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Provider:Crazy Tooth Studio
RTP 🔗: 96.45%
Variance: High
Max Win: x16000.00
Betways: 3
Release Date: 11.06.2020
SlotRank: N/A
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Fortress Charge Review

Crazy Tooth Studio has proven time and time again that they have no trouble living up to their name, and we are always excited about new releases from this brave developer. We say brave because almost every release is a gamble from this crew, as they never seem to play it safe and release a more “normal” title. Fortress Charge is certainly no exception to their antics, and it looks more like a side-scrolling beat 'em up adventure game than a video slot. Let’s start by briefly explaining the somewhat complicated gameplay.

Whenever a Hero lands on the first reel, he/she/it will move one step to the right. This is where the first symbol the hero encounters come into play. If it’s an enemy, a battle will play out. If the hero defeats the foe, a reward is given. You can also encounter treasure chests, weapons/artifacts and 2x multipliers. These items will always benefit you, unlike the enemies/obstacles that will often kill your Hero. The goal is for the Hero to reach the Fortress on reel 6, and thus win the corresponding larger prize.

Up to four 2x multipliers can be collected if you’re lucky, and these will then multiply with each other for a solid 16x boost of your total win. The animations and sound effects are very well-made in this game, but the high volatility will test your patience for sure. The Reel Quest™ charge towards the Fortress prize is the only feature in this game, but you get different weapons and items along the way to help you. Massive wins up to 16,000x your stake is possible, but not very likely, as you’ll soon see that a Fortress seldom surpasses 14x - 20x in value, although it can reach 1,000x on rare occasions.

Fortress Charge
Fortress Charge

What symbols are there?

The enemy symbols are all in the same value range here, but they do increase in value via the multiplier that’s proportional to the reel they are defeated on. This means that an enemy defeated on reel 5 will give you a 5x multiplier boost of the original win. Treasure chests can give you some decent bonus wins too, but it’s the fortress on reel 6 you’re really looking to capture here. This is what the paytable looks like for Fortress Charge slot:

  • Enemy - Pays between 0.75x and 1.35x when defeated x reel number multiplier
  • Treasure chest - Pays between 4.5x and 15x
  • Fortress - Pays between 10x and 1,000x when captured
  • Multiplier symbol - boost your total win by 2x
  • Div accessories - help you defeat enemies

What are the bonus features?

Everytime you land 1, 2 or 3 of the 5 heroes on the first reel, you trigger the Reel Quest™ feature. The goal is for the hero to make it all the way from reel 1 to reel 6, where the valuable fortress is captured. Both traps, obstacles and enemies can stand in the hero's way, but you can also pick up weaponry and other useful items that can help you on your way.

Each hero has a natural ability to defeat a certain enemy, trap or obstacle, and the items picked up along the way can expand the heroes ability to overcome a broader range of enemies and obstacles. Let’s first have a look at your 5 heroes, and the enemies/obstacles they will overcome by default:

  • The Beast hero will beat the Ogre enemy
  • The Dragon hero will blast the Ogre enemy and spikes trap
  • The Elf hero will conquer the Scorpion enemy
  • The Dwarf hero will crush the Boulder obstacle
  • The Knight hero will club the Scorpion and Snake enemies

Here is what you’re up against in terms of foes, obstacles and traps:

  • The Ogre enemy will crush the Elf, Dwarf and Knight heroes
  • The Scorpion enemy will win over the Beast, Dragon and Dwarf heroes
  • The Spikes trap will kill the Beast, Elf, Dwarf and Knight heroes
  • The Boulder obstacle will stop the Beast, Dragon, Elf and Knight heroes
  • The Snake enemy will terminate the Beast, Dragon, Elf and Dwarf heroes

Now, the above would always be the outcome if it was not for the special items your heroes can pick up along the way. On lucky spins you will not even have to face any foes or obstacles, as you can get only multipliers, items, empty roads and finally the fortress. Anyway, here is an overview of the weapons you can benefit from in Fortress Charge slot:

  • Fire Potion – burns up the spikes trap
  • Spear – kills the Ogre enemy
  • Wooden shield – blocks the sting from the Scorpion enemy
  • Shiny shield – helps you defeat the Scorpion and Snake enemies
  • Magic wand – does away with all foes, traps and obstacles

There is also a randomly triggered fireball feature that can be of great help in this game. Out of the blue a giant fireball may rain down and remove whatever obstacle or foe that stands in your way. You can perhaps see this as “divine intervention”, and it happens on a semi-regular basis.

Free spins in Fortress Charge

Unfortunately, there is no free spins feature or bonus round in this game, but it would perhaps have been a bit of an overkill with everything else going on here. Still, it would have been nice to see some kind of bonus game, since the Reel Quest feature in reality is the base game here.

How to play

When you read about a game like this, it usually sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. Still, this is no ordinary video slot for sure, and even experienced casino players should probably read up on how to play Fortress Charge before they engage their respective heroes in real money combat. We will walk you through all the basics here, and get you ready for the epic battle in no-time.

You find all the menus on the right-hand side of the reels here, and the hamburger menu takes you into the paytable. Here you can read in detail about all the heroes, enemies and accessories, as well as how the Reel Quest feature plays out in detail. The graphical illustrations help to give you an overview, and the different symbol and item values are also revealed here.

Fortress Charge
Fortress Charge

You can then check out the tutorial, which is a brief animated overview of how the game plays out. Basically, you need to land at least one hero on the first reel to win anything in this game, as anything short of that is a dead spin. You will also unlock different achievements as you play, but these have no real functionality or value.

