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Casino Cashback Bonuses

Use cashback bonuses to turn your losses into wins and enjoy more spins on your favourite games!

The rather new bonus type, called cashback bonuses, have been on the rise in terms of popularity in recent years. Players have started to appreciate this kind of bonus and see it as a good compliment or replacement to the regular welcome or deposit match bonuses.

In this guide you will find

  1. Introduction
  2. How does casino cash back bonuses work?
  3. Our best tips for you to maximise the value of the casino cashback bonuses
  4. Four examples of different cashback offers
  5. Casino Cashback Bonus FAQ

How does casino cash back bonuses work?

The concept of the cashback bonus is very simple. These types of bonus offers entails that the casino agrees to pay back a set percentage of your wagered amount or the amount lost over time. This percentage differs from one cashback casino to another but is usually within the 5%-20% range. In some rare cases, the cashback bonus is valid for the lifetime of your account. But in most cases the cashback offer is only valid for a pre-decided amount of time, like your first month at the casino in question. This varies from bonus to bonus so make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to fully understand how the cashback bonus works.

Cashback bonus with time restrictions

When claiming a cashback bonus with time restrictions it’s important that you understand that this bonus will only benefit you if you play during the time period decided by the terms and conditions. If you are unsure how much time you will have to play in this grace period, chances are you are better off with a deposit match bonus with a long time period instead.

A look at different Terms and Conditions for Cashback bonuses

To get the most value out of a cashback bonus it’s important that you investigate the following bullet points and take them into consideration when deciding if this cashback bonus is something that fits your preferences at the time:

  1. For how long is the cashback active?
  2. What percentage is the casino paying you back?
  3. Will you receive the cash back bonus based on your losses or your total wagered amount?
  4. Is there a maximum limit of the cashback bonus you can receive?
  5. Are there any wagering requirements and/or time limit connected to the cashback bonus that you will receive?
  6. Can you have this bonus type several times?
  7. How often will you receive the payout?

Our best tips for you to maximise the value of the casino cashback bonuses

The cashback bonus time period is of course a factor when it comes to getting value out of a cashback bonus. A bonus offer with 10% cashback over unlimited time will generate you a lot of pay back sums if you play a lot at this casino over several months.

The percentage of payback is also a big contributor to the value you are getting out of these kinds of promotions. The higher the percentage, the more money will be returned to you in the end.

If the cash back bonus is based on the total wagered amount you will receive additional bonus money even when you win at an online casino. This is increasing the value of the cashback bonus as you will get paid no matter the outcome of your bets, and not only when you lose money.

We recommend that you read through any terms and conditions carefully and keep an eye out for any possible restrictions, or so-called roofs (maximum payout) of a cashback bonus as this affects the value of the bonus offer. Stated wagering requirements on the cashback bonus amounts should be taken into consideration when choosing what bonus, you want to claim. If you expect to be able to easily cash out your bonus amount it’s important that there are no, or very low wagering requirements connected to these bonus sums.

The cash back bonuses can take different forms and some of them are valid for a lifetime of your account, which previously stated can be worth a lot of money in the end. This is especially true for High rollers. Other forms can be risk free bets or certain campaign promotions that can be claimed several times at different occasions.

The question about how often the online casino with a cashback bonus will pay out your bonus balance is important. Make sure to investigate what rules they have as they usually state these settings in the terms and conditions. Will they pay once every week or once every month etc?

Four examples of different cashback offers

A 9 - 15% cashback bonus as part of a loyalty programme - An online casino offers their loyal customers a daily cashback ranging from 10%-15% depending on the amount wagered, or loyalty points claimed at the casino (based on the amount wagered and depending on which games were played) or the amount of deposits from the previous day. Each day, the loyal customer can claim its cashback bonus from the day before, giving out a bonus sum that must be wagered 10x before being cashable.

A casino is offering a 50% cashback as a welcome bonus - An online casino is offering their new customers a 100% deposit match on their first deposit and a 50% cash back bonus / refund up to £500 if the player has lost all money deposited on the first day. The refund or cash back amount must be wagered 30 times by the player before being able to cash out.

A casino has a Happy Monday promotion that gives player 30% cashback on their losses up to £100 - One online casino has a specific Monday cash back campaign where players have a chance to reclaim up to £100. If you have lost £100 on the Monday, you are able to reclaim them on Tuesday. This bonus can’t be cash out directly as it must be wagered 15 times before withdrawing.

A casino is offering 10% cashback, no strings attached - An online casino is offering 10% cashback on all their losses, to all their customers. The cashback amount from yesterday is paid out each day without any wagering requirements.


Casino Cashback Bonus FAQ

❔ What does the term cashback imply?

❔ How do these bonus promotions usually work?

❔ Are the cashback bonuses unlimited?

❔ What’s the most crucial factors to look for in a casino cashback bonus?

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