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Nowadays, online users see casino games as a source of entertainment like never before. They are easily accessible, available for free and real money, and quite diverse in terms of themes, scenarios, and bonus twists. Evolution Gaming, Aristocrat, and other global providers invest billions in bringing more innovations to millions of fans worldwide. The variety of gaming genres excites players to seek new adventures. Slots and table classics, like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker, are widespread among hundreds of premium-class online casinos. They have hundreds of years of history, but a few are a product of the modern age, and Slingo is one of them!

Slingo Site

What is Slingo?

In short, Slingo is a unique gambling game, mixing the thrill of slots and bingo. The name actually represents and celebrates the connection between these two major casino genres. But Slingo is neither a slot nor bingo game, but a brand-new adventure that comes from a single company - Slingo Originals.

Unlike keno, which dates back to BC, or roulette, which can be traced back to the 18th century, Slingo is much more recent. The game was invented by Sal Falciglia Sr, a businessman and real-estate developer from New Jersey, in 1994. He is also the founder of the aforementioned company.

In the heart of the Slingo theme success is the affection of gamblers to slots and bingo games. It's not a coincidence that the product is more popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. We'll explain how to play Slingo in one of the following paragraphs, but for now, let's stick to history.

Quickly after the release of the first Slingo game, Sal Falciglia Sr decided to start a company, take a patent, and start a new movement in online gambling. Commercial success was easy to predict and happened in 2015 when Singo Originals was bought by Real Networks in a deal exceeding 15 million.

Only a couple of years after the acquisition, Real Networks sold the company to one of the biggest gaming providers worldwide. The London-based Gaming Realms made Slingo Originals one of its key brands and invested massive resources in the future development of these games. Today, Slingo is available on all top casino sites!

Finally, fans of the genre should know that Slingo is available offline as well! There are a number of electronic games featuring some of the most popular titles and offering completely free play, excluding the gambling element. Furthermore, there are versions for PCs and mobile phones, too.

If you prefer visiting land-based casinos, check for Slingo cabinets, which look similar to slot and video poker machines. The genre was adopted by instant-win game developers and some of the bestsellers, like Slingo Starburst and Slingo Monopoly, are available in the form of scratch cards. Now, let's learn how to find the best casino for playing Slingo!

How to Choose a Good Slingo Site?

Finding the best Slingo casino site can be a tricky task for those with limited online gambling experience. Often newbies are heavily attracted to hefty bonuses and dazzling promotions, but these are hardly the most important criteria. That's why we'll try to highlight the essential criteria for choosing a Slingo operator.

First and foremost, you should secure your safety by choosing a legit online casino. Always look for a valid license issued by an official regulator, like the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, or the Government of Curacao. The license information must be clearly displayed, most often at the bottom of the site.

While you are there, look for some extra logos of companies partnering or hired by the operator to ensure safety. For example, online casinos often use the services of eCogra, iTech Labs, or other independent auditors to verify fair play and produce payout reports. Technical security is also crucial, so always check for a proper encryption certificate.

DigiCert, Thawte, and ISRG are among the top technical security companies used by iGaming operators. They provide SSL / TLS encryption protocols, keeping the players' sensitive information private and secure. Among all that, responsible gaming isn't exactly a safety measure, but it's essential. Compulsive gambling is a serious issue, so always check for such a policy.

Once you make sure that the casino is operating legally, it's time to check the content. Our advice is to play games delivered by authentic studios only. They can be NetEnt and Microgaming in terms of slots, Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Live in terms of live-dealer games, and Slingo Originals for playing Slingo.

Payment methods should also play an important role in your choice of the best online casino site. Look for the available methods, limits, restrictions, and non-standard rules. The top Slingo operators accept deposits and allow withdrawals via various banking cards, online transfer platforms, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies. Pay attention to any fees or extra charges!

Next, but not in importance comes the operator’s bonus policy. Besides the general Terms & Conditions, read those related to the welcome package and promo deals, including the wagering requirements. The highest-rated platforms have no-deposit bonuses for their customers, a variety of promotions, and a loyalty program for the most active and passionate members.

Customer service and mobile compatibility are the last of our must-check criteria. But they are no less crucial than those explained so far. In order not to be verbose, we'll just say that the top Slingo casino platforms offer reliable support via several channels (live chat, email, phone, FAQ). They are also mobile-friendly and run on Android and iOS devices!

How to Play Slingo?

Slingo is a game of chance, patience, and skill when it comes to strategy. It can be played by a single-player or rarely in multiplayer mode. In this article, we'll focus on the classic single-player game. Depending on the selected title, the board could contain one or more 5x5 Slingo cards.

The card reminds of a bingo ticket, and the purpose of the game is identical - mark-off numbers. Usually, there's a mini reel beneath the board, which needs to be spun unless the game supports an alternative visualization model. Players have a specific number of spins or rounds to complete the Slingo.

