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Briefly about Anders

Having studied classic literature, philosophy, and (unfortunately) also theology, becoming an online slot reviewer was the most natural transition in the world for this copywriter. From Shakespeare, via the classic long form sales letter, he honed his skills for 3 years in the Malta iGaming industry before joining the SlotCatalog team in 2018.

In terms of word count, Anders is churning out the equivalent of a crime/thriller novel each month, and his razor sharp pen is as admired as it is feared by industry players. His reviews are honest, fair, and to the point, and in his spare time he likes to travel, read, watch movies, and dive down different internet rabbit holes to learn new things.

This copywriter’s combination of creativity and wanderlust makes him a unique and interesting character. Whether he’s writing, planning his next adventure, or simply sipping cocktails with friends, Anders always brings a sense of joy and excitement to everything he does. This definitely shines through in his reviews, as you can see for yourself all over this website.

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