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Provider:Slingo Originals
RTP 🔗: 92.89% RTP Ranges!
Variance: Adjusted
Max Win: x2800.00
Betways: 5
Release Date: 2019-10-12 [ i ]
SlotRank: 173
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Tutan's Treasure Game Review

The Slingo universe continues to expand, if not rapidly, at least steadily, and this time it’s all about the hunt for lost egyptian artifacts. This is a popular theme in the world of slots, and in this review we’ll take a closer look at how it plays out in the world of bingo/slot hybrids. Tutan’s Treasure is set deep in the underground dungeons in Giza, with the mysterious hieroglyphs lit up by the flickering lights of 2 candles on either side of the reels.

The mood is set by somewhat eerie egyptian inspired background music, and you have plenty of options when it comes to adjusting your own gaming experience here. Each round comes with 5 artifacts of your choice, and they are lined up in 5 different tiers ranked by value. Each tier has 8 choices of artifacts, from low to high value and volatility, and each artifact also comes with a unique payout percentage that varies from 89.78 % to 96.83 %.

The paytable also reveals the unique payout value from 0.4x to 2,450x for each artifact, the latter being the game’s max win. The game starts with 5 initial spins on the 5x1 reel, and it’s all about landing gemstones that match the ones corresponding to the respective artifacts. You win an artifact prize when you get a “slingo”, which means the 2 to 5 gemstones on the relevant row are all highlighted. After your initial 5 spins are used up, you can either collect your winnings or pay an individually calculated prize for each new “extra spin”.

Tutans Treasure
Tutans Treasure

What are the bonus features?

The most important base game feature (if we can call it that), is the ability to buy extra spins. After your initial 5 spins are used up, you can continue the round as long as you see fit (or can afford). The spin button will display how much each new spin costs, and the price will vary according to how your grid looks and the potential prizes you can win.

It can get quite expensive after a while, but you can always call it quits and collect whatever winnings you have racked up. If you have no wins, you can still end the game without buying any extra spins, and this gives you the opportunity to start over with a new 5-spins round at your chosen stake.

Free spins in Tutan’s Treasure

If you’re looking for an elaborate free spins bonus round, we can tell you right now that you will not find that in Tutan’s Treasure. You can win free spins however, but only in what you might call the “base game”. That is, you can land free spin symbols on your first 5 spins, and this simply means that a new spin gets added to your tally per free spin symbol you land. If you land a free spin symbol in the Extra Spin mode, it will be removed and not give you anything at all.

How to play

The gameplay is not overly complicated, but it might be a bit confusing if you’re used to playing slots and have never tried any slingo games before. Don’t worry though, as you will get into it quite easily once you get started. To help you get ready to hunt for Tutan’s Treasure, we will walk you through all the essentials here.

There are plenty of options and adjustments you can tweak as you see fit in this game, and we’ll start with the Play Controls first. You find this set of options via the hamburger menu up to the right, and this is really just a way to limit yourself when you play. It can be tempting to go on and on for “just another extra spin”, but your bank roll will then dry up before you know it. Therefore, setting some limits can be wise.

You can choose the number of possible extra spins per round between 2 and 8, or leave it be for unlimited extra spins. You can also choose a max extra spin price up to 25x, and a total single round stake up to 50x. Finally, you can set a loss limit between 10x and 50x for yourself here. Click save to play with those settings, and they can be changed between each round.

If you want to read about the game and its features, you can check out the help section in the hamburger menu. This opens up the paytable and info section, where everything is laid out for you with nice illustrations. There are 40 different artifacts in Tutan’s Treasure, and they are all listed up with unique values and RTP’s in the paytable.

The lowest value artifact, the Shen Ring, pays 0.4x and has an RTP of 89.78 %, while the highest value artifact is the Amun statue, worth 2,450x with an RTP of 95.18 %. The overall RTP is between 92.89 % and 96.47 %, and it all depends on which artifacts you choose. To complicate things further, you also need to beware that this game comes with customizable RTP ranges. This means that operators can adjust the payout percentages within certain limits as they see fit.

