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1X2gaming Slots 90+ slots ranked by popularity in United Kingdom, 2019

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Looking for 1X2gaming slots? We list 90+ 1X2gaming games by popularity. Play for free 1X2gaming casinos in UK + Bonus

1X2gaming is a UK based supplier of Virtual Football, general fixed odds gambling games, and casino games to international gaming sites including BwinParty, Ladbrokes and Bet365 to name just a few. 1X2gaming main office is in the UK tech-hub of Brighton & Hove, known lovingly as Silicon Beach. 1X2gaming is a proudly independent company that offer a different gaming perspective to the mainstream.

Avg % games in casinos

Graph shows average percent of game providers in the casinos and in the casinos lobby.

Top 1X2gaming casinos

Chart presents the statistic for top 6 casinos that have maximum % of 1X2gaming 's games in the lobby (or in general).


Top Games Lobbies Slots Rating displays the list of 1X2gaming games that have maximum SlotRank. SlotRank calculates based on game position on the lobby.

1.  Blackjack 3D  554   -15

2.  Alice and the Red Queen  807   -21

3.  Aztec Secrets  893   -16

4.  Candy Cash  1072   -7

5.  Roulette 3D  1384   -1

6.  Craps (1x2gaming)  1417   -4

7.  Darts 180  1424   -7

8.  Virtual Champions  1445   -8

9.  Virtual World Cup  1456   -4

10.  Deadworld  1462   -31

11.  Virtual Soccer  1478   -4

12.  Blackjack Players Choise  1636   -36

13.  Fruity 3x3  1978   -25

14.  Gladiator of Rome  2438   -23

15.  The Justice Machine  2499   -22

16.  Red Dragon (1X2gaming)  2522   -22

17.  Halloween Horrors  2546   -21

18.  Jackpot 3x3  2889   -25

19.  Gods of Olympus  2928   -21

20.  Sharp Shooter  3026   -26


By SlotRank

Blackjack 3D

Cards game. RTP: 99.54%

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Alice and the Red Queen

Video Slot. RTP: 96.21%

Video Slot 'Alice and the Red Queen' from the game provider 1X2gaming is a 5*3 game with 25 betweys. Slot has RTP=96.21% and MED level variance. Main game features are: Wild, Flush, Scatter symbols.

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Aztec Secrets

Video Slot. RTP: 97.5%

The Aztecs were a wandering Nomadic tribe from northern Mexico and were one of the last great Native American civilizations – why don’t you take a trip back centuries explore their mysterious ways. Aztec Secrets much like the fun Aztecs has developed its own complex bonus round which incorporates a creative stepping stone game overlooked by the famous Aztec temples. Legend has it that the Aztecs wandered for many years in search of a sign, an eagle and a serpent fighting on a cactus, to show them where to found their city – which sign in this slot will show you the way to the outcome you yearn for?

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Candy Cash

Video Slot. RTP: 96%

Deliciously sweet fun! Spin and match the candy`s while trying to win the Haribonus! This 9 line slot game will be as addictive for players as the sweets are themselves.

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Craps (1x2gaming)

Others Types. RTP: 99.53%

Craps is a fast-paced, exhilarating dice game. Even novice players can appreciate the unparalleled excitement of the Craps tables. Extremely popular on the strip in Vegas, this game gives players the ability to play this fun and diverse game online.

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Darts 180

Others Types. RTP: 95.3%

One hundred & eighty! A quickfire game with regular payouts and the potential for players to win upto 1000 X their stake back. It has a well polished, funky, fruit machine style interface with an animated dart throw. however potential capping of the maximum prize may cause a reduction in RTP at high stakes to a minimum of 95.3%

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Virtual Champions

Others Types. RTP: 95.04%

Who will follow Real Madrid this year and take the 2018 Champions League title? You'll have to wait till May to find out, or you can play and bet on all the 32 teams in the group stages right through to the Final in 40 minutes with Virtual Champions. The ultimate club football tournament delivers all the excitement without the wait. Champions League also offers all usual betting associated with the tournament - outright and group betting, 90 minute win singles and multiples, Asian Handicaps, Under / Over 2.5 goals, Correct score and First Scorer.

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Virtual World Cup

Others Types. RTP: 93.87%

Why should your customers wait? It's here now! The biggest sporting event on the planet faithfully brought to your platform - including all 32 teams in the group stage, right through to the knockout matches culminating in the World Cup final. Building on the hugely successful Virtual Soccer, Virtual World Cup offers an even more comprehensive betting experience. Outright and group betting, 90 minute win singles and multiples up to 247 combinations complemented by Asian Handicaps, Under / Over 2.5 goals, Correct score and First Scorer complete a range of bets to find favour with any player.

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Video Slot. RTP: 95%

Deadworld In association with Caliber Comics, 1X2gaming presents the blood curdling Deadworld to you mere mortals. It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark. A zombie apocalypse has broken out, it is 28 days later and you are the last human standing. If you can avoid the zombie bites, you'll want to aim for the jaw dropping bonus rounds, which can win you some bone cracking prizes.This slot offers 50 possible win lines; our designers must have melted brains to be this generous. So don't hold back, it's time to head to the Winchester, grab your caliber gun and aim for the brains. They're coming to get you...

