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Scam Online Casinos

Scam Online Casinos
It’s an unfortunate fact that not all operators in the online casino world have honest intentions. Scam casinos have to a large degree been weeded out by the regulatory system, and most licensed casinos operate within the confines and boundaries of the law. However, there are always opportunistic fraud casinos to watch out for out there, and that is exactly why we’ve created this list of not to be trusted blacklisted casinos.

We want to stress up front that putting any bad casino on our Blacklist is a last resort action from our side. There will always be conflicts between players and casinos, that’s just how it is, and such common conflicts are not a good enough reason for a casino to end up on our blacklist. Only fraud casinos we know for sure are scammers, liars, cheaters and/or rigged will ever end up on our blacklisted casinos list.

What you get here is an always up-to-date and complete list of not safe casinos that cannot be trusted, and each casino on the list has proven this beyond any doubt before being added. We see this as our sworn duty and service to the community, as players deserve to enjoy only the best online casinos that operate in a way that does not give everyone else a bad name.

What is a blacklisted scam casino, exactly?

In short, scam casinos are defined by the dishonest and fraudulent intentions of the operators behind them. There are many different ways these bad intentions can manifest, and some are easier to spot than others. There are certain red flags to be on the lookout for though, and we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common ones here.

Non-Payment issues

While even legit and licensed casinos can end up in conflicts with players regarding payments, a fraud casino is on another level. Legit and trusted casinos always try to work out a solution with the player regarding the specific situation, while scam casinos will do anything to stall the time (if they respond at all).

Almost all online casinos of a certain size have ongoing conflicts of this nature at all times, but it’s always with a very small percentage of their overall bulk of players. Blacklisted casinos however, have long since crossed the line where they are unwilling to negotiate or work things out at all. They simply refuse to pay, without giving any meaningful reason for it whatsoever, and it happens to a significant percentage of their players.

Non-Payment issues
Simply refuse to pay :(

False promos and misleading advertisement

While playing tricks with promos, bonuses and so forth has been a somewhat common practice, recent regulatory efforts has made this far more difficult for licensed operators. The most important bonus terms and conditions need to be clearly stated next to the offer these days, making it harder to bury stuff in small print somewhere in a hard-to-locate T&C page.

This is good news for players, and bad news for scam casinos. However, bad casinos will go further than playing sly marketing tricks, as they will simply make promises they have no intentions of keeping in any way, shape or form. They will typically lure players in with too-good-to-be true promo offers, only to change the deal after the fact or refuse to pay out any winnings at all.

Software piracy and copyright infringement

Software piracy Casinos
Once in a while you’ve probably heard stories about a blacklisted casino that offered pirated slots and casino games, and this is a huge problem in asia, for example. Basically, scam casinos, typically operated out of places like Russia, Ukraine or Asia, will steal whatever software, slots and games they want, and then reprogram them as they see fit.

They will lure players in with false advertisements and promos (see above), and provide false stats for the games that make them seem like the ‘real deal’. Not only can these fraud casinos offer games without paying the licence fee, but they can also rig the RTP and the math model to rake in big money before they hopefully are exposed and shut down.

Changing Terms & Conditions with malicious intent

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s much harder for legit and licensed casinos to hide and bury things in their T&C page these days. However, casinos that operate outside of the regulatory framework, in the wild wild web, so to speak, don’t need to follow any rules at all. They can do anything as they see fit, at least until they get caught and shut down.

They can offer insane bonuses with conditions that seem too good to be true, only to display a completely different version of the T&C to all the registered players who fell for the scam. Of course, licensed casinos also update their T&C on a regular basis, but they usually don’t do it with malicious intent like blacklisted casinos do.

Rigged casino slots & games

Rigged Casino Slots
Accusations of being rigged are hurled towards most well-known casinos on a regular basis, simply because certain players can’t take a loss without acting out. We can assure you that it’s virtually impossible to operate a rigged casino within the current regulatory regime. Not only is each licensed casino thoroughly audited by trusted and independent third parties, but each individual slot also goes through its own individual and rigorous licensing process.

Of course, not trusted and unsafe casinos operating entirely on their own out there in the online jungle, like Colonel Kurtz famously did in Apocalypse Now, is another question entirely. They can rig anything as they see fit, and although they are usually exposed after a while, the damage is already done for all the players who fell for the scam. This problem is easily avoided by sticking to well-known and licensed operators though.

Security of your personal details

You have to give away quite a lot of highly personal details to play online casinos these days, and it’s best to be sure you’re not giving it all away to a blacklisted fraud casino. Just imagine how much damage and trouble all this info can cause you if it ends up in the wrong hands. A scam casino might well be a front for a large scale identity theft operation for all we know.

Unless you want every single detail about you that scammers would want sold to the highest bidder on the dark web, it’s best to take certain precautions when playing casinos online. Simply go for the legit and licensed brands out there, as there are more than enough to choose from anyway. They use the latest in encryption technology, and everything has been audited to keep your personal details as secure as can be.

Not trust blacklist casinos
Not trust casino from the blacklist

Never-ending conflicts and complaints

As we’ve touched upon above, it’s normal for online casinos to get into conflicts with a small percentage of their total players. Sometimes the casino is in the right, while other times the player has a legit complaint. Most of the time these conflicts are resolved after a while. However, if the problems keep piling up with no end in sight, an operator can very well end up being blacklisted as a not trusted, or not safe, casino.

This is a tad less serious than being a downright fraud or scam casino, of course, and there has to be a significant amount of unresolved complaints before we consider this. The operator also has to demonstrate an unreasonable unwillingness to resolve anything, and being unresponsive over a long period of time doesn’t exactly help when it comes to avoiding the casino blacklist either.

Can a casino be removed from the Blacklist?

As we said in the intro, adding a fraudulent scam casino to our blacklist is a last resort action. It’s not something we enjoy doing, and we only wish we didn’t need a blacklist of not trusted casinos at all. However, in the interest of protecting the reputation of legit, trusted and licensed operators, as well as in the interest of all the players out there who deserve better than being scammed, we’ve created this wall of shame.

To answer the question in the headline; Yes, it’s certainly possible to be removed from our list of Blacklisted Casinos. However, since we take all possible precautions before adding a scam casino to the list, the likelihood of being removed is slim. We will have to take this on a case by case basis as the fraud casinos blacklist keeps growing, and any operator is certainly free to contact us if they feel they have been treated unfairly.

Avoid the lure of scam casinos and play it safe!

We’ve now walked you through the many dangers that lurk out there in the underworld of bad operators and not trusted fraud casinos. The good news is that you can avoid all these traps rather easily, by simply sticking with legit, trusted and licensed operators. There’s no reason to ever register at a blacklisted casino, and you can always come back to this page if you are in doubt.

We have more than 2,000 trusted, regulated and licensed casinos in our Catalog, and more than 700 of them are eligible to offer their services to US New Jersey players. We vet each and every new casino we take in carefully and thoroughly in the review process, and you can check our list of all the Best Online Casinos here.

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