Each game has 5 artifacts you can win in total, and you can decide the risk/reward ratio yourself up front by selecting which artifacts you want to chase. The respective artifacts are seen on the left-hand side, while the corresponding gemstones you need to collect to win an artifact are seen in the middle. On the right-hand side you’ll see how much each artifact you can win is worth.

Tutans Treasure
Tutans Treasure

Before the game starts, you can choose between 8 different artifacts for all the 5 tier positions. The volatility increases with the value of the chosen artifact. Here is your range of options laid out for you, starting with the most valuable level:

  • Tier 1 - Snake (pays 58x with 94.5 % RTP) to Amun (pays 2,450x with 95.18 % RTP)
  • Tier 2 - Bird (pays 21x with 94.52 % RTP) to Bastet (pays 52x with 96.17 % RTP)
  • Tier 3 - Collar Necklace (pays 10.5x with 96.27 % RTP) to Horus (pays 18.5x with 95.11 % RTP)
  • Tier 4 - Ankh (pays 5x with 95.76 % RTP) to Isis (pays 10x with 95.57 % RTP)
  • Tier 5 - Shen Ring (pays 0.4x with 89.78 % RTP) to Osiris (pays 4.25x with 96.55 % RTP)

Once you are happy with your set of artifacts, the time has come to choose your bet level. You can choose a total stake between 20p and £100 per round, and when you hit the spin button you’ll see your 5 initial spins play out. You then get the option to end the game round, collect your winnings or buy an extra spin.

Where to play Tutan’s Treasure?

Slingo has grown to become a somewhat popular alternative to both bingo and slots, but the hybrid concept is not expected to compete with either of the original concepts in popularity any time soon. Still, it’s possible to find Tutan’s Treasure in a fair amount of quality casinos, and we’ll lay out your main options for you below.

Play for real money

If you’ve tried a few slingo games before, you might feel ready to jump right off the deep end, so to speak. You will always find the best options of casinos to play this game right here on this page. We scan the whole market for you, and provide you with always up-to-date info on which casinos that carry each game, as well as their respective welcome offers. Simply follow the link to the top of the page, and find a place to get going with Tutan’s Treasure right away.

Play free demo version

If this is your first meeting with this hybrid game concept, or you’re just not quite sure about this specific game, you can always try the free demo version first. This is a perfect way to get familiar with any new game, as you don’t risk anything from your own pocket. Take your time and learn all you need about the game, before you make a final decision. To get started with Tutan’s Treasure free play immediately, simply follow the link to the very top of this page.

The 200 Spins Tutan’s Treasure Experience

Having tried a few slingo titles before, we had a basic understanding of what this was all about up front. We find the hybrid concept both intriguing and interesting, and it can be quite fun to set up the game and tweak things to your liking. Then it’s all up to destiny and the egyptian gods to determine how it all plays out once you hit the spin button.

We decided to go with a somewhat mixed setup in our test session, and our risk/reward was spread out pretty wide between the different tiers. You could say we were following our gut feeling, and we also thought it was a good idea to only need to collect 2 gemstones on the 2 lowest value tiers in order to win the artifact prize.

The 3 upper tiers all required us to collect 5 gemstones, but only tier 1 came with 5 unique gemstones. Our setup gave us a moderate grand prize of 165x our stake, but we would rather have a realistic chance of winning it than aiming too high and losing. Our setup had this in mind all the way, namely a realistic chance of winning instead of being too greedy in our first attempt.

On our 4th spin we won the tier 5 prize of 1.1x our stake. Not exactly impressive, but still somewhat motivating. Nothing more was won in our initial 5 spins, but we decided to push on with extra spins. It didn’t take too long before we only needed 1 more gemstone on the tier 1 row to win the grand prize. However, now the extra spin cost went through the roof.

Tutans TreasureVideo Tutans Treasure

We still decided it was worth it, and paid £12.44 per spin for a while with nothing to show for it. It paid off in the end however, as we landed the missing tier 1 gemstone and won the grand prize of £330! This reduced the cost per spin down to £0.37, so we decided to take it all the way. First we won the tier 3 prize of £27, then tier 4 (£10.50) and finally tier 2 (£68). This all added up to an impressive £427.7 win, or 218.85x our stake. Beginner’s luck is not to be underestimated, and we certainly got our fair share of it this time.

