players.

SlotCatalog is always open for collaboration and would gladly welcome new data partners. If you share our interest in data, hit us through our Affiliate Department or simply use our contact form.

We also welcome your feedback and are willing to hear your suggestions and ideas for future GDA events and exclusive awards from SlotCatalog. Leave your thoughts in the comments or reach out to us on LinkedIn. Your input is vital as we continue to celebrate the most outstanding companies in the iGaming industry!



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