Best Progressive Jackpots & Slot Games 2024

This article is all about the finest progressive jackpot slots on the market today. We'll introduce the types of games and most popular titles to browse online. You can learn how to find them and what to expect from such a machine. The top-rated casino sites offer the best games with progressive jackpots and some exciting bonuses!

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Jackpot Fortunes slot

Jackpot Fortunes

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Tsai Shen 10K Ways Dream Drop

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Divine Fortune

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Casino Reels

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The Royals: Go Camping

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9 Line Fortune

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What Is A Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a gambling prize that is won randomly and increases with every real money bet made by players. The pool or pot, as some gamblers refer to it, is not limited and can reach many millions. This is what thrills most players with deep pockets and adrenaline in their blood, as per the rule of thumb, high rollers boast higher chances of winning progressive jackpots.

But what is a progressive jackpot and how exactly does it progress? Here is the moment to mention that most of these prizes are part of slot machines available in online and land-based casino establishments. They are often linked, and the jackpot pool draws dividends from all bets made to all machines until the prize drops.

In many occasions, the progressive jackpot slots have lower RTPs compared to non-jackpot titles. The reason is the contribution to the prize pot! Usually, casinos cut off their winnings from the game to add to the jackpot. The bigger the House edge, the more significant the contribution. That's the secret behind the popularity of low-RTP progressive slots like Mega Moolah.

Mega Moolah slot
Mega Moolah slot

Progressive slots start with a predetermined seed, which is an amount set by the developer. From this moment on, every real money wager made on any game version in all featured casino halls and sites adds to the prize. Thus, it'll grow until luck smiles to a player, and the whole cycle resets back to the seed.

In the following article, we will provide more information and explanations on what are progressive slots and which are the best-rated titles. It's important to know that these games do not differ much from the rest and also feature awesome payouts and bonus rounds. In theory, progressive rewards can be won at any spin and with any bet amount!

Types Of Progressive Jackpots

As you can suggest, there are different types of progressive jackpot prizes. They mostly differentiate by coverage, links, and ways of winning. The more progressive slot machines are connected to a network, the bigger the expected prizes will be. Here are the main types of random progressive rewards online:

Standalone Jackpots

These are the most limited jackpots of all, as they are available in single machines only. They are not linked to a network, and the size of the prize is different in each casino establishment, land-based or virtual. The most popular standalone progressive jackpot slots are developed by the Australian iGaming veteran Aristocrat.

Local Or In-House Jackpots

These progressive slots are more widespread, as they attract more players for the most exciting prizes available. Local jackpots are spread across the same floor or virtual environment of a single casino operator. Often, the name of the bank is related to the brand, and players making spins on all linked machines contribute to the pot! These in-house jackpots might be available in several totally different game titles.

Network Or Wide-Area Jackpots

These are the hottest gambling rewards and have the potential to reach tens of millions. Nevertheless, they also come with the smallest winning chances in theory. The network progressive slots online are often available on numerous casino sites. They can be linked to slot cabinets in brick-and-mortar establishments at the same time.

All qualifying bets and spins feed the same jackpot pool, and the lucky player can win it at any time. The wager multiplier doesn't matter in such cases, although it's more likely for a high roller to hit the prize. The network can be powered by a casino operator or a game-developing studio.

Mystery Jackpots

The latest trend among progressive slots is the Mystery Jackpots, which are usually guaranteed to drop within a certain period of time. They can be local or network and rarely standalone. These prizes increase with gamblers spinning the reels but will fall not because of hitting a random symbol combination.

A Mystery Jackpot can be set to drop when reaching a particular amount or at a specific time. Therefore, any player, low roller or big spender, has the same chance of winning the prize. You only need to be in the right place at the right time. Mystery Jackpots are rewards for being dedicated and playing a certain game.

How To Find Online Progressive Jackpot Slots?

The easiest way to find all progressive jackpots online is through our dedicated page. We already picked and ranked all the slots and games carrying such prizes, and you can find the best ones at the top of this article. There are a couple of filtering buttons beneath them for further browsing.

Once you use the Games Gilter tab, you’ll access our full list of progressive jackpots. If you are familiar with any of them, click the Go to Casino button to access the top-verified gambling platform and take advantage of awesome bonuses. Otherwise, you can play the demo versions of these progressive jackpot titles and have fun with no strings attached.

How To Play Progressive Slot Games?

Playing progressive jackpot slots online is identical to doing that in land-based casino halls. Games look almost the same as all the others, with the minor difference that a Jackpot screen or meter is available. It shows the current status of the prize, and you can see how it increases with every real money bet.

It's possible for some progressive jackpot slots to offer more than one reward of that type. Open the game's Menu and read all the instructions about this feature. You'll require a certain combination of symbols to activate the pot and reset the jackpot to the pre-programmed seed value.

The combination can be simple, like a few scatters in view, or more complex, like bonus symbols on a specific active payline. Reading the rules is crucial in another aspect, too! Some progressive jackpot games count as Qualifying Bets only those made with the maximum stake amount.

Well, many of the best progressive slot machines don't require that, but the odds are better for high rollers. Of course, that isn't true if you are hunting Mystery jackpot prizes. You just need to be in play for as long as possible and hope to be the chosen one!

Chances Of Winning This Kind Of Jackpot

It's needless to say that progressive jackpots are very difficult to win. We have already mentioned Mega Moolah by Games Global, and the odds there are close to 50 million to 1. However, that is much better than some lotteries like EuroMillions with chances to win of nearly 140 million to 1.

Then again, some progressive jackpot slot machines come with lower prospects and odds of over 100 or 300 million to 1. Of course, that only increases the thrill, which is a leading factor for most enthusiasts. In any case, winning a progressive jackpot requires mostly luck, patience, and often an impressive bankroll. Players will never stop trying to convert a small stack of coins into a several-digit pile of cash!

