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Star Guardians is the world’s first 3rd-person shooter slot hybrid, and this big-budget Evoplay release comes with 3 unique Avatars to choose from. Each one is highly capable of killing large amounts of alien monsters, and each kill awards a cash prize. You can pick up special ability boosters unique to each character also, and defeating the Bonus Round Boss Queen awards prizes up to 5,000x your stake. Check our full review below the free demo game.

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User Rating: 8.3/10 (3 votes)

RTP 🔗: 96%
Variance: HIGH
Max Win: x5029.00 [ i ]
Betways: N/A
Release: 29.10.2021
SlotRank: N/A
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Star Guardians game review

Last Update: 06.11.2021. Author: SlotCatalog.

We have more than 30 somewhat similar Shooting games in our catalog already, and none of them have climbed very high on our SlotRank charts. This has apparently not discouraged Evoplay from sinking their largest budget to date into Star Guardians, which they claim is the first ever third-person shooter style “slot”. Time will tell how this effort fares in the community, but it’s probably too niche to become a smash hit.

You get to choose from 3 unique Avatars, and each game round takes place in a new room where your character kills 3 monsters to win cash prizes. He/she can also pick up keys that open treasure chests, and this awards prizes and special ability Amplifiers that last for 7 rounds. The 3-headed spider-like Queen Boss Bonus Game triggers at random times, and defeating her can award prizes up to 5,000x your stake.

Star Guardians Game - Avatar Screen

Star Guardians Game Features

You have 3 different regular type enemies of different sizes and values, as well as a bonus round enemy and the Queen Boss. Here’s an overview of how much each type may pay as your chosen Avatar kills them:

  • Soldier (standard enemy) - pays between 0 and 15 x your stake.
  • Liquidator (standard enemy) - pays between 0 and 20 x your stake.
  • Chief (standard enemy) - pays between 0 and 50 x your stake.
  • Larva (bonus round enemy) - pays between 0 and 10 x your stake.
  • Queen (bonus round boos) - pays between 50 and 5,000 x your stake.

You can choose to play in Manual mode if you wish, and this means that you get to control your character and move around as you wish. You then fire at will with the mouse buttons, or you can play in the normal automatic mode (which also comes with turbo mode). Then you simply click the “spin” button, and the Avatar takes care of the rest.

Star Guardians Game - Main Game

At random times, special Amplifiers will be picked up from treasure chests in the main game, and these activate your chosen Avatar’s special ability for the next 7 rounds (rooms). There are 3 main characters to choose from in Star Guardians, and these are as follows:

  • Butcher - awards an x2 multiplier to all wins when amplified, and is a massive soldier of age 52. His rank is Commander on Earth, and his motivation is to avenge his best friend. He’s packing a multi-barreled high calibre machine gun, and a rocket launcher is his secondary weapon.
  • Skyler - is a native from the Planet Triton, and she wants to prove herself as the best sniper in her world. She’s a small and young lady, aged 25, and she carries a sniper rifle with hand grenades as her secondary weapon of choice. Her special amplified ability is being able to open any treasure chest without a key.
  • Keliot - is a mysterious character of unknown origin, but his motivation seems to be saving humanity. His special ability is that defeated enemies always drop cash when he’s amplified (meaning you’re guaranteed above zero wins per enemy). His weapon of choice is to fire kinetic energy from his bare hands, and he also has body armour.

Special Treasure Chests can appear at random times in the main game. Chests that require no key contain a cash prize between 0.1 to 10 x your stake, an Amplifier or a Key. Chests that require a key to unlock award a cash prize between 3 to 100 x your stake, or an Amplifier. Your Avatar can hold only 1 key at any given time.

The Bonus Game triggers at random times from the main game, and you’ll then take on 3 waves of Triton Larva monsters with a special cannon. Wave one is 10 enemies, wave two is 20 and wave three is 30. These enemies drop both cash and rocket ammo, and you’ll need the latter when you face off against the Queen herself.

