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User Rating: 7.0/10 (3 votes)

Provider:Iron Dog Studio
RTP 🔗: 96.2%
Variance: High
Max Win: x40000.00
Betways: 117649
Release Date: 2020-07-22
SlotRank: N/A
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VIP Branded Megaways Review

Iron Dog has developed plenty of branded megaways engine games exclusively for different casinos already. They are all quite similar, except the theme has been changed to suit the needs of the specific operator. With the somewhat mysterious VIP Branded Megaways release, Iron Dog is cashing in on this concept in a different way. The idea is that casinos can get this generic and customizable “template game”, and then give it a makeover that suits their respective needs (with assistance from the Iron Dog team, of course).

What we have tested here is therefore the default version of the game, with the somewhat strange and uninspired default theme. The soundtrack and sound effects are not very pleasing either, and it’s almost as if the whole thing has been designed to make sure no customers keep anything from the default stock. The gameplay and features are the same as in their hit game, Pirate Kingdom Megaways, and we much prefer that charming bunch compared to this glossy, uncomfortable creature.

VIP Branded Megaways reminds us of the over-the-top platina blonde woman at the end of the bar, all dolled-up with too much make-up, lip gloss and hair extensions, waiting for some drunk sucker to buy her a drink. Okay, we might be a bit mean to Iron Dog here, as we understand how they are thinking with this concept. However, there are already too many “generic” megaways titles out there from before, and we can’t help to think that this will only make matters worse. We had a helluva hard time triggering the bonus round in our 200 spins test session, and you can find out all about how that went further down in the review.

VIP Branded Megaways
VIP Branded Megaways

What are the bonus features?

The base game does not come with as many bonus features as some other megaways titles out there, but there are few things to note here. You can land wilds only on reels 2 to 6 here, and the regular wild will step in for all regular symbols like it usually does. You can also land wilds that come with a 2x multiplier. It’s possible to land up to three 2x multiplier wilds at the same time, and these can combine into a total multiplier value of 8x.

There is also the very common Avalanche feature in play here, or cascading wins as it’s also called. This mechanic will make sure to remove all winning symbols from the reels, and a fresh batch of symbols will then be dropping from above to fill the gaps. This means that you can land multiple wins from a single spin, and the feature goes on as long as you keep winning. This is actually also how you trigger the free spins feature, which we will get to next.

Free spins in VIP Branded Megaways

You need 4 cascading wins in a row to trigger the free spins bonus round, and this gives you 8 spins to start with. If you get more than the minimum of 4 cascading wins, you will get 2 extra spins per extra cascade. You can get up to 14 extra spins this way, which means that a total of 22 free spins is possible here.

There is an unlimited progressive multiplier in play here also, and it starts at 1x and increases by +1 for each win and cascading win. The multiplier does not reset during the feature, which means it will keep building until the end. If you max out a reel with 7 symbols it becomes locked at that number for the rest of the bonus round. You can potentially lock all 6 reels, which means you’ll benefit from the maximum number of rows and paylines.

You get 1 extra free spin every time you lock a reel like this. You will also get 2 more spins added to your tally when you get 4 cascading wins in a row. Just like when triggering the feature, you will get 2 extra spins per cascade that goes above the minimum of 4. At most you can get 14 extra spins via this feature.

Some players have the possibility of buying the bonus round, but it depends on your jurisdiction (UK players do not have this option, for example). You can choose between 6, 8 or 10 free spins, and you can start with either 0 or 1 reel locked with 7 symbols. The most expensive option of 10 spins and 1 reel locked will set you back 130x your stake, while the cheapest option is priced at 30x your stake.

How to play

If you are an experienced player, you might not need all that much instructions and assistance when it comes to how to play VIP Branded Megaways slot. Still, you might pick up something useful here if you skim through this section of the review. Beginners and people who’ve not tried a megaways engine game before however, should probably pay attention.

