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Looking for a bonus code? We have the list of the latest bonus code offers in February, 2023.

The best Bonus Code Bonuses

What is a bonus code?

Back in the old days, needing an online casino bonus code was pretty common for almost all types of promo offers. It was widely used across almost all casinos for many years. These days however, most casinos don’t use bonus codes anymore. Some still do however, and many times bonus code bonuses are exclusive, and more lucrative, than regular promo offers.

A bonus code is simply a code you need to claim a certain casino welcome bonus, or any other kind of bonus offer from an online casino. You will usually find the code underneath the bold promo text on the casino site, or perhaps you’ll get an exclusive no deposit bonus code in your email inbox.

The code itself can be anything from gibberish numbers and letters, to all-caps words like “WELCOMEBONUS”. Casinos use these codes to run and track the effectiveness of their promo campaigns. It’s a way for them to see what works and what doesn’t, and it’s a way for you to play with extra cash, free spins or free money.

How to claim your bonus code bonus

Once you’ve gotten your hands on a valid bonus code, you’ll usually need to claim it within a certain timeframe. A welcome offer might have a longer timeframe than a random promo offer, for example, and you’ll find all the relevant info beneath the bonus offer (or in the bonus T&C).

As you fill in all the necessary details (personal and otherwise) at the relevant casino, you will usually find a special box for the bonus code. Simply copy the bonus code (to avoid any mistakes), and paste it into the box using CTRL + SHIFT + V (this ensures that it will be pasted in “as is”, with no formatting).

Once that is all done, you should have successfully claimed your bonus. If there is any doubt about anything, or something happens that you don’t understand. Take a screenshot, and immediately contact the casino support. Provide all the necessary info, and they will most likely be able to help you out.

We have gathered a vast amount of online casino bonuses into our elaborate and unique filtering system. This makes it that much easier for you to get a complete overview, and you can use this system to find promo offers that are tailor-suited to meet your preferences.

The bonus code offers on our site are marked with a ‘folded corner’ on the green “Claim Bonus” button, or the code is stated clearly below the offer. You get all the instructions you need to claim the bonus when you follow the link. We’ve even provided a special box on the intermediary page, where you can copy the bonus code before you move on to the casino site to claim it. Simply follow these steps:

  • Click on any bonus offer you want from the list.
  • If a bonus code is required, you’ll be taken to an intermediary page on our site.
  • This page comes with a copy button to make it easy to copy the correct bonus code.
  • Copy the bonus code and follow the provided link to the casino.
  • Sign up, fill in all necessary details and paste the bonus code in the relevant box.
  • Deposit money, and you’re good to go!

You’ll find all online casinos with bonus code offers at the very top of this page. Keep in mind that UK players must always fully verify their casino account before they can claim a bonus and start playing. These KYC procedures involve proving your identity, age and country of residence. All players need to do this before they can withdraw anything anyway, so you might as well get it over with sooner rather than later.

Interesting facts

Bonus codes are most frequently used in exclusive bonus offers, and in high roller VIP bonus offers. At least percentage-wise. However, as you can see in our data table, there are quite a few deposit and no-deposit bonus codes also.

How to evaluate if bonus code bonuses are good?

A casino bonus that requires a code is no different from a regular bonus offer. There are always certain conditions and restrictions in place, and these will vary greatly from offer to offer. The only way to find out if a specific bonus code bonus is worthwhile or not, is to dig into the bonus Terms & Conditions.

Nowadays, the casinos (and the sites that promote them) need to put all the most important and relevant terms and restrictions below the actual offer. This makes it easier for players to evaluate each bonus, as you no longer have to power through a massive T&C page full of boring legal terminology.

If you feel something is missing from the up-front terms and conditions, you might need to visit the T&C page though, or contact customer support. Here is a brief checklist you can use when you evaluate an online casino bonus code offer:

  • Time restraints - many times a bonus code will expire within a given timeframe, so this is something to keep in mind.
  • Game/slot restrictions - sometimes the bonus code is only valid for certain slots or casino games, and you might need to visit the dedicated T&C page to find info on this.
  • Free spin value - a no deposit bonus code usually offers free spins, but not all free spins are created equal. Be sure to check the quality of the spins, as well as the quantity.
  • Max win / cashout limits - these restrictions are very important to be clear about up front, not least to avoid any disappointments.
  • Wagering requirements and contribution - you will most likely have to wager your bonus a certain number of times, and not all slots/games will contribute equally to the wagering process.
Be careful!

You need to familiarize yourself not only with the specific bonus T&C, but also the more general casino terms & conditions. These are many times found on 2 separate pages, and you should direct any questions that arise to customer service.

We have put in place a filtering and sorting system to ease the bonus selection process for you. You can use this to quickly narrow down the kind of bonuses you’re looking for. We even offer a Bonus Compare Tool you can try, and this allows you to compare all relevant aspects of different bonus offers against each other.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also come up with a unique Bonus Meter feature. This allows you to compare bonuses at a glance, as we have a visually engaging scale in place for different bonus attributes. You will immediately know what’s the best and worst part of each bonus, and it will save you tons of time in the bonus research process.

Is the bonus code bonus cashable or non-cashable?

This can vary from offer to offer, just like with a regular bonus. Simply put, a cashable offer is a bonus that can be withdrawn along with any winnings. Of course, you will have to meet all the necessary requirements first, such as wagering. You’ll find info about this in the bonus T&C.

A non-cashable bonus, also called a “sticky bonus” sometimes, can never be withdrawn. You can use it to play and win with, and then you can withdraw any winnings. The bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn however, even after you’ve completed the wagering process.

Do you know?

Around 20-25 % of all casino bonuses require a bonus code to be claimed. Check Top 10 countries where bonuses with codes are most popular data table.

Bonus code bonuses wagering requirements and limits

You’ve heard us mention the concept of “wagering requirements” already, and if you’re brand new to the world of online casinos, you might wonder what this is all about. Worry not, we’ll get you up to speed in no-time here.

Almost all casino bonuses need to be played through a certain amount of times, before you can withdraw anything. This process is called “wagering”, and you might need to play through the bonus amount alone, or both the bonus amount and your deposit. Either way, the average wagering requirement is around 35x.

Let’s illustrate with an example: You’ve got a £100 bonus code, and the wagering requirement is 35x. This means that you would need to play for 35 x £100 = £3,500 to fulfill the WR. Once that is done, you’re free to withdraw any winnings and/or the bonus amount, if it’s a cashable bonus (see above).

Bonus code bonuses FAQs

❔ What is a bonus code?

A bonus code is simply code you might need to claim a specific casino bonus. All types of bonuses can require a code, including deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, VIP offers, exclusive offers and so forth.

❔ Why do I need a bonus code?

Some bonuses can only be claimed with the provided code. It’s a way for casinos to keep track of their promotions, and an easy way to offer exclusive and VIP bonuses.

❔ Are bonus codes good or bad for players?

Many times you’ll get a better offer from a bonus code, than the regular offer on the casino site. This is because high-level affiliates, like SlotCatalog for example, often get access to exclusive promo offers that come with a code.

❔ Where can I find exclusive casino bonuses with codes?

You’ll find all casino bonuses with codes at the top of this page. It’s always a good idea to check our site for exclusive bonus codes, before signing up with a new casino.

❔ Where do I find bonus codes in the SlotCatalog website?

We mark all casino offers with bonus code by folding the corner of the big, green “Claim Bonus” button. The link takes you to an intermediary page, where you can easily copy the code before you move on. Throughout the site you’ll also find boxes with casino offers, and the bonus code is always clearly visible if required.

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