During spins, special characters may appear! In most cases, they are Jokers, Devils, and Coins. Jokers allow players to mark-off numbers from the grid, the Devil usually blocks a number or cuts the price off, and coins award instant cash prizes. A combination of several jokers in a single spin also pays out.

Each finished line - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, brings a cash prize according to the respective paytable. The maximum number of lines is 12, and often players win additional jackpots if they mark off the whole grid. After the last regular spin, Slingo games offer extra rounds for a certain price.

Here comes the strategy we mentioned at the beginning! The price of each extra spin is displayed and could be more than your remaining balance. It represents the chance you have to win a higher price. The more numbers you have for hitting, the lower the value is.

Keep in mind that some Slingo games may have extra characters and bonus features included. Some spins may have time limits and could be lost if you fail for some reason. That's important if you play such games on mobile and your device rings or loses Internet connection.

Top 5 Slingo Games

At the time of writing, Slingo Originals stands behind over 70 titles, some of which have won various innovation and bingo awards. They are all certified for fairness by international auditors and have licenses from the British Gambling Commission and MGA. Various software providers are also involved, partnering with Slingo Originals.

They provide technology and patented features to bring the experience to a whole new level. Choosing the best games is always a difficult task because players always have different preferences. However, in the next few sections, you'll see our top 5 Slingo games reviewed and explained in detail:

Slingo Starburst

Slingo Starburst is a completely new way to play NetEnt's super bestseller. The slot game we all love is now available after a magnificent Slingo adventure. The title was released in 2021 and has an RTP rate of 96.5%. The volatility levels of a round are low to average, so mind your wager!

The betting range is from $0.10 to $100 per game, excluding the additional expenses you might have during extra spins. Slingo Starburst includes 10 regular and up to 40 priced rounds. Furthermore, after the 10th standard spin, players can win up to 5 more by playing the lucky wheel.

The theme and visuals are identical to the Starburst slot. Graphics and sound effects are also impressive, and the action is rather fast-paced. Unlike many other Slingo games, here prizes are Win Spins with guaranteed hits with different Starburst symbols on the slot grid after Slingo is over. Mark-off the full grid to win a Starburst Wild Win Spin.

Slingo Starburst Logo
Slingo Starburst

If that happens, you'll cash out two rewards, as the Win Spin will repeat after the Starburst Wild expands. Slingo Starburst has 6 special characters, landing on the spinning reel. The most valuable one is the Starburst Wild. It allows you to mark off any number from the above column and freezes for the next spin.

Regular Wilds do the same without the sticky part, while Super Wilds allow you to choose a number on any column. The X symbol is blocking the position, and Purple Diamonds bring cash. Get 3, 4, or 5 in a single spin to win 0.5x, 1x, or 2.5x the stake.

Finally, there's a Free Spin symbol, awarding additional free rounds. It's pretty rare, but it can make a difference. If you earn a Win Spin, it will be performed on a standard Starburst grid with 10 winning lines. Explore the paytable to know whether it's worth buying extra spins for more potential Slingos.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

A fantastic example of the great partnership between Slingo Originals and other leading software suppliers is the game Slingo Rainbow Riches. It's based on the iconic Barcrest online slot that has topped many rankings in the past and has an overall RTP of 95.6% if played with the best strategy.

It dictates that players need to choose numbers that are closest to finishing a Slingo line if Jokers or Super Jokers appear. The maximum RTP rate of extra spins is 94.92%. Slingo Rainbow Riches stands out with medium volatility and beautiful visual performance. It copies the gameplay of the original slot.

Players have 10 betting levels to choose from, covering the range of $0.50 to $100. Extra spins have prices according to the current grid situation, and they can be excessive for your balance. In such cases, the game will be ended. Slingo Rainbow Riches consists of 10 regular spins and unlimited more with a price tag.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Logo
Slingo Rainbow Riches

This is a rather high-profile game as players need 5 Slingos (lines) to win a Bonus. For comparison, other similar titles like Slingo Starburst require only 3 or even fewer. Perhaps the reason is that prizes here could deliver significant winnings. But before going there, let's see the special characters.

Besides numbers, the five reels beneath the grid can land Jokers and Super Jokers, which are wild. Players can choose any free number from the column above or the entire card, respectively. The Devil may appear on the central reel only and actually does nothing besides blocking the slot. Free Spin symbols award free spins!

Five lines to Full House award one of the 7 bonus features the Rainbow Riches slot is famous about. Wishing Well provides a stake multiplier, just like Cash Crop, where players pick coins to reveal prizes. Earn multiple rewards during Magic Toadstool and Magic Toadstool Red.

Road to Riches and Road to Riches Red are also identical bonuses, which can turn out to be very lucrative. Spin the Wheel and progress through the paths to win up to x500 and x1,000, respectively. Ultimately, a Slingo Full House awards Pots of Gold and a massive win multiplier from x50 to x1,000.

