What is SlotRank?


SlotRank is an objective ranking that describes slot game popularity based on exposure in online casinos.

How do we calculate SlotRank for UK and other markets?

We scan casino sites for 50+ markets on a daily basis to find out what games they have and which games they place in their lobby. The crawling is performed in incognito mode which removes any personalized game suggestions from the lobby results.

SlotCatalog defines the casino lobby as the main section of the casino sites where players can find games. When there are several sections of games, we take the section that is opened by default when a visitor lands at the casino site. This selection is evaluated on a case by case basis.

In some cases, there are several sections and no clear main lobby, this is often a part of Playtech powered casinos which have sections like Vegas, Casino, Games etc. In those cases, we consider all these sections a casino lobby and each will be crawled individually.

A portion of these casinos have enough estimated traffic to be included in the SlotRank calculation, the rest will be excluded since their exposure to players is neglectable.

We score points to each game in our database based on its positions in the crawled casinos. Points are distributed based on lobby position (where position 1 will give the most points). If a game is absent in the casino lobby it will get a score of 151. This position score is then multiplied by a weight-multiplier.

The weight-multiplier is determined by the geographical popularity of the casino site, based on estimated traffic. The more popular the casino, the more weight to the games that are displayed in good positions. (For example: the largest UK casino will have full weight, and the least popular UK casino included in the ranking will have the smallest weight-multiplier).

Data is fundamental for any decision making in the fast-moving digital casino landscape both at the operator, affiliate, and developer level. Therefore to provide an unbiased platform of quantitative and qualitative data crunched by our data scientists, we believe it offers real-time transparency, information and value for our customers.

The data is aggregated on a country basis and yields the relative SlotRank metric for all of our different markets.

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