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Virtual Soccer

Others Types. RTP: 94.5%

Why wait for the weekend? Virtual Soccer is our flagship game replacing the original virtual football, ‘football frenzy'. It combines the guaranteed margins of instant win games with the emotional involvement of traditional sports betting.Virtual Soccer is a flash player product which simulates a whole football season in an hour. It creates a full fixture list from the English Premiership right through to over 40 leagues around the world. This game gets the player genuinely involved. Imagine as a fan, your local derby twice an hour every hour - and a chance to bet on the outcome! Bets range from win singles right through to British style Goliaths (247 combinations).

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Blackjack Players Choise

Cards game. RTP: 98.37%

The most exciting thing to happen to Blackjack in years, Blackjack Players' Choice brings a genuinely unique twist to the table, adding whole new levels of exciting strategy for keen players of the casino classic. Blackjack Players' Choice revolutionary gameplay brings skilful players the opportunity to deduce useful intelligence to pick the best hand from one of five possible options, and potentially a valuable scoop on the hand they must beat without busting the magic 21! Whilst retaining the core gambit of Blackjack, Blackjack Players' Choice throws down a new, compelling challenge to the player community that's going to be impossible to resist.

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Fruity 3x3

Others Types. RTP: 98.1%

Fruity 3X3 from the game provider 1X2gaming is a 3*3 game with 9 betweys. Slot has RTP=98.1% and LOW-MED level variance.

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Gladiator of Rome

Video Slot. RTP: 97.32%

Are you not entertained? You certainly will be with this Gladiators of Rome themed slot. You can become more powerful than the Emperor of Rome when you achieve free spins. After all, what we win in free spins, echoes in eternity. The multiplier symbol will increase your winnings up to 3x during free spins and the wild symbol will substitute any symbol except scatter and will act so as to pay the highest possible prize. Will you be known as the philosopher, the warrior, the tyrant? Play this 5 reel, 20 line slot and enter Rome like a conquering hero to find out. Win the crowd, and you will win more coins.

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The Justice Machine

Video Slot. RTP: 96.2%

2018 promises to be a huge year for 1X2gaming and the first release of the year comes in the shape of Justice Machine! The Justice Machine was one of the most popular comic titles of the 1980s and Challenger, Diviner, Demon and the rest of the team are back together as The Justice Machine is gearing up for an explosive return to action in this eagerly anticipated video slot game!

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Red Dragon (1X2gaming)

Video Slot. RTP: 97.32%

Video Slot 'Red Dragon' from the game provider 1X2gaming is a 5*3 game with 25 betweys. Slot has RTP=97.32% and MED level variance. Main game features are: Wild, Bonus Round, Scatter.

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Halloween Horrors

Video Slot. RTP: 96.26%

Video Slot 'Halloween Horrors' from the game provider 1X2gaming is a 5*3 game with 25 betweys. Slot has RTP=96.26% and MED level variance. Main game features are: Wild, Bonus Game, Scatter symbols, Headstone symbols.

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Jackpot 3x3

Others Types. RTP: 98.1%

Jackpot 3X3 from the game provider 1X2gaming is a 3*3 game with 9 betweys. Slot has RTP=98.1% and LOW-MED level variance.

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Gods of Olympus

Video Slot. RTP: 97.5%

The Gods of Olympus are a race of immortal higher beings who control the forces of nature and human endeavours, so what fate have they decided upon for you? These twelve major gods, the Olympians, who rule over the universe, all of whom are under the rule of Zeus, god of the sky – what chance does a mere human have coming up against these almighty beings? As your destiny unravels across this 5 reel 20 line slot, will you feel their wrath or find glory in their mists high well above the clouds? But be warned you might end up being banished to the Underworld.

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Sharp Shooter

Others Types. RTP: 95.68%

If dice games are how your customers roll, then Sharp Shooter is a unique online table game to set your sights on. A brand new format delivered with a classic casino feel, Sharp Shooter mixes simple rules with compelling play and regular wins to deliver a game that's sure to join the 'Most Wanted' list for online casino fans. Slinging three standard casino dice as the weapon of choice, players get three tension-building shots at the House's target – take down that target and the reward is in the bag with bigger bounties for sharp shooters who dispatch their opposition with ruthless efficiency!

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Odd One In

Cards game. RTP: 97.7%

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Yule Be Rich

Video Slot. RTP: 96.33%

"Yule Be Rich" from the game provider 1X2gaming is a 5*3 game with 9 betweys. Slot has RTP=96.33% and MED level variance. Main game features are: Wild, Scatter symbols.

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Six Shooter

Others Types. RTP: 94.13%

Targeting players with dice in their sights, Six Shooter is a brand new table game format that's easy to learn and a blast to play. Played out with standard gaming dice on a distinctive table with a classic casino feel, Six Shooter pits players against the house in three quick-fire rounds where bigger bounties await ruthless rollers who can achieve quick kills. Regular wins delivered via three tension-building turns to take down the House's target is a compelling mix to attract players at all levels and keep them reloading this unique gaming product.

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Video Slot. RTP: 97.7%

Downtown Check out our recent shoot'em up slots game Downtown. This game's bonus round offers players the thrill of the shooting range, where players feel they have an effect in the outcome of their bonus. With 25 lines, bonus rounds that offer more winning opportunities and free spins galore, this game will have the casino bosses shaking!

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