Best Online Progressive Jackpot Games

If you are a progressive jackpot player, you already have your favorite hunting grounds. However, we also evaluated the best titles online, holding such tremendous prizes. Below, you can see a taste of them, and if you need more, explore the progressive slots collection at the beginning of this page:

Gates Of Olympus

Gates Of Olympus slot
Gates Of Olympus slot

If you like progressive jackpot games, you must not miss trying Gates Of Olympus. It was released in 2021 by Pragmatic Play and offers a max win of x5,000. The highly volatile machine features Pay Anywhere mechanics with Tumble wins and random multipliers up to x500. The powerful bonus round has a special Multiplier feature.

Age Of The Gods

Age Of The Gods slot
Age Of The Gods slot

Another top pick for all fans of the progressive jackpot slots is Age Of The Gods. The game was released in 2016 and set a dynasty, resulting in 33 sequels so far, all directed and launched by Playtech studios. Besides four Free Spin modes and awesome features, this medium volatile game based on Greek Mythology boasts four incredible progressive jackpots.

Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza slot
Sweet Bonanza

Pragmatic Play is known for its awesome Pay Anywhere slot games, and it all started in 2019 with the release of Sweet Bonanza. The amazing artwork and mechanics have drawn the attention of many gamblers so far. They surely enjoy the medium to high volatility and free spins with a powerful multiplier feature. Sweet Bonanza pays up to 21,100x the bet.

Clover Rollover 2

Clover Rollover 2 slot
Clover Rollover 2

The industry-renowned iGaming developer Eyecon strives to keep it simple, and this is what you'll find in the Clover Rollover 2. But don't let that plain setting trick you because the title is full of fantastic surprises. You can win three progressive jackpots, starting at different seeds, and cash prizes from the reels of up to x10,000!

Big Catch Bass Fishing

Big Catch Bass Fishing slot
Big Catch Bass Fishing

The Big Catch Bass Fishing slot is our last recommendation, but there are hundreds of other progressive jackpot games in our collection. This title was developed by Blueprint Gaming and offers medium to high volatility and a top prize of 10,000x. The free spins round with the fish-catching feature is here once again with special symbol upgrades and win multipliers.

Tips To Win Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

As we already pointed out, to have a chance of winning, you need first to learn what are progressive slots first. These rewards, no matter how tempting, are actually almost entirely random and in many cases require solid bets. So, if you make tens of huge wagers of €200 or more and not win the progressive jackpot, it would be quite disappointing.

Due to their different programming, the progressive jackpot slot machines won't be affected by the usual betting strategies. Even more so, they would require a completely different approach. Players don't have to forget that their chances are nearly 1 in 50 million, which is much worse than the usual 1 in 6 to 14 million for hitting the top prize in a slot game.

Anyways, we have a few strategies and techniques that will optimize your chances of winning progressive slot games:

RTP Rate and Volatility Levels

Seasoned players know that the best progressive slot machines have low RTPs and low to medium levels of volatility. We can give examples with Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, although NetEnt's release boasts a very good payout rate. In both cases, the ratio of risk to reward is good, and players have relatively good winning chances.

Mega Fortune slot
Mega Fortune slot

Minimum Qualifying Bet

The progressive jackpot slots have different bet requirements, and you need to get acquainted with them in order to avoid disappointing situations. Some games ask for maximum bets, but in such cases, the chances of winning the pot are higher. However, these are the rarest progressive jackpots.

Most titles have limited or no requirements and all wagers qualify! Therefore, lucky winners can make a fortune with a few cents. As always, it sounds easy, but actually it's not. These progressive slot machines have a really low hit ratio and, in addition, don't boast very impressive RTP rates.

Hunt Jackpots That Are About To Drop

When a jackpot is won, the cycle starts again from a pre-programmed seed value. It's usually at least €5,000, and some start from much higher levels. It's crucial to know the seeds of the progressive jackpot games you are about to play. Thus, you'll know if the prize was won soon or not. Our advice is not to pursue pots near to their starting values, but such that look hefty enough to drop soon!

Set a Loss Limit

We highly recommend setting a budget and a maximum loss cap, no matter if you are about to play progressive jackpot slots online or in other games. This strategy is actually to protect your bankroll and save you for another day. Indeed, you can't be sure that tomorrow will be a better day, but if you are losing money, you need to know where is the line that must never be crossed.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we managed to answer the questions of what is a progressive jackpot and how to win it. There are plenty of exceptional opportunities out there, and many are part of amazing games offering so many other benefits. Perhaps the ultimate prize should never be your only goal when playing a game of chance.

Or perhaps that's what pumps adrenaline in your veins and makes you gamble online. We continuously monitor the iGaming market and upload demo versions and expert reviews of all progressive slot games, old and new. You can count on us to learn the latest news and some clever tips and tricks for increasing your winning chances!



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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Progressive Slots?

The progressive jackpot slots are casino games that hold massive rewards. Each progressive jackpot starts from a seed and grows with every real money wager made.

How Do Progressive Online Jackpot Slots Work?

The progressive slots online look normal and may contain the usual technical features and bonus rounds. However, they also offer progressive jackpots displayed on the screen.

How To Win Progressive Slot Machines?

The progressive slot games often have low RTP rates and difficult volatility levels. You need to place qualifying bets and hope to trigger the progressive jackpots online winning sequences.

How Often Do Progressive Jackpots Hit?

The progressive jackpot odds are low and sometimes comparable with lotteries. However, the most popular and played progressive slots come with rates of about 50 million to 1 to hit the jackpot.

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