The Queen monster has 3 heads, and you need to kill each one to defeat her. You will use the ammo collected from the pre-boss fight to do that, and each head has an armour with a randomly determined strength displayed as an energy bar. The bonus game ends if you run out of ammo before killing the Queen, but if you manage to take her out a larger payout between 50x and 5,000x is awarded.

The 200 Spins Star Guardians Game Experience

We went with Butcher in our test session, and as you can see below, he has no problem taking out regular enemies. He does a pretty good job in the bonus game too, at least at first, and the feature starts at 2:30 into the 4:22-minute video. See for yourself how we fared against the nasty 3-headed Queen by hitting the play button below.

Review Summary

Betsoft has tried something similar before with their Max Quest range, but Evoplay’s big-budget Star Guardians is the first third-person shooter “slot” where you can manually move your Avatar around as you see fit. This gets old really quick however, and the automatic mode is much more preferable in our view. Sure, a somewhat immersive alien shoot-up world is certainly different from watching reels spin, but it does get repetitive after a while anyway.

Each room is more or less the same, and the top-up wins you get are basically there to keep you afloat until you trigger the Bonus Boss Fight. The Queen comes with some impressive animations, but it’s a real anti-climax when you don’t defeat her. You get the same feeling when she awards smaller cash prizes (which is most of the time, of course), but total payouts hovering above 5,000x are certainly possible. A certain crowd might enjoy this after the novelty wears off, but most will probably return to regular video slots.


  • World’s first 3rd person shooter slot
  • Choose between 3 Avatars
  • Shoot monsters to win cash prizes
  • Pick up Avatar-specific special abilities
  • Boss Fight Bonus w/ up to 5,000x prizes


  • Gets repetitive after a while

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Video and Image gallery

Star Guardians. Star Guardians slot
Star Guardians. Star Guardians slot
Star Guardians
The Character 1. Star Guardians slot
The Character 1. Star Guardians slot
The Character 1
The Character 2. Star Guardians slot
The Character 2. Star Guardians slot
The Character 2
The Character 3. Star Guardians slot
The Character 3. Star Guardians slot
The Character 3
Game Screen 1. Star Guardians slot
Game Screen 1. Star Guardians slot
Game Screen 1
Game Screen 2. Star Guardians slot
Game Screen 2. Star Guardians slot
Game Screen 2
Game Screen 3. Star Guardians slot
Game Screen 3. Star Guardians slot
Game Screen 3
Bonus Game 1. Star Guardians slot
Bonus Game 1. Star Guardians slot
Bonus Game 1
Bonus Game 2. Star Guardians slot
Bonus Game 2. Star Guardians slot
Bonus Game 2

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Star Guardians Slot FAQs

❔ What is the Return to Player of Star Guardians?

The 96 % RTP is the same as the average regular slot. /p>

❔ How volatile is Star Guardians?

This is a highly volatile release from Evoplay, and a lot hangs on whether or not you manage to kill the Queen Boss in the bonus round (and how much she pays when defeated).

❔ What is the biggest win possible?

You can win up to 5,029x your stake, and killing the Queen Boss awards a prize between 50x and 5,000x your stake. This was observed in 500 million simulated spins, and the observed main game max win was 160x the stake.

❔ What Avatars can I choose, and what’s their special ability?

You can choose between Butcher, Skyler and Keliot, and they come with unique weapons. When “boosted” by a treasure chest amplifier that lasts 7 rounds/rooms, all Butcher wins are subject to an x2 multiplier. Skyler opens all chests with no key, and Keliot is guaranteed above-zero cash prizes per enemy.

❔ Is there a free spins mode in Star Guardians?

There is a random Boss Fight Bonus Round yes, and you’ll first take out 3 waves of smaller monsters with a special stationary mega gun. These award cash prizes, as well as rocket ammo you’ll need to take out the Queen. Killing the Queen is not a sure thing, but if you do, it awards a prize between 50 and 5,000 x your stake.

❔ Can I play Star Guardians Game for free?

Yes, you can test the free Star Guardians demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must verify age first).

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Canada CA 613 6 0 12250 See Data
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