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SlotRank for en SlotRank Super Boom from Booming Games




Super Boom from Booming Games has SlotRank #883 in the United Kingdom market.


UK casino selection:

  • We scanned 520 casinos for the United Kingdom market.
  • 206 of these casinos where selected to be included in the SlotRank calculation.
  • The other casinos does not have enough estimated traffic in UK to be allowed to contribute to the ranking.


Super Boom SlotRank calculation:

  • Super Boom was found in 1 of the selected casinos.
  • 1 of the casinos put Super Boom in their lobby.
  • Super Boom average position in the casino lobbies is 150.291.


Quantity of casinos

Grey graph shows how many casinos have  this game. Green graph shows how many casinos put it  into their lobby.

Position in lobby

Average position in the casinos lobby. Example of calculation for previous day you can find below.

Super Boom average position in lobby

APLinfo =
5info + ( 206info - 1info ) * 151 info = 150.291
SRVinfo = 66.284info + 0.45/5000 info +
0.1* 18018info = 66.284
5000*36500 info
# Logo casino Traffic Lobby Position  info
Lobby size  info
CRV  info CRV * (151-LP)info
1 Fantasino Fantasino 3500 5 / 24  evidence 0.454 66.28
Total 5 66.284

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