Slingo Monopoly

If you are reading this article, the chance that you have played Monopoly at least once in your life is massive. Well, even if you have done it more than once, you should definitely try Slingo Monopoly. It was released during the summer of 2020 and is considered one of the most popular Slingo Originals products.

The 5x5 card grid is surrounded by the well-known Monopoly board, consisting of all features like Community Chests and Prison. Roll the dice to move your figure across it, and if you land on a property, all cards of the same color will be marked-off. Wagers vary from $0.20 to $25 per game.

Regular rolls have RTP of 95.3% and extra rolls of 95%. The rest depends on which profile you prefer to use. The Dog comes with 8 regular and up to 4 extra rolls. You can win no more than x500, and volatility is low. The Racing Car, Battleship, and T-Rex are loaded with 7 spins.

Slingo Monopoly Logo
Slingo Monopoly

Plates can buy up to 6, 8, or with no limit, respectively. In the same sequence, the maximum reward increases to 1,500x, 2,500x, and 4,000x the stake, and volatility escalates. Prices of extra rolls will most probably increase with higher volatility! They also depend on the token and grid positions and the potential rewards.

Collect all properties in a set, and earn a current-win multiplier, according to the Slingo Monopoly terms and conditions. Roll a double, and you'll get a free turn! Land on the Bonus Property to earn instant cash or land on a Community Chest or Chance. Overall, the rules are not much different than the original Monopoly game.

Every time you pass Go, a cash bundle will be added to the Free Parking square. Land on it to take the accumulated sum. To escape Prison, you'll need a double, or wait for 3 unsuccessful attempts. You'll find the Get Out of Jail cards especially useful in such cases.

Book of Slingo

It took almost a decade for Slingo Originals to come up with their own game that includes the popular mechanics from the "Book of" online slots. Book of Slingo was launched in the first half of 2021, with a promise for success. It’s a medium to high slot-bingo hybrid with a basic RTP of 96.37%.

Book of Slingo offers 11 automatic spins and up to 40 extra rounds to players willing to hunt the maximum reward of x500. If bought, the extra rounds have an RTP rate of 95.28%! Visually the game stands out with premium graphics and detailed images based on the Ancient Egypt theme. The sounds are great and topic-related.

Players can set their wagers across 10 levels, starting from $0.10 all the way up to $100 per game. The unstable volatility levels suggest a careful approach! The spinning reels beneath the Slingo card can visualize numbers and up to 5 special characters, including Book Bonus symbols, awarding instant free spins on the slot game!

Book of Slingo Logo
Book of Slingo

Four or five Books award spins with the high-paying characters as Expanding symbols, while three of them will trigger a selecting procedure from the rest. Wilds and Super Wilds allow players to mark numbers from a column or the whole card, as usual. The Xs block the spot, and Free Spins adds another turn.

The Free Spins symbol is removed during the extra rolls. Prizes in Book of Slingo start after the second successfully finished line. They are from x0.50 to x250, but if you manage to finish 8 or more Slingos, you can trade the cash prize for 10 free spins on the Book of Slingo slot.

Additional free spins can be won during the bonus feature! Payouts are awarded according to the special paytable, which you can find in Settings. If Special Expanding symbols lands, you can count on massive prizes. Still, the decision is tough because the total bonus game reward can be lower than the original cash prize.

Slingo Sweet Bonanza

For the release of this fascinating game, Slingo Originals had to cooperate with one of the most active and progressive iGaming studios in recent years - Pragmatic Play. Sweet Bonanza quickly became an undisputed super-hit worldwide shortly after its official release in 2019 for its Pay Anywhere mechanics and incredible script.

Slingo Sweet Bonanza was released at the end of 2021 and offers a fantastic hybrid experience and a top prize of x1,600. The game has an excellent RTP coefficient of 96.45%, but enthusiasts should be careful with the rather high levels of volatility. Players will have 10 standard spins to complete Slingo lines.

After that, more can be bought at different prices, according to the grid position and the potential rewards' sizes. Keep in mind that they can be higher than your balance, and in such cases, the game must end. The additional spins are capped at 40, and you can watch the counter in your lower right corner.

Slingo Sweet Bonanza Logo
Slingo Sweet Bonanza

Slingo Sweet Bonanza impresses us with its bright colors and developed to perfection graphics, for which is accountable Pragmatic Play. The music, sound effects, and gameplay are at the highest level, just like in the slot game this Slingo title has been inspired by. Now, let's see what's on the grid!

Set a wager between $0.20 and $100 and hit Spin to activate the 10 automatic rounds. On the mini 5-reel row beneath the card, you'll find numbers to mark off the field and several special characters. They are standard - Wilds, Super Wilds, Blocks, and Free Spins. Each one explains what it does very well.

