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To help players choose the best payout casinos to play at, SlotCatalog developed a special approach and a new casino attribute `Casino RTP`. In this article, you will find information about online casinos that set the top RTP values for online casino games with RTP ranges. Thus providing their players with the best entertainment experience.

The best online RTP casinos

Casino RTP - Introduction

These days, more and more game development studios produce online casino games with RTP ranges. That means that by playing the same game you can get a different experience at different casinos, and it’s all down to how online casino managers decide to set things up.

Let's take a closer look at the entire issue. We’ll also introduce you to our Casino RTP concept that we recommend using for determining online casinos with the highest slots payouts!

Are Online Casinos Payout Fair?

Let’s imagine that you decide to play your favorite online slot at your favorite online casino. Usually, you are satisfied with your gaming session. But, this time, you realize that you lose more money than you’d expected. What happened? Is it a lack of luck? Or is there something changed in the game or casino?

Well, in such a situation it makes sense to take a closer look at game attributes. Perhaps you weren’t aware of the fact that your favorite online slot has RTP ranges, and that its RTP has been reduced in the meantime. That can happen on a whim since casino managers can change the RTP level for some game anytime.

Even a brief look at the various players’ forums is enough to see that this is a serious issue nowadays, and many players are now complaining about unexpected reductions in RTP values. As one user recalled, “one site went from 96% to 90% on Gonzo’s Quest overnight - lost a small fortune”. This is how sudden changes can be, and we want players to be able to avoid such situations. To prevent such issues we decided to come up with the `Casino RTP` concept.

Reductions in RTP values
Unexpected reductions in RTP values
Reductions in RTP values
Unexpected reductions in RTP values

Game with RTP Ranges. How to find casinos with the highest slots payout?

RTP (return to player) is a percentage opposite to house edge, i.e. a percentage of the bet amount that a player should win in the long run by playing the given online slot or casino game. You can read more information about RTP here.

Probably you are aware that to check the actual RTP value of a game with RTP ranges, you should either check its paytable or contact the casino’s customer support.

In case you have concerns regarding RTP values at specific online casinos, you can contact us. We will make a casino audit, and let you know about the results of our investigation.

Casino RTP Explained
What Is Casino RTP?

Almost all slot games on SlotCatalog have information about the game's RTP. If a slot comes with RTP ranges (game developers provide the possibility for casinos to change RTP value), we always highlight it on the online slot review page.

To filter casino games with RTP ranges, you can use the [RTP range] tag. We recommend you always check if a game has RTP ranges before playing for real money.

Since the end of 2022, we have started gathering information about RTP values not only from game providers but also from different casinos in different countries. Where it is possible we are extracting data feed for all games integrated into the casino. For some top games and casinos for a few important markets, we are checking manually. A manual check means some kind of casino audit. A real player from a specific market creates an account on the casino, makes a deposit, and gets the possibility to check game rules and games RTP in the real money game mode.

To get information about the game payout on specific casinos you can click the [RTP Ranges] link on the game review page. You’ll be scrolled to the block with information about Game RTP values. Pay attention to the last scan date and method of gathering information: `automatic` or `manual`.

Information about slot RTP
SlotCatalog information about the game's RTP

The same information about game RTP value on casinos you can find in the list of casinos in the casino's tabs. On the pop-up that appears as soon as you click the `RTP value` button, you will see the current RTP value on the casino and the history of how the casino changed the game's RTP value over time.

Different RTP levels
Different RTP levels for games from different providers

This information will help you to find online casinos with the highest slots payouts.

What Is a “Casino RTP”? Best Casino Payout Explanation

Our mission over at SlotCatalog is to answer two simple questions - What to play? and Where to play? To simplify the process of choosing the best online casino, we developed an approach called Casino RTP Value. The idea is simple - we calculate the average RTP value of games with RTP ranges in specific casinos for a specific market. With knowledge of Casino RTP, and compare Casinos RTPs you as a player can easily see which online casinos are the best from the RTP perspective.

Good to know

Definition: Casino RTP Value - is the average RTP value of the slot games with RTP ranges on this casino. In the case of a manual casino audit only checked games will be taken for Casino RTP Value calculation.

Be aware that sometimes casino managers set up the same RTP level for all games from the same provider. For example, if the Book of Dead has RTP = 94.25%, there’s every chance that the RTP level will be similar for all the other Play’n Go slots as well.

How Do We Calculate Casino RTP?

The first step in Casinos RTP calculation is gathering data about the game's RTP values. In case it is possible to get this information automatically our crawling system gathers information daily. Using casinos API we are getting information for each market where it is possible. Manual check we are doing one-two time per month for top regulated markets. In the case of a manual check, we are gathering RTP values for the same games on different casinos. It helps us to make relevant comparisons for Casino RTP.

Each day as soon as automatically gathered information was stored in the database we calculated Casino RTP as the average RTP for games with RTP ranges.

In our database, except current RTP value for games and the current value of Casino's RTP, we are storing their history. I.e. You can find information on how RTP changed over time. The dynamic of Casino RTP values can help players understand how often specific casinos changed RTPs for their games.

