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GVG. Latest Releases

GVG released 6 slot games during the last several months. The latest release was Masked Singer UK on 2021-06-28.


Top GVG casinos - TH 2023

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About GVG

Green Valley Games is an online casino games provider which does not develop its own slot game titles. It, however, acts as a third-party casino game provider for the company SkillOnNet, and it is licensed in multiple jurisdictions based in Europe which include Denmark, the UK, and Malta.

Green Valley Games has put out enticing game titles over the years which is part of the reason a number of casino operators have included them on their game-roster. One of the more popular creations is the Spinning Wilds slot game.

This game provider has over 30 game titles across multiple online casinos, all of which are high quality. Most of their slots are either 3-reel or 5-reel releases.

A lot is not known about this game provider and, as such, any award received. However, its parent company has been shortlisted for at least 3 games awards in the last 2 years. Since GVG is a game provider for a host of casinos, it is no doubt that it might receive an award in the future, particularly for one of its slots.

Which are the most popular Green Valley Games slot machines?

Green Valley Games has had an impressive rise over the years and grown its fan base over that same time period. Its online casino games have a distinct quality, particularly when it comes to the themes.

Most Green Valley Games have quality graphics which makes the games even more engaging when coupled with high definition streaming. The impeccable sound design also makes the game variety more immersive. They're also optimized for mobile gameplay on devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Players from different locations will appreciate slots by Green Valley Games at SlotCatalog. This is why our exposure based ranking, SlotRank, is calculated for over 20 different countries.This makes it easy to see which are the most popular Green Valley Games slots for your region.

Play Green Valley Games slots for real money

While selecting an online Green Valley Games casino to play, there are a number of factors that you should consider that help in the selection of the Green Valley Games slots.

It's essential to answer these questions which are bound to make it easier to select Green Valley Games casino games:

  • Are you interested in playing the less common and older titles or even the newer releases?
  • Is it important for you that the casino is quick to add Green Valley Game's new releases?
  • Do you want a welcome bonus that is specific to one or more of their games?

Some online casino bonuses include a couple of free spins. If your favourite game is Spinning Wilds would you sign up at a casino that offers Spinning Wilds free spins?

What is a Green Valley Games casino?

To us at SlotCatalog, a Green Valley Games casino is an online casino which focuses on games by Green Valley Games. There are a couple of definitions and some include:

  • A casino that has a large number of Green Valley Game's games in their lobby.
  • An operator who has a large Green Valley Games game coverage, inclusive of old and new titles.
  • An online casino that offers bonuses specific to their games.
  • Online casinos that are quick to add the game provider's new releases in their game supply.
  • An operator that has exclusive deals for one or more of the software provider's games.

Can I play Green Valley Games slots for free?

Every iGamer can play Green Valley Games games for free, without making a deposit at SlotCatalog. These games have a free play feature that enables you to play as many times as you can without staking real money.

Once you load the home page, search for your preferred slot, then click on the 'free play' option to start playing.

The Flash Play feature must be enabled for you to load and play any slot game on your internet browser. Additionally, the internet browser should also be up-to-date to ensure that it is compatible with the current games.

There are a number of games by the game provider which you can play using a no deposit bonus. At these casinos, however, you will be required to sign up before you start playing.

At your chosen Green Valley Games casino, you can play using an online casino welcome bonus after signing up. In some instances, free spins might be awarded, with a play-through requirement of both the bonus amount and the free spins. Once you win cash by staking the no deposit amount, the casino might require you to verify your credentials before you can make a withdrawal. This bonus cannot be withdrawn from the casino and you're also not able to transfer a no deposit bonus to other player accounts.

GVG Attributes

Provider Rank (TH):
Founded: 2005
Website: GVG
Total Games: 39
Video Slots: 5
Classic Slots: 1
Card games: 21
Roulette Games: 10
Dice Games: 1
Other types: 1

GVG Countries

# Country Casinos Bonuses Avg % in lobby Provider Rank
1 Austria Austria 2 | 265 0.00 % 459 See Data
2 Brazil Brazil 2 | 245 0.00 % 427 See Data
3 Bulgaria Bulgaria 1 | 9 0.00 % 201 See Data
4 Canada Canada 11 | 650 3 0.00 % 368 See Data
5 Canada (Ontario) Canada (Ontario) 2 | 16 0.00 % 151 See Data
6 Chile Chile 1 | 118 0.00 % 446 See Data
7 Denmark Denmark 21 | 46 0.00 % 121 See Data
8 Finland Finland 30 | 594 1 0.01 % 185 See Data
9 Germany Germany 4 | 379 2 0.00 % 371 See Data
10 India India 4 | 195 0.02 % 132 See Data
11 Ireland Ireland 5 | 332 0.00 % 382 See Data
12 Japan Japan 1 | 163 0.00 % 454 See Data
13 Malta Malta 3 | 90 0.00 % 308 See Data
14 New Zealand New Zealand 6 | 454 3 0.00 % 399 See Data
15 Norway Norway 27 | 465 1 0.23 % 49 See Data
16 Peru Peru 1 | 84 0.00 % 436 See Data
17 Poland Poland 2 | 166 0.00 % 408 See Data
18 Portugal Portugal 1 | 9 0.00 % 111 See Data
19 South Africa South Africa 1 | 100 0.00 % 364 See Data
20 Spain Spain 2 | 38 0.00 % 194 See Data
21 Sweden Sweden 20 | 98 0.00 % 192 See Data
22 Thailand


1 | 79 0.00 % 425
23 United Kingdom United Kingdom 31 | 579 2 0.00 % 223 See Data
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Casinos - quantity of scanned casinos for the market.
(Casinos where GVG games were found | Total amount of scanned casinos).

Bonuses - quantity of bonuses with GVG games.

Average percent of GVG games in the casinos lobby for the market.

Provider Rank - Rank of GVG popularity. Providers rank calculated based on n the casinos lobby.

Casinos - quantity of scanned casinos for the market.
(Casinos where GVG games were found | Total amount of scanned casinos).

Bonuses - quantity of bonuses with GVG games.

Average percent of GVG games in the casinos lobby for the market.

Provider Rank - Rank of GVG popularity. Providers rank calculated based on n the casinos lobby.

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