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An exclusive interview with Carl Ejlertsson, Director of Business Development at Red Tiger

This week we’ve sat down with Carl Ejlertsson from Red Tiger to discuss how Red Tiger has managed to reach such a strong position in the market and what have made their Daily Drops Jackpot Network so popular among players.


Carl Ejlertsson, Director of Business Development at Red Tiger

Welcome Carl! We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to chat with us. Could you give us a brief intro to who you are and to your history at Red Tiger?

I started out in iGaming about 7 years ago when I moved to Malta from Sweden and joined the Betsson Group as a Customer Support Agent. I rose up the ranks pretty quickly and ended up in the role of Casino Insight Lead before taking the exciting opportunity of Account Director at Red Tiger in 2016. They had just started opening up their business to Europe and I was the first guy on the ground in Malta. It’s been very hectic ever since as we rapidly grew our client base thanks to some really exciting products such as our Daily Drop Jackpots and our ability to integrate new operators fast.

Why do you think Red Tiger has reached such a strong position in the market?


Red Tiger mastered jackpots at a time where external product propositions were few and far between. I.e, we gave the industry something amazing and tangible to push apart from individual slots.

We’ve truly mastered game development and are magically efficient in all aspects of product development. Our product teams also have freedom to do what they want and learn from their mistakes, instead of having product decisions driven from outside of product dev teams.

New games keep getting better each year because of the point above. Operators now have a huge confidence in Red Tiger games to perform well and be really enjoyable for end-users, which proves true in the vast majority of cases.

How is the corporate culture at Red Tiger?

Thou shall not leave thy work unfinished! :D - Generally, we’re super hard working, we award great commitment and we believe our people are and will always be our biggest asset.

Your Daily Drop / Must drop jackpot network seems to have been a huge success. Please give us a quick intro to how it works, and why you think it has become such a hit?

We have both local jackpot propositions and network jackpot propositions which capitalise on our core jackpot functionality. Basically, Red Tiger can build an in-game side panel that showcases any number of pots, either local or networked, that any number of games can be configured to contribute to.


The reason our jackpots are so successful is due to their fundamental capitalisation on urgency.

We were the first ones to build time limits into our jackpots, where each jackpot has to fall within a given time interval, hourly or daily for example. As a player, these time limited jackpots are much more attainable than the huge million pound jackpots out there, which I think is a compelling factor.

What upcoming releases do you have planned in the nearest future?

We have a really cool cluster game coming out at the end of May called 4Squad, which is a superhero themed game with a very interesting feature set that communicates the potential of the game very well.

Our main release in June will be a cash-prize hunter packed into a five reel western themed slot which has some new and interesting mechanics in it, one to keep an eye out for!

Personally speaking, which is your favourite game and why?

Pirate’s Plenty The Sunken Treasure was a huge success upon its release. I call this my favorite because it was the first time we experimented with the map progress that the games had, which we’ve successfully implemented in other games such as Dynamite Riches and Pirate’s Plenty Battle For Gold, both of which were also huge successes. Pirate’s Plenty The Sunken Treasure marks a milestone in Red Tiger game development history and was really one of our bigger leaps to becoming the very successful slot supplier we are today.

We would like to know if you have a particularly interesting story about one of your titles that you could share with our readers?

The funniest story we have behind a game production is Rocket Men. We came up with an idea to have depictions of world leaders fighting each other in a slot game. From the point of having the idea, it took only 5 weeks to finish the game development and soon after that we released it to the network. The whole game development studio had a great time developing the game!

What is the most important aspect of the game from your perspective?

Features and maths I’d say will always take priority. Graphics and sounds are very important too as they help communicate the idea to the end-users but without a strong foundation it doesn’t matter how good the graphics are if the game features and math doesn’t lead the players on a compelling journey.

Why should players play Red Tigers games?

On top of the massively successful jackpot products, which is one of the reasons I think a lot of players come to our games, I think we’ve a really solid amount of variety in our portfolio when it comes to user experience.


We’ve experimented with a load of different core mechanics, including what I mentioned earlier around the progression in Pirate’s Plenty.

We make games that are very explosive, like Dragon’s Luck and Rainbow Jackpots, and also games that are very progressive, like Wings of Ra and Vault of Anubis. Overall, our general level of quality is amazing and it’s really comfortable to play our games on both desktop and mobile, but most importantly we’ve a set of really compelling journeys across our portfolio

This interview is coming to an end. But before we say goodbye we would appreciate it if you could explain in general what players can expect from your new releases?

Generally, better internet equals better game quality, this will be a very easy transition for Red Tiger to capitalise on and we can’t wait for the next improvement in connectivity.

Gamification and progression elements are still hugely undiscovered, we keep experimenting with great success and hope that there are several major breakthroughs in this area to come.

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