In the table below you can find detailed data about how was calculated Casino RTP for casinos that are available in your country. You can click [i] link to see the history of changing RTP values for particular games on selected casinos.

Party Casino logo

Party Casino

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Party Casino RTP=95.98%.

(Last Scan (checked manually): 2023-01-15, Games Q-ty: 11)

Show All 11 Games

So, our Casino RTP values will give you a good understanding of whether the given casino is worth playing at or not! Nevertheless, pay attention that there could be some changes in game RTP values since the last manual or automatic check.

Best RTP Casinos and Best Slots By RTP in the UK

At the top of the article, you can find a list of the best UK online casinos (or casinos that accept players from your country) sorted by Casino RTP. The actual Casino RTP values are displayed in the black button with a color dot.

  Green Dot - Casino RTP ≥ 95%
  Yellow Dot - Casino RTP ≥ 90% and less than 95%
  Red Dot - Casino RTP > 90%

RTP history
Casino RTP history

As soon as you click this button you will see how Casino RTP value changed over time.

In the table below, you can find a list of the games with the highest RTP available for your market. Click the `See Casinos` button to see casinos that run these games with the highest RTPs displayed in the popup. In the last column, we display the minimal possible RTP that we have found for the game. It gives an understanding of how beneficial it could be to play in casinos with higher possible RTP. At the same time, we recommend to double check RTP for the game in case you are seeing that only a few casinos have the maximum possible value for your country.

Games with the highest RTPs

Online Casinos With Highest RTP Are Better Value

In extreme cases, the difference between the highest possible RTP and the lowest possible RTP of an online slot can be more than 15%. Such a difference, of course, can be quite dramatic for your results. Put simply, playing at casinos with higher RTPs will leave you with more winnings.

We’ll illustrate this with an example. Let’s suppose that the average slot player turns over his or her deposit approximately eight times in a single play session.

Now, let’s imagine that Casino A offers the Book of Dead online slot with the top RTP of 96.21%. Meanwhile, Casino B has the game with the lowest possible RTP of 87.25%.

  • At Casino A you can expect: 0.9621 ^​​ 8 = 73.4% * ₤100 = ₤73.4
  • At Casino B you can expect: 0.8725 ^ 8 = 33.6% * ₤100 = ₤33.6

As you can see, the difference between the casino with the best RTP and the worst RTP can be massive, and you can walk away with substantially less money when playing at a casino with worse RTPs. By choosing the right online casino, you’ll be able to keep playing for longer, and you’ll also have more time to get that one big lucky win!

Casino RTP Tip:

Sometimes, casinos with lower RTPs offer players better bonuses or cashback. Even then though, our opinion is clear - in the long run, it’s always a better choice to play at casinos with the highest RTP!

Casinos RTP Tips & Tricks

Online casino managers can decide to change the RTPs of the casino’s games at any moment. Fortunately, this doesn’t occur all that often, especially at trustworthy online casinos.

If you want to check the current RTP level of your favorite game, simply check its paytable, rules, or help section. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the casino’s customer support. If you aren’t sure about which RTP levels there are, check our online slot reviews first.

For a quick life hack, we would like to show you how to find the RTP value for Play’n Go slots. You only need to check the actual game client in your browser and see what data is being sent. Check out the following video for the details:

Casinos RTP Tips and Tricks
Casinos RTP Tips & Tricks

This, of course, is just a brief example that shows how we approach the process in the case of Play’n Go slots. Our know-how extends way further, though, and we have different approaches for slots for which this particular approach cannot be used.

Highest RTP Casino Summary

Since more and more online slots and other online casino games are now coming with RTP ranges, players should start paying more and more attention to the RTP levels at their favorite online casinos. Playing at a casino with high RTP values can make the difference between losing one’s bankroll quickly and staying in the game for long enough to actually win a big jackpot, so always check our Casino RTP Values beforehand! It will definitely prove to be worth it in the long term, and we always aim to streamline everything as much as possible. If you don’t want to spend any time doing research, you can simply take a shortcut and pay attention to our simple green/yellow/red casino marks. Those show the most crucial bits of info clearly and without you having to investigate further.


What does “Best RTP Casinos” mean?

“Best RTP Casinos” are online casinos that have the highest average RTPs across the board, and are therefore the best value for players.

How do I know if an online slot has different RTP levels?

Since info about RTP ranges is typically not included in in-game paytables, you have to check with the casino’s customer support or look for online slot reviews. Our online slot reviews always cover everything connected with RTPs.

How do we calculate Online Casinos RTP?

We calculate that by calculating the average RTP value of the games with RTP ranges.

How to find online casinos with the highest payouts?

Check Casino RTPs detailed table. The more games with the highest RTP values on the casino - the higher casinos' payouts.

How often is a casino’s RTP recalculated?

We recalculate casinos’ RTPs daily as soon as we gather updated information about games' RTP from the casinos.

How much money can I save by playing at casinos with the highest RTP?

In extreme cases, playing at the best RTP casinos can cut your losses in half!

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