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Here is our complete guide about claiming and playing with the best casino cashback bonuses! You’ll find essential information about these popular promotions and the easiest way to take advantage of them. We’ll introduce the hottest and most recommended cashback casino sites as well as the main differences between this bonus and all the others online!

Casino Cashback Bonuses

What Is A Cashback Casino Bonus

What Is A Cashback Casino Bonus

Casino cashback bonuses are among the favorite promotions for many online players as they allow them to take back a portion of their losses. Many gambling operators use these bonuses as a tool to attract new members but also to reward the loyal ones. There are different types of Cashback, but the promo always works in the same way!

The casino will return part of your losses, according to the specific terms and conditions of your bonus at the end of the cashback period. It can vary from a few hours to a month or more. The best cashback casinos include the incentive in their VIP schemes and keep the wagering requirements low!

How Do Cashback Casino Bonuses Work

How Do Cashback Casino

Despite the identical concept of pretty much all the casino cashback bonuses online, there are some differences from one promo to another. It’s essential to get acquainted with the T&C before claiming any offer, and we’ll introduce the main variants in one of the following sections.

But before that, let’s see how Cashback really works! By providing such bonuses, operators want to compensate their customers for potential losses. Therefore, they agree to return a portion of them at the end of a predetermined period. The promotion may include only one game, a set of titles, or even the whole casino’s portfolio.

You may need to make a deposit in order to qualify. Next, you need to bet according to the Terms & Conditions, and finally, you’ll be paid the cashback percentage. Keep in mind that it can vary widely, although in most cases, it’s 10% to 20%. If part of a VIP program, the incentive may activate at a certain tier.

The best casino cashback bonus comes with wagering requirements of 1x or without any, but that’s not so common. Other elements you need to keep under a close eye are the promotion’s validity and any extra requirements if the Cashback is part of a package - total payout, bet limits, bonus amount, etc.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

The playthrough rollover is an essential part of the casino cashback bonuses, and in the best-case scenario, they are low. It’s even possible to find wager free cashback promotions, but to be certain, you need to read the T&C carefully. Keep in mind that the casino operators will protect themselves by imposing additional rules, like loss limits or maximum winnings from cashback deals.

All that is totally understandable, of course, because the concept of these offers, just like all casino bonuses, is to prolong the gaming session. Free lunch does not exist, especially in online gambling! The cashback funds that you’ll be provided to play with must generate the minimum rollover amount in order for the operator to unlock your winnings for withdrawal!

Main Types Of Casino Cashback Offers

The best cashback casinos have various offers in their folds, as they have an abundance of game categories to play. Bonuses serve different purposes, and you’ll need to comply with different rules to claim them. Here are the most exciting Cashback promotions widespread online:

Welcome Bonus

These are among the most common casino cashback bonuses and they are designed to attract new members. In order to opt in, you’ll have to make a deposit according to the T&C. The welcome cashback bonuses are usually in the range of 5% - 20% and can be organized in two ways. You may receive a portion of your net losses or from the entire qualifying deposit.

Daily Bonus

Daily Bonus

This is the most widespread and popular cashback casino bonus! It’s available on many dedicated gambling platforms and requires opting in. You will have a day, usually 24 hours, to play as much as you can and generate the Cashback amount. At the end of the period, you’ll receive the advertised daily bonus percentage back!

Weekly Bonus

The weekly casino cashback offers are rarer, but just like with the Daily Cashback, they cover a specific period of time. In this case, you’ll have 7 days to complete the wagering requirements and any other rules part of the promotion’s Terms & Conditions policy. If everything is alright, the portion of your net losses for the week will be credited back to your account.

VIP Cashback

This casino cashback bonus is part of the operator’s VIP scheme and always differs in rules and size. The most valuable players are treated as royals, and increased VIP cashback is one of the best incentives. The percentage will grow with every tier, and some loyalty programs offer cashback up to or even beyond 50%.

On All Loses

As I already mentioned, most online casino cashback deals are tied to specific titles, sets of games, or categories. However, some operators think outside of the box and offer some exclusive incentives. The cashback on all losses means that you’ll receive back a part of your net losses no matter the chosen game or genre!

Monthly Bonus

Monthly Bonus

Unlike the daily and weekly bonuses, the monthly cashback bonus in casino sites is more modest in percentage. It’s quite rare to find an offer exceeding 5%! The reason is that you can generate quite an amount for a period of 30 days if you wager often. Therefore, the payout percentage may be low, but if you are a persistent bettor, you can get quite a sum at the end!

How To Get A Top Cashback Bonus At Casin

The good online casino cashback feels like a jackpot once you find it, especially if you wish to try one or several covered games. This guide is to show you the best deals but also to help you navigate! You can use the special filter on this page to browse the different Cashback offers, and here are the main steps to put one in play:

Find The Best Casino

Once you like a casino cashback bonus, follow the link to the respective review and take a look at the free casino ranking. Read our articles about the brands and explore key details to find the best match. All operators promoted by our team have been checked and verified!

Register And Read The Terms And Conditions

Register And Read

Before you can start playing for real money, you’ll need to sign up with the selected operator. All the top cashback casinos offer fast and uncomplicated registration forms. Don’t miss to get acquainted with the T&C, though the reading may not exactly cover your idea of having fun!

Make A Bet And Get Cashback

Most cashback casinos will ask you to make a bet in order to trigger the promotion. Since you’ll receive a portion of your potential losses, all that is understandable. I don’t like to be repetitive, but reading and understanding the terms of a cashback offer is crucial!

Cashback Bonus Vs. Reload Bonus

Cashback casinos offer various promotions and incentives, and reload bonuses are another favorite perk for many gamblers. Although there are some similarities, these deals are different from one another. Here is some info on both:

Cashback Bonus Reload Bonus
Do not require deposit Deposit must have been made
Can reach 50% or even more Rarely exceeds 25%
Returns back part of your losses Provides more credits to play with
Always part of VIP programs May come as a loyalty incentive
Often usable on few games Can be used on a wider range of games

Pros And Cons Of Cashback Casino Bonuses


  • Prolongs gaming sessions
  • Favorite reward for loyal players
  • Reduces losses and optimizes performance
  • Lower wagering requirements, if any
  • Allows you to withdraw hard cash


  • You win only after you have lost
  • Various limits, including loss limit
  • Many games can be excluded from the bonus


Certainly, the best casino cashback bonuses can be a major boost for any experienced gambler despite the limits and restrictions. Smart players know how to outplay the operator and take advantage of an incentive. Sadly, some operators don’t have such bonuses in their portfolios yet, but if they have, I recommend paying extra attention!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Daily Cashback Bonus?

These casino cashback offers are only available for a period of 24 hours. You can receive the accumulated cashback after that.

What Is The Average Cash Back Percentage

This question has no certain answer, as some cashback casinos offer deals up to 20%. Other casino cashback offers can be as low as 2% -5 %, while the VIP bonuses can reach 50% at higher tiers.

Does Casino Cashback Bonus Have An Expire Date?

Yes, every casino cashback bonus has validity, and you need to meet the wagering requirements and all other rules until then.

Are Cashback Bonuses Legal?

Yes, the casino cashback bonuses are absolutely legal. Even if they are not, in certain jurisdictions, you only need to sign up with a licensed operator. The respective authority will regulate such issues.



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