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If you’re looking for info on the best new online casinos, then you’ve come to the right place. SlotCatalog is your destination for info and reviews on old and new online casinos. We keep our finger on the pulse of the online gambling industry to bring you trusted reviews of the best new casinos.

One of the questions on your mind is probably, what defines a "new online casino"? There is no definitive answer. In the world of business, a company can be a few years old already and still be considered “new”. In the world of online casinos where changes happen rapidly, some brands have been around for 20+ years such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, 32 Red and others. On the other hand, many new, top-rated online casinos have risen to stardom in the last 1-2 years and are still considered fledglings in this booming industry like Casiplay, Kassu and more.

Ready to get started and learn more about the best new casinos? Then, let’s dive right in!

Why should I choose a New Online Casino instead of an established one?

They say, "change is as good as a vacation". So, the short answer to this question is that sometimes it’s just fun and exciting to have a new experience and see what other new casinos have to offer. But, this doesn’t mean you should jump in head-first every time you see a new online casino come up. There are certain factors you should consider before joining any online casino, old or new, but more about that in a moment.

Reasons to try out a new online casino:

A New Casino Experience - In recent times, more and more casinos have introduced gamification features into their sites. Gamification gives you a game-like experience even when you are not necessarily playing a casino game, it could be in the lobby, support or even within the games. With gamification, sometimes you have to complete missions that award you with points or other rewards. You may also notice features like leaderboards where you can track your progress. Many of the new online casinos also offer unique loyalty programmes to distinguish themselves from the older casinos. Be sure to take a look at the loyalty programme of any new casino you plan on joining, you might just be pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer. Another good reason to choose a new online casino is the UX (user experience). You have probably noticed that many older websites are not easy to navigate, are slow, or just unpleasant to use. Many of the new casinos want to differentiate and provide something new and innovative, for this reason, they may invest in creating a unique and optimized UX. The UX can really transform your overall experience and make your time at the casino far more enjoyable.

New Features - There is fierce competition among online casinos to attract new players, for this reason, many new online casinos who want to make an impact try to come up with new features to set themselves apart. One of the features we’ve seen from new casinos is different games. There has been a growth in "boutique" game developers in recent years who are coming up with fun and interesting new games with unique bonus games and features. If you’re looking for a change from the norm when it comes to your gaming choice, you might just find it at one of the new online casinos. There has also been a surge in recent years of alternative games such as Virtual Sports, which are simulated sports games that you can bet on.

Bonus Offers - Whether you plan on signing up with an older established casino or a brand-new online casino, you will certainly want a great signup offer. While the general trend of online casinos is to offer a deposit bonus, free spins, or a hybrid of the two when you make your first deposit, some of the new online casinos are trying to come up with innovative bonus offers. We must, however, point out that it is really important to read the terms of any promo because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Be sure to try out the SlotCatalog search and filter tool to find the best casino bonuses. While the welcome bonus might be one of your biggest motivators to join a new casino, you should also take into consideration what ongoing promotions and bonus deals they offer.

Mobile Gaming - The odds are pretty good you will play sometimes, if not always, with your smartphone or tablet. In fact, the majority of online casino players today are gaming with their mobile device. With this said, there are still some older casino sites that have neglected this fact and their sites provide a really bad mobile UX and even the games might not be optimized for mobile. We highly recommend when choosing your new casino to play at, to consider their mobile offering. Many of the best new online casinos have taken a "mobile-first" approach and offer the ability to enjoy all the features and games using a mobile browser, plus some have dedicated Apps that can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes. The mobile Apps are specially designed to offer the ultimate UX. (Tip: Some online casinos even give special deals and bonuses for using their App).

When might it be better to stick with an established Online Casino?

While we’ve given you some great reasons to try out a new online casino, sometimes you may be better off with an older more established casino. But, when exactly?

Diverse product offerings - Generally the more established casinos have a wider product offering that can include sports betting, bingo, live casino, poker rooms and more. Not only do the more established casinos generally have a wider product selection, but often more depth too. Within each product range, you will find more slots to play and table games to choose from etc. This is not to say that new casinos don’t have a vast portfolio on offer, but typically the range offered grows over time, so you are less likely to find a new online casino with the same variety as an older casino from the get-go.