We usually start by checking out the game’s paytable, and this is done by clicking the ? icon down to left in this game. The first thing you’ll see here is the lower value royal symbols, and they have been given a glamour makeover for the occasion. Scroll down, and you’ll find the medium silver and gold bar symbols, as well as the higher value gemstones.

This is a static paytable, which means that the symbol values do not change according to your bet size. To find out how much each symbol pays per total stake, you need to divide the given symbol values by the 20 fixed coins you bet per spin. The highest paying symbol is the diamond, and it pays 25x your total stake for 6 on a payline.

VIP Branded Megaways
VIP Branded Megaways

If you want to read through the formal rules of the game, click the “i” icon on top of the menu stack. It’s mostly repetition of what you’ve already learned, but it can be useful to know about. The hamburger menu up in the left-hand side corner opens up the game settings. Here you can turn on fast play, which we recommend, and you can also turn off the game sounds and the background music (which we also recommend on this game).

The coin stack icon below the reels allows you to set your bet level between 20p and £20 per spin. You can also decide if you want to see coins or valuta displayed as you play. The free spins buy button is located up towards the right-hand side corner, and it can almost be hard to spot at times. Anyway, you can now set up the autoplay feature with between 5 and 999 autospins, and also choose a loss and win limit in the advanced options to stop the feature at a given amount.

Where to play VIP Branded Megaways?

Since this game is mostly being shopped to casinos that cannot afford their own personal megaways title, you cannot expect to find it all over the place. So far, not that many casinos have taken the bait, and the future will tell if this concept becomes a success or a fiasko. Either way, you can always find the best casinos to play VIP Branded Megaways at here on this page. We will present you with your essential options below.

Play for real money

Not all players are ready to get started for real with a new game right away, but if that’s no problem for you, who are we to hold you back in any way. One of our many services here is that we scan the whole casino market for you. This way you will always get the best possible overview of where to play any given game. We list up the collection of relevant casinos at the top of this page. Simply follow the link up there to see what’s available at the moment. Don’t forget to pick a nice and juicy welcome offer also, to spend on VIP Branded Megaways slot or any other game you like.

Play free demo version

It’s very common that players want to check out the free demo version of a new game first, before they decide to go for the real deal. This can be very wise indeed, as it might save you a lot of grief down the road. Why waste time and money on something that’s not really for you, right. Well, the good news is that we have the solution for you at the very top of this page. Just follow the link up there, and you can try VIP Branded Megaways demo game right away.

The 200 Spins VIP Branded Megaways Experience

We have to say that we were a bit puzzled by this game the first time we saw it. We understand now that it’s a customizable template game, and that this gives the casinos and operators the opportunity to make something unique out of it in their own way. Either way, we let it rip on the generic default version, and here you can read all about how it went.

We knew up front that this would be a very volatile ride, and Iron Dog themselves calls this a very high volatility game. It’s designed to be a “high-roller” Megaways engine game, and we don’t mind that as long as the potential is up there to match it. This is definitely the case with VIP Branded Megaways, and there was moderate excitement in the air as we started out with our first spins.

As expected, we had a lot of dead spins in the base game, and a few minor wins here and there. The background music is somewhat annoying, but we decided to keep it on for the sake of the video. Also, each spin is accompanied by a metallic swooshing sound, and it tends to get on your nerves after a while.

The pace is not quite up to par either, and VIP Branded Megaways scores only 4.5 on our unofficial “oddly satisfying” gameplay scale (10 means you hardly care if you win or lose, while 1 means you’re in danger of developing an ulcer ). It works on losing spins with the turbo switched on, but there is this annoying “awkward silence” pause after every minute win that was annoying from the get-go.

Video VIP Branded MegawaysVIP Branded Megaways

We could only take so many dead spins before we decided it was time to take advantage of the buy feature. We went all in, and got 10 free spins and one 7-symbol locked reel. Finally, even smaller wins count, as this keeps building the multiplier. After only 3 free spins we’d already won 53x our stake, and built up the multiplier to 8x. We then got a second locked reel, and landed a “ultra win” of 88x our stake.

