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Borislav Donchev

iGaming Writer


Briefly about Borislav

This copywriter draws his inspiration from innovations in new technologies related to online gambling, crypto blockchains and trading in international financial markets. His professional journey began in the early years of Evolution Gaming and when Bitcoin was officially white-listed. He started writing mainly on gambling topics sometime around 2017 and after honing his skills he became part of the SlotCatalog team in early 2022.

Borislav is a power writer covering a massive amount of words every week. He is passionate mostly about slot games but also loves to evaluate and share his impressions of the newest online casino platforms and peculiar gambling products, like Japanese Pachinko arcades, for example.

In his writing, Borislav does not like to embellish things, but rather prefers to tell the stone-cold truth in the way it is. He hopes that by highlighting certain gaps and shortcomings, he not only helps players, but also signals to the software providers and online casino operators. Borislav is always digging the webspace for upcoming games and iGaming innovations, but when he's not, prefers to be with his family. In his work and daily life, he strives to be accurate and fair in everything he does!

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