Last but not least, players will occasionally find Bonus Bombs on the reel. They are rare but have the secret power to trigger the Bonus feature. Three of them will deliver 2 Picks, while four and five will award 4 Picks, with win multipliers of x2 and x4, respectively. The Bonus feature is taken from the original Sweet Bonanza slot.

Complete 8 or more Slingo win lines to activate the Bonus. You'll have a certain number of Bomb picks and a win multiplier. Each Bomb reveals a stake multiplier, and you can add more cash picks by finding the Lolipop at the end of the minigame. The chance for that seems to be 25%.

Slingo RTP and Volatility

As with all gambling games, the Return to Player coefficient is essential. It shows how much players can receive back in the form of payouts in the long run. Of course, you should know that these are just theoretical numbers that will eventually be met, but no one can say exactly when.

The good news is that all games, including Slingo, are regularly checked by third-party auditors, like eCogra, GLI, and iTech Labs. So, players don't have reason to believe that they are fixed in any way. Still, when we discuss Slingo games and their RTPs, we shall point your attention to very important detail.

Usually, the coefficients of regular spins are higher than those during the extra rolls. If we take Slingo Sweet Bonanza as an example, the standard RTP is 96.45%, and the secondary RTP is 95.08%. That could be crucial if you love math and follow a certain strategy. Furthermore, the escalating price is also lowering the rate.

In addition to Return to Player, we advise all players to check the volatility levels as well. Just like with slots, the game variance determines what payouts to expect and how regular. The connection between RTP and volatility must not be underestimated either. A highly volatile Slingo hybrid should have an RTP of at least 95%!

Bonuses at Slingo Sites

Bonuses are what make many players switch casino sites from time to time. Naturally, the ability and will of the operators to offer attractive packages and engaging promotions often determine how long they will stay in business. Most casino bonuses are usually more suitable or even entirely focused on particular game categories.

For example, many operators offer bundles with free spins for playing slots or free bingo and keno tickets. Many that have sports betting sections on their platforms tempt punters with regular freebies and enhanced odds. But where does Slingo fall in all that variety? The short answer is everywhere!

Deposit-matching welcome packages can be found in almost every reputable online casino operating legally on the market. These bonuses are massive and often include several parts, like reloads and free spins. If you wish to use it for playing Slingo, use the matching funds, but first, check if there are any restrictions.

It's not excluded for some casino operators to offer special Slingo bonuses, but if so, they will be in the Promotions section. If you can't find such, you can directly ask customer support if they can offer you something suitable! Another option is the no-deposit offers that operators usually provide to their most deserving customers.

The best online casinos also offer loyalty programs, and often Slingo games are part of the Terms & Conditions policy. Pay attention to the contribution that these games have to the wagering rollover, as some operators don't count it at 100%. Still, you can earn some bonus money and spend it for fun or profit.

Slingo is an exciting way to play slots and bingo at the same time in both a familiar and absolutely unique environment. If you are a valued member of any online casino community, you'll receive enough incentives to use on any Slingo game. However, the question here is to make these bonuses matter.

Tips for Playing Slingo

In continuation of the previous topic, let's see how to use your money optimally. Slingo is mostly a game of chance, like bingo, but the additional slot and unique elements add some space for showing skills. Obviously, the only things under your control during the basic spins are the wager and special characters, like Wilds and Super Wilds.

There are plenty of betting strategies to test on the demo versions available on our platforms. You can start with Martingale, go through Paroli and end with the d'Alembert system. However, we like the in-play action more! As we mentioned before, use the Wild and Super Wild characters to get closer to completing a line.

That's considered Best Strategy by Slingo Originals as well, and you'll find it among the Settings of almost every game as a tip. Following that logic, the slot in the middle of the card is the most valuable one because it's part of 4 different lines - horizontal, vertical, and 2 diagonals.

Follow the same strategy with the progress of the game! Another tip is to consider which is the maximum stake limit you can afford. You must stop buying extra spins at some point, and it's better to set that point in advance. You should get acquainted with the bonus features as well if any.

Essentially, the best advice we can give is to be careful and not to get carried away. Slingo is an addictive and mesmerizing type of gambling game, and that's what makes it so successful. Keep your bank under control, and stop if Fortuna is not with you today!


Slingo games offer the best of two of the most appreciated gambling genres that have become particularly popular in recent decades. Lots of players love the excitement of slot machines but are also thrilled by the bingo type of entertainment. Well, Slingo mixes both in a particularly appealing way.

We have already witnessed titles based on some of the biggest slot hits, like Starburst, Rainbow Riches, Reel King, Sweet Bonanza, and Berserk. Lots of licensed and reputable casino operators offer these and many others, sweetened with some brilliant bonuses. Just don't forget that Slingo is still a gambling game, so play wisely!


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