We climbed up to an 11x multiplier in the end, and a total win of around 171x our stake. The feature cost us “only” 130x our stake, but combined with the base game losses we did not come out of this with a bigger wallet. Indeed, we lost quite a bit, and we will probably stick to less generic megaways games in the future.

Review Summary

Since VIP Branded Megaways is a template game designed to be customized by operators, it goes without saying that it cannot escape being a bit generic. There is not very much charm to be found here, and the game has the slick, glossy appearance of some poor wannabe millionaire that’s wandered into a way too upscale club in the vague hope that fortune will somehow rub off on him.

The math model is solid enough, and the features are also decent. You can get plenty of extra free spins when you finally trigger the bonus round, but it might take you a good while to get there. The big attraction is the 40,000x your stake potential, but we’re unsure if that’s really enough to lure players away from more charismatic titles with similar potentials. To end on a positive note though, you should know that the max win cap is £800,000 here, while many other megaways engine games are capped at £250,000.


  • Multiplying 2x multiplier wilds up to 8x combined
  • Free spins with 7-symbols locked reels
  • Very high volatility and 40,000x max win potential


  • Very high volatility and 40,000x max win potential
  • Supposed to appeal to high rollers, but max bet is “only” £20 per spin

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Betsson Branded Megaways - is also made by Iron Dog, and this one you can play exclusively at Betsson. It comes with up to 117,649 ways to win, and you can win up to 40,000x your stake here also. The volatility is high, as you can imagine, and you’ll benefit from a bonus round with an unlimited progressive multiplier.

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Royal Panda Branded Megaways - is a carnival themed megaways engine game that you can play exclusively at Royal Panda Casino. This game is also by the hand of Iron Dog, and the festive theme has an uplifting effect on your mood. Payouts up to 40,000x your stake is the limit here also, and you’re in for a bumpy volatile ride as you’ve probably guessed already.



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VIP Branded Megaways Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of VIP Branded Megaways slot?

This game has a payout percentage of 96.2 %, which is just a tad above the industry standard. The house edge is therefore 3.8 %, and you can find out more about Return to Player here.

How volatile is VIP Branded Megaways?

The volatility is very high here, and this game is aimed at high-rolling serious gamblers. You can expect plenty of dead spins and minute wins before you finally trigger the bonus round.

What is the biggest win possible here?

The big carrot is that wins up to 40,000x your stake is possible here, and the max win is capped at a generous £800,000.

Is there a free spins mode in VIP Branded Megaways?

Yes, and you trigger it by landing at least 4 consecutive cascading wins. The bonus round comes with an unlimited progressive win multiplier that doesn’t reset between spins, as well as the possibility of locked 7-symbol reels.

How many winning ways are available?

You can play with up to 117,649 ways to win in VIP Branded Megaways slot.

Can I play VIP Branded Megaways for free?

Yes, indeed. You can check out VIP Branded Megaways free play via the demo game on top of this page (UK players must verify their age first). Up there you can also check out casinos where you can play this customizable title with a nice welcome bonus.

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VIP Branded Megaways Attributes

Provider: Iron Dog Studio
Release Date: 2020-07-22
Type: Video Slots
RTP: 96.2%
Variance: High
Hit Frequency: 27
Max Win: x40000.00
Min bet $, €, £: 0.2
Max bet $, €, £: 20
Layout: 6-7
Betways: 117649
Features: Additional Free Spins, Avalanche, Cascading, FreeSpins, Megaways, Multiplier, Multiway (+1024), Wild
Theme: Black, Brown, Diamond, Gems, Gold bars, Heart, Jewelry, Silver bars, Star
Other tags: 6 Reels, 96% RTP, Colossal Reels, Grid
Technology: JS, HTML5
Game Size: 100 MB
Last Update: 2023-10-13

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