SlotCatalog’s Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Users of the website as well as its owner and operator are subject to the terms of this privacy statement. We take the security of user data seriously. This policy is applicable to all Data that We may collect or that Users may submit when using the Website.

1. Subject

1.1. The terms and guidelines that the Company adheres to in order to protect the privacy of Our Users are outlined in this privacy notice. It explains the terms and conditions under which We obtain and handle Your Personal Data and maintain its security and confidentiality.

1.2. The Company has the right to modify and update this Privacy Notice as it sees fit, and any modifications made shall be effective as of the day they are posted online on the Website. You will be informed if this Privacy Notice undergoes any material changes.

2. Data Processing

2.1 We completely respect Your fundamental rights and place a high premium on protecting Your personal data. As a result, We adhere to the fundamental guidelines listed below when processing Your Personal Data:

2.2 We only allow lawful and fair processing of Your Personal Data, and We uphold complete transparency on how We manage Your Personal Data.

2.3 We do not further treat Your Personal Data in any way that is inconsistent with the explicit, lawful, and defined purposes for which We collect and use it as described in this Privacy Notice.

2.4 We only use Your Personal Data for the purposes for which it was obtained and only to the extent that doing so is necessary and appropriate.

2.5 We take all necessary actions to promptly delete or correct it in the event of inaccuracy, and we make a good faith effort to ensure that Your Personal Data is accurate and, as needed, updated with relation to the purposes of the processing.

2.6 By implementing the necessary organizational and technical safeguards, we process Your Personal Data in a way that ensures its security.

2.7 In general, as the data controller for your personal data, we abide by all applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

3. Data we Collect

3.1. Data collected at the time of your access and use of the website includes your IP address, data from your device, browser information, and data on your website preferences.

3.2. When creating your account, you must provide your email address and create a password.

3.3. Any additional Personal Data you voluntarily gave to us when interacting with us.

4. Safeguarding Your Data

4.1 To protect Your Data, we take both organizational and technical precautions:

4.2 We keep Your Information on safe servers.

4.3 Data is only accessible to website administrators.

4.5 The safeguarding of Your Data includes steps to address any suspected data breach.

5. Data retention

5.1 If you have any suspicions about the misuse, loss, or unauthorized access to Your Data, please contact us at [email protected]

5.2 We will only keep your data on our servers as long as it takes to accomplish the goals listed in this privacy policy, or until you ask for the data to be deleted, unless a longer retention period is mandated or allowed by law.

6. Your rights

6.1 Right of access: The ability to get a copy of the information we currently have on file for you at any time, as well as the right to request that we amend, update, or remove it. We have the right to reject Your request where doing so is legally permissible. If We decline Your request, We shall explain our decision to you.

6.2 Right to rectify - the ability to request that erroneous data be changed

6.3 Right to erasure - the ability to request that Your Data be deleted or removed from Our systems.

6.4 Right to limit how we use your data and the ability to prevent us from using it. The right to request that we relocate, copy, or transfer your data is known as the "right to data portability."

6.5 The right to object to how we use your data is known as the right to object.

6.6 You may take your complaint to the appropriate data protection authority if You are dissatisfied with the way We have addressed your concerns about how Your Data is handled by Us.

6.7 It's crucial that the information we have on you is accurate. If Your Data changes during the time that We have it, kindly let Us know.

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