Review Summary

Tutan’s Treasure takes on a familiar theme in the slot world, and makes it into an enjoyable slingo game. You have plenty of pre-game options when it comes to setting up your own artifact prizes, and this gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to risk/reward in this game. You can chase the grand prize of 2,450x your stake every round if you want, or you can adjust it down to a more achievable and moderate number (like we did successfully in our test session).

Players who enjoy loads of tweaking and adjusting will probably love this game, while it might leave others somewhat confused and bewildered. The free spins symbols you can land is a nice touch, but you will most likely have to pay for extra spins to get anywhere in this game. The trap is to “chase the dragon” for too long, and this is the crux of the matter. When to stop and start all over again is not an easy question to answer here, and uncertain players might wanna take advantage of the play controls to set limits for themselves.


  • Great flexibility when it comes to risk/reward
  • Free spin symbols can increase your initial 5 spins tally
  • Max win potential of 2,450x from the tier 1 artifact


  • All the flexibility (RTP and volatility) can be confusing
  • Customizable RTP ranges is something to beware of

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Tutans Treasure. Tutan's Treasure slot
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Tutan's Treasure Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Tutan's Treasure?

The Return to Player of this game ranges between 92.89 % to 96.47 %, depending on which artefacts are selected in the pre-game setup. You should also beware that customizable RTP ranges give the casino operators the option of adjusting the RTP levels within certain limits. Follow the link to find out more about RTP and RTP ranges in general.

How volatile is Tutan's Treasure?

The volatility can be adjusted before you start each round. There are 5 tiers of artifacts to be won, and each tier can be adjusted seamlessly from low to high volatility via the 8 different prize choices you have.

What is the biggest win possible?

The highest paying artifact is Amun, and he pays 2,450x your stake. A bit more can be won from a single full game round however, if you collect the remaining 4 artifacts.

How do you win artifact prizes in Tutan’s Treasure?

You get 5 initial spins on the 5x1 reel at the bottom of the screen. Each artifact comes with a set of 2 to 5 gemstones, and you win a given artifact when you’ve landed all the matching gemstone symbols needed on the bottom reel. Getting a full row of symbols is called “slingo”.

Is there a free spins mode in Tutan’s Treasure?

There is no free spins bonus round as such, but you can land free spin symbols during the 5 initial spins, and each free spins symbol you land will add 1 extra spin to your tally.

What is the best strategy for playing Tutan’s Treasure?

Well, that depends on what your goal is. To get the highest possible return, you can choose each tier artifact based solely on RTP. This gives you the highest and second highest paying artifact for tier 5 and 4, and the lowest payer for tier 3 and the fourth highest payer for tier 2. The grand prize will be the 3rd highest payer of 375x. Going for the max win on tier 1 can probably be a good idea also, combined with RTP optimization on tier 2 to 5.

Can I play Tutan's Treasure for free?

Yes, you can try the free Tutan's Treasure demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must verify age first). Up there you can also check out our selection of casinos that carry this game, and play Tutan’s Treasure with a sweet welcome bonus.

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The Tutan's Treasure slot is available in 7 from 11 scanned casinos. Overall, we have scanned casinos in 56 different markets, and Tutan's Treasure is available in 35 countries. Tutan's Treasure is most common among the casinos in the following countries: FI, GB, NO, NZ

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Finland FI 509 82 0 8333 See Data
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Tutan's Treasure Attributes

Provider: Slingo Originals
Release Date: 2019-10-12 [ i ]
Type: Other types
RTP: 92.89% RTP Ranges!
Variance: Adjusted
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: x2800.00
Min bet $, €, £: 0.2
Max bet $, €, £: 25
Layout: 5-5
Betways: 5
Features: RTP range
Theme: Ancient civilizations, Bingo, Cats, Diamond, Egypt, Gems, Gold, Pharaoh, Pyramid, Red, Scarab, Stone, Treasures
Other tags: 5 Paylines, 5 Reels, Colossal Reels, Grid
Technology: JS, HTML5
Game Size: N/A MB
Last Update: 2020-08-19

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