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Fedir Havlovskyi

Founder & Executive Manager

[email protected]


Briefly about Fedir

I began my carrier as a developer back in 1999. In iGaming industry since 2011. During these years, I have worked in different companies and different roles. I have worked in big corporations and small businesses. Operate as a private entrepreneur, managerial, and tech positions. But the setup that we have in SlotCatalog I like most of all!

Because in SlotCatalog:

  • We are creating tools and services that help many people around the globe
  • We are developing a very technological data-driven product
  • We have an awesome team
  • We have a startup culture with freedom and encourages creativity
  • We are very results orienting

A couple of my friends and I launched SlotCatalog in 2016-2017. Originally it was indi pet project. Driven by curiosity, we decided to find a way to measure casino games' popularity - SlotRank. SlotRank is based on objective data gathered from open sources. I was surprised by how many players and people from iGaming industry embrace our data-driven approach. And very quickly, our service becomes a profitable, sustainable business.

If you want to know more about SlotCatalog or me, - do not hesitate to drop me a line on LinkedIn or in the Contact form.

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