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Online Casino Software Providers

The number of casino software providers has grown exponentially together with the online casino industry for many years, and today there are tons of smaller providers as well as many big and established ones. Here you get a total overview of game providers and their position and ranking in the casino market.

What is a casino software provider?

A casino software provider is quite simply a company (usually independent of the casino) that creates casino games, slots and other software used by online casinos. The software or game providers rent out their games to different casinos, and some bigger software providers (like Microgaming and NetEnt) also provide a fully-fledged casino operator software package.

It’s common that the casino operator pays an upfront fee to be able to “rent” the casino games and slots, and also a monthly fee is usually included in the deal. The fees included will vary, but usually, the software provider will get somewhere in the ballpark of 10 to 16 per cent of the revenue earned from their games. Of course, big, established casinos can negotiate a better deal than smaller operators.

What makes a game provider great?

What makes for a great game provider is obviously their ability to provide a steady stream of high-quality games that hits home with the operators’ target audience. There are also some other things to consider that we shall discuss briefly below.

Safety - Obviously, safety is a concern for both players and operators, and it’s the game providers job to ensure that their games are regularly updated and maintained in a proper way. The best game providers will have an impeccable safety protocol for their games, and a transparent approach that reveals all necessary and relevant technical data.

Licensed - You always want to go with licensed game providers, as this ensures fair and secure games that have been verified by 3rd party independent agents. All game providers worth their salt have their licenses in order.

Verified - Part of the process of obtaining a license for a game is a third-party verification process which ensures the game is both fair and safe for casino players.

Reputation and history - In general, any “bad actor” will not really last very long in this business. Of course, it’s always most safe to go with established game providers, and there are plenty to choose from. However, the reputation of the company is easy to gauge by reading online reviews.

A track record of quality games

One of the best ways to decide which game provider you want to go with is to gauge their track record. If they keep providing great games that appeal to a larger segment of players, and they also have some nice innovative features under their belt, well, you’ve probably found a winner.

Innovative game features - Innovation is a big part of the iGaming industry, and players have learned to expect new and innovative features from some providers, while others will just keep putting out similar niche slots all year round. NetEnt is known for their innovative abilities, and so is Thunderkick and Quickspin, to mention a few.

Attention to details - The graphical quality varies a lot from provider to provider, and some have found their niche with games that look somewhat outdated. In general, however, the tendency is that the graphics and level of detail have improved a lot in recent years, and will continue to do so in the future.

Exciting and entertaining games - Of course, the most important thing is that players are entertained by the games provided. A great looking game is not worth much if it has no real entertainment value. Variation is key, as some players prefer simple classic slots, while others want stunning animations, in-depth backstory and plenty of bonus features.

How SlotCatalog ranks the best casino software providers

Here at SlotCatalog we have a unique ranking system for game providers. This way you can easily and quickly get a complete overview of the dominating providers on the market. We present the result in a nice diagram that gives you a visual feel of what’s going on in the industry.

Exposure based ranking - Our ranking system is based on game exposure in the casino lobbies. We measure the lobby position for the last 20 days, and our game providers are ranked by how many of their games are in the lobby of all our casinos, as compared to other providers.

Country specific rankings - You can also use the drop-down menu above the diagrams to choose which country you want to see the rankings for. There is a large number of country-specific rankings available, so you can quickly get the big picture for whatever market you wish.

Discovering games by software providers

Our filtering system is quite extensive, and very useful if you’re looking to get more specific. You have a number of options to narrow down the results and find out exactly what you’re looking for. We shall briefly explain these options here.

Filter and sorting options

These are our filtering options that you can combine in many different ways for very specific and narrowed down info on software and game providers.

By type - First of all, you can sort on what type of games you want the provider to offer. There are many different game categories, and we have included all the most common ones in our filtering system. Whether you’re looking for Live Casino providers or Classic Slots, our system will help you out.

Number of releases - The quantity of games will tell you a lot about how productive a provider is, and how established they are. By filtering on this option you can quickly find a provider that offers the number of games you’re looking for.

Years in the industry - Another useful option is to sort on how many years the game provider has been in the industry. This gives you a quick way to find established providers or new and fresh providers if that’s what you’re looking for.

Exposure in a certain amount of Casinos - A sign of quality is obviously also how many casinos out there that have taken in a given providers’ slots and games. You can, therefore, sort on the number of casinos that have a provider’s games on offer.

Comparing casino software providers

Now that we have provided you with the necessary tools, you can easily start to compare casino software providers. There are some things you should look for that can help pinpoint which providers that will be worth your while.

Exposure - By taking advantage of our ranking and filtering system you can easily get an overview of the exposure for each provider. This gives you a good idea about how prominent and popular this provider’s games are in the market.

Entertainment - The entertainment value is naturally very important, and it cannot really be gauged directly with any filtering system. A good indicator, however, is how many of a given provider’s games that are found in the casino lobby. Since our ranking system is based on exactly this, it still gives you a good indicator of the entertainment value each developer provides.

RTP - Return to Player (RTP) is also something to consider, as this directly influences the bottom line. The industry average RTP hovers around 96%, which means the House edge is around 4%. This is what most players expect, so it’s a good idea to check that your chosen provider does not deviate too much from this industry standard.

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