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The Most Entertaining Exclusive Slots and Casino Games


Just because a casino game is exclusive doesn’t mean that it’s worth the effort of setting up a new account. At the same time, you don’t want to miss early access to a great game. That’s why you want to make sure that the game you are going through yet another signup process for is worth the effort.

To help you out we’ve handpicked the most qualitative exclusive games in the market, that you shouldn’t miss out on!

This section is for players who would like to try something new and special. We are gathering the most popular exclusive games from the biggest game providers, launched on trusted casinos. With that said, we all have different game preferences. That’s why it’s always a good idea to read the game review or watch gameplay videos before you make your decision.

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Upcoming Exclusive Slots & Casino Games

The following slots are the ones that will be exclusively accessible at specific casinos in the upcoming time.

The Concept of Exclusive Games

Offering unique games is a way for casino sites to stand out from the crowd. You’ve probably stumbled upon a game labelled as “exclusive” previously. But what exactly is an exclusive game and what different types are there?

The word exclusive is self-explanatory, it’s a game that can only be played at one or a few casino sites. However, the exclusivity can differ in terms of time windows and the product being offered. Below are three common types of exclusivity when it comes to slots & casino games.


Some online casinos just use the word “exclusive” to attract the player’s attention. To find out if a game is truly exclusive, utilize our lists or send us an email and we’ll investigate it for you.

  • Time-limited early access to a certain game before it’s released widely to all casinos.
  • A game provider that develops games with just one or a few casino sites in mind.
  • A unique game variation like a branded or custom skinned game (this is common for both slots & live casino games).

By browsing our complete list of exclusive slots and casino games you can discover hidden gems that you might not find in the lobby of your favourite casino. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to receive information regarding the most qualitative, latest and upcoming exclusive releases for your region.

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Linda Guranova

Gaming manager at Glitnor group (Lucky Casino)

By giving the players value through the quality of the game, localised content and player preferences, we are ultimately giving the player confidence that we are committed to providing them with exclusive game releases we know they will enjoy.

We boost our players education through communications in relation to game features, winning combinations etc. which in turns makes them feel more knowledgeable and in control. We also run unique campaigns on these games, if possible.

Every player likes to feel special, we therefore highlight that the release can only be found at our casino, guaranteeing the feeling of exclusivity to our players.


Vasily Polynov

Chief Business Development Officer (True Lab)

We are always happy to run exclusive promo campaigns with our major partners and offer the new True Lab titles to our most loyal customers. Players are always very excited about the opportunity to be the first to try a new game, especially when it offers some completely new features and has a high winning potential.


Johan Persson

CEO & Founder (Just For The Win)

Exclusive releases are the perfect opportunity for you to try a game before millions of other players. Work out the best betting strategies and experience all the bonuses before anyone else has the chance even to load the game.


Jacob Nordwall

Creative Manager - Brand & Marketing (ELK Studios)

Apart from the excitement of being one of the first to ever play a slot, operators tend to boost exclusive releases with all kinds of promotions, giving players more bang for their buck.

Top Casinos with Unique & Exclusive Game Content

Usually speaking the larger the online casino, the higher the chance of finding quality exclusive games. This is not always the case though. There are several examples of when a well-funded and innovative casino brand has made exclusive deals for high-end releases. Have a look at our top 1 recommendations for great casinos with entertaining exclusive games:

Did you know?

Sometimes, online casinos have specific promotions connected to their exclusive content. This could be a special bonus connected to the game or a really entertaining promo video. Check out our list of casinos with exclusive games to discover more..

Which game studios release exclusive content?

Game Studios & Casinos: Missing your exclusive release?

Are you and your games missing in our lists? Please send us a contact request with the following details: Game name, exclusive release date(s), wide release date, brand(s), and market(s) and we’ll make sure to update our coverage.

Exclusive Slots & Casino Games FAQ

❔ Why do exclusive games exist?

Whether we speak about online gambling or other services & products, offering something unique is a proved strategy for companies to stand out from the crowd.

❔ Is it worth signing up to a new casino to play an exclusive game?

That depends on the game and your preferences. According to us at SlotCatalog the top exclusive slots are definitely worth the effort!

❔ How many exclusive casino games are there?

Last month, about 55 casino games were released exclusively for one or a few casino brands.

❔ What’s the most common type of an exclusive game release?

The most common type of exclusive games are games that have an exclusive rollout period on some casinos.

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