Established and Trustworthy - The online casinos that have been around for some time that are licensed and regulated, generally have their processes, procedures and support streamlined, so you are less likely to encounter issues and if you do, they can help you quickly. The major area where older online casinos generally shine is their trustworthiness. This isn’t to say because they have been around for a long time that you can just sign up blindly, it simply means they have a track record that can be checked, whereas new online casinos are still building their reputation. If you are super cautious about where you play and put your money, then you will probably want to stick with a more established online casino.

What should a New Online Casino have?

Here we will take a look at the key things you should consider before joining and playing at a new online casino. While all of these points apply to new casinos, you should keep them in mind with older established casinos too.

Licensed and Regulated - There is no disputing that wherever you choose to enjoy your online gaming experience, the casino must hold a valid gaming license and be regulated for your country or region. While a licensed casino doesn’t guarantee that everything will be perfect, it’s certainly a big step in the right direction. Licensing and regulation mean that the casino has to meet strict criteria in the way they operate and if they don’t meet these requirements, you have some recourse. Here are just a few benefits of playing at a regulated online casino:

  • Security and Confidentiality - The casino has to have security measures in place to protect your personal information and payment details. It also means they cannot share or sell your data to other companies.
  • Honest and fair gaming - Unfortunately, some casinos are not honest when it comes to their games, so they can adjust the odds and payouts, which means you may never win, ever, and if you do, you may never see the money. Typically most online casinos use games from major developers like NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming and others who control the game RTP (Return to Player) and volatility. There are however some less than sterling game developers who let the casino operators do as they wish.
  • Bonuses, Payouts and Withdrawals - This is one area that problems always seem to arise with non-regulated casinos. The bonuses almost always promise you the world, but when it comes time to redeem it or to claim winnings from the bonus, the cashout requirements are impossible. With regards to payouts and withdrawals, you really don’t want to be in a position where you have to beg for your money. Nothing will ruin your gaming experience more than not being able to withdraw your own money or worse hitting a jackpot and the casino will not pay.

Games Selection - Now that you’ve identified a few possible new casinos that are licensed where you would like to play, it’s time to see what games they offer. There is no point in joining a new casino, making a deposit, doing the verification and then finding out their selection of games is terrible. If you’re an avid slots player, be sure to take a look at what slots the new casino has to offer. If you are more of a table games player, then make sure they have your preference. Just because a casino has blackjack, it doesn’t mean they have your flavour, such as Spanish 21 or Pontoon, etc. If you’re into live dealer games, then your new casino must have a Live Casino offering.

Mobile-Friendly - As mentioned earlier, you are probably going to use your smartphone or tablet at some stage to play, so you want to make sure your new online casino is mobile-friendly. You may even want to check out their App on the respective app stores, and even read the reviews and comments to get a better feel for what the casino is like.

Payment Options - In the world of eCommerce and transacting online, you want to be able to deposit and withdraw safely, securely and with ease. Take a look to see what payment options the new casino offers and to where they will process the withdrawals to. While you would assume that if you deposit let’s say with Skrill, you should naturally be able to withdraw to Skrill, but your new online casino may only offer withdrawals to a bank account. One more thing to check is if the casino charges any fees, especially if you do want to be paid via bank wire, where fees can easily cost you $30-$50. The most popular and trusted payment methods to look out for are credit/debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, and some casinos even offer PayPal or Bitcoin.

Reputation - This one is a little trickier when it comes to new online casinos. Building a reputable online reputation takes time. While you may be ready to do a Google search for "is new-casino a scam", you may be in for a surprise. Unfortunately, not everything is always what it seems to be on the Internet. Often when players have a bad experience with a new casino, they are quick to post their story, but neglect to reveal all facts. There are thousands of stories out there where people claim the casino is a scam, but the player didn’t read the terms and conditions or did something that was prohibited and then wants to cry "foul play". Here at SlotCatalog, we do our best to give you the most accurate and reliable reviews.

Support - This is probably one of the most overlooked factors when choosing a new online casino to play at. You probably think you will never need to contact support, till you really do need them. There is nothing wrong with contacting the casino support before signing up and asking a few questions. See if the support is responsive, friendly, knowledgeable and obliging because you never know when you just might need assistance.

Bonuses, Terms and Conditions - There is a reason we saved this point for last. Bonuses and promotions are designed to draw you in and often, the overzealous offers get players to overlook all the points mentioned above. Once you’ve checked all the points above and you have narrowed down the decision on the best new online casinos to play at, its time to review the bonus or welcome offer and the terms and conditions before joining. Here some key points to consider:

  • Mobile Experience - As discussed earlier, there is a big push by new casinos to provide an enhanced mobile user experience. You can expect to see plenty of new mobile casino features and options, especially with regards to mobile casino Apps.
  • Gamification - Features and options that make your experience with the casino more interactive and engaging.
  • New Games - From an increase in live dealer games to new slots with captivating features, there is always a constant push to bring new entertaining games out. In the last few years, there has been a surge in independent game development studios, so you can be sure that you will see many new and interesting games coming out.
  • Social Gaming - One area that has been developing for many years when it comes to online gambling, is the social aspect and being able to engage with other players and even the dealers. You can expect to see a rise in features to give you a more social experience.
  • Increased Regulation - Regulators have been tightening the rules for many years now, so you can be sure that this year will be no different. This is especially true as more and more countries are becoming regulated.
  • Transaction Times - Players want to deposit and withdraw quickly and easily. Casinos are constantly looking at ways to make this process quicker and smoother. A great example of this is more new casinos are offering PayPal and Bitcoin as payment options.

SlotCatalog displays the New Online Casinos Sites in your region

The top recommendations in our list of new online casinos are all brands that started out within the last two years. In addition to this they are properly regulated according to the rules and regulations in your region. This means that SlotCatalog will only show casinos with valid licences for your country, in case you live in a country with a strict gambling policy.

New UK Online Casinos

The UK has always been one of the most open markets when it comes to gambling and casino, but they have also been one of the toughest when it comes to licensing and regulations. All new UK online casinos have to comply with the strict requirements of the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission). Casinos must ensure that their policies and procedures for handling complaints are open, fair and transparent with reasonable timelines for dispute resolution. Key to this is that UK casino operators must allow players to refer their complaints to an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) provider if they are unable to resolve the dispute within 8 weeks.

Some of the most recent changes that the UKGC has introduced are:

  • Account verification, such as KYC, must be performed before a player can even access the games. In many other regions, KYC is only requested when you make a deposit or even only when you make your first withdrawal request.
  • The ability to withdraw your real money balance, irrespective if you’ve claimed a bonus or not.
  • Terms and conditions for all promotions are prominent and clear. Casinos cannot hide the "fine print" to avoid players knowing the facts.
  • No more credit card transactions. From March 2020, UK casinos will no longer be allowed to accept credit cards for deposits and withdrawals.

If you are located in the UK, be sure to take a look at the SlotCatalog Best UK Online Casino guides and reviews.

New Online Casinos FAQs

Why should I play at New Online Casinos?

The biggest reason to try out a new online casino is for a chance to experience something new that might just be better than the older casinos. Many new online casinos are vying for their share of the gaming market, so they go out of their way to be innovative. You can expect interesting and enticing bonuses and promotions. You will also get to experience new features and hopefully fresh and impeccable service.

When should I stick with an established casino?

If you are concerned about a new casino’s reliability, trustworthiness and service, then you might be better off playing at one of the older more established casinos. However, this is not to say that older casinos don’t have their issues. If you are really worried, then go with one of the industry giants like Betfair Casino, Bethard Casino, LeoVegas, and more. Alternatively, check out the SlotCatalog Casino Reviews to find a casino that meets your criteria.

Are the casinos safe to play at?

It all depends on the casino. As a rule of thumb, always make sure you are playing at a licensed and regulated casino. In order to attain a license and keep it, these casinos have to meet and maintain specific criteria. There are many new online casinos and old ones that are safe and well known for their fair treatment and honest dealings.

Do new online casinos have better bonus offers?

Sometimes! It’s tough to say definitively that every new online casino has better bonus offers. Many of the new casinos certainly try hard to gain their foothold in the market by offering strong bonuses and incentives, but many of the older casinos also refresh their deals often. Bonuses should never be viewed in isolation as the defining criteria to select a new casino. There are many other factors (as mentioned above).

Can I find all newly started casinos in the lists?

At SlotCatalog we certainly do our best to stay abreast of the gaming industry, so as we become aware of new online casinos, and once we evaluate them, we add them to our list. We are however sceptical about just adding a casino to the list without some due diligence, so it may take us some time to establish what they are all about and if they are worthy to be on our list of the best new online casinos.

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