You can turn on the Quick spin option via the double arrow icon above the wooden spin button, and this gives the game a very fast pace. Next, the time has come to choose your bet level between 10p and £15 per spin, and you can also set up the autoplay feature with between 10 and 100 autospins. This feature can be stopped by a given win/loss limit, and in the game settings you can only toggle on/off the sound.

Where to play Fortress Charge?

Oddball games like this offer novelty and diversity to the casino world, and this is valuable to casinos even if the game does not achieve mainstream popularity. You will have no problem finding a decent casino to play Fortress Charge slot at, and we will present you with some interesting options here. Since the game is unusual, it can be a good idea to try the free demo version first. We’ll therefore start with that option.

Play free demo version

Playing a new game for free first, before you risk anything from your own pocket, is usually a good idea. This is even more valid when you’re dealing with Crazy Tooth Studio games, as they are known for creative and daring titles that stray far from the beaten track. Fortress Charge will not be for everyone, and therefore we advise you to play the demo game first. We have it installed on top of this page. Follow the link up there, and check out Fortress Charge demo game for free right away.

Play for real money

Once you have familiarized yourself with the game, you will be more confident and ready for the real thing. Of course, some players might feel ready to get started with real money from the get-go, and we’re not gonna stop you if that’s how you feel. We scan the whole casino market every day, and this provides you with a complete overview of where to play this game. Follow the link to the top of this review page, and you can pick and choose a welcome offer from licenced casinos. Each one lets you get started with Fortress Charge real play immediately.

The 200 Spins Fortress Charge Experience

It’s always refreshing with developers who dare to go their own way, and release titles that break new ground in an industry saturated with run-of-the-mill games. Crazy Tooth Studio has done it again with Fortress Charge, as the Reel Quest™ feature is not something we’ve seen before. For this reason alone we were super eager to get started with our 200 spin test run, as we loaded up the autoplay feature with our first 100 spins.

The game can easily dish out 20+ dead spins before you land a single hero to get things going, and this was how it started for us. We landed the Elf Hero eventually, and she looks more like a female viking to be honest. This brave lady turned out to be our most valuable asset, and she charged all the way to the fortress on the very first try.

Video Fortress ChargeVideo Fortress Charge

The first time she succeeded all the way, she grabbed a 2x multiplier on reel 5, and we won a total of 31.5x our stake. All the other heroes seemed meek in comparison, as they kept being clubbed in the head by the Ogre or perish in front of the boulder. We had to put our faith in viking girl power this session, as the female Elf was the only hero that kept pulling through for us.

She kept getting 2x multipliers every time she captured the fortress, and she gave us wins around 25x to 35x on a somewhat regular basis. To be fair, the single biggest win we had came from the Knight Hero, as he won us a total of 38x even without a multiplier boost. We also had one Dragon Hero win of 32x towards the end, and we ended up breaking even, give or take a few pounds.

Review Summary

We always applaud innovation, as it takes brave developers to further the evolution of the casino world. An offbeat game like Fortress Charge will never appeal to everyone, but it’s the kind of game you simply must try for a while, just to see what it is. The novelty of the gameplay is the biggest attraction here, as the game lacks any bonus round, free spins or bonus game, as such.

The Reel Quest™ can be seen as a bonus feature, but in reality it’s the base game. The biggest mistake made here is the up-front disclosure of the Fortress prize. When you finally land a Hero with some traction - someone who does not wither and die on the first obstacle - you already know up front that you (most of the time) stand to win only 12 to 20 times your stake. This is in the slim chance that your Hero makes it all the way to the Fortress, which is not very often.

It would be far better if the Fortress was a mystery prize, as this would keep players in a constant mode of anticipation. It would also save us from the despair of finally landing a high value fortress, only to be clubbed down at reel 5 by the Ogre. Alternatively, the Fortress prize could have been a lot bigger and more attractive each time, but even harder to get to. As it stands now, the motivation is killed after a while. It does not help to see your heroes get knocked down so easily most of the time either, as it can take plenty of spins to even land one.


  • Innovative Reel Quest™ feature
  • High volatility and 96.45 % RTP
  • 16,000 max win potential


  • 12.32% hit frequency is quite low
  • Up-front Fortress prize reveal kills motivation

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Fortress Charge - Teaser. Fortress Charge slot
Fortress Charge - Teaser. Fortress Charge slot
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Fortress Charge. Fortress Charge slot
Fortress Charge. Fortress Charge slot
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Fortress Charge Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Fortress Charge slot?

This game comes with a payout percentage of 96.45 %, which is a bit above the industry standard. It gives you a house edge of 3.55 %, and you can follow the link to find out more about Return to Player.

How does the Reel Quest™ feature work?

You need to land at least one hero on reel 1 to trigger the Reel Quest, and all other outcomes are simply dead spins in this game. The hero will then move towards the Fortress on reel 6, one step/reel at the time. Obstacles/enemies might kill the hero, and this ends the round. The hero can also pick up items to help him kill foes, and/or multipliers and treasure chests.

How volatile is Fortress Charge?

This is a highly volatile game, and you can expect plenty of dead spins where no heroes land. Quite often the hero you do land will perish from the first obstacle/enemy.

What is the biggest win possible here?

The calculated Fortress Charge max win (from billions of spins) is 16,000x your stake. However, we never saw a Fortress worth more than 75x on our first 200 spins. Most fortresses are worth around 12-14 times your stake, but a 1,000x fortress is possible. Collect 4 x 2x multipliers (equals 16x) and a 1,000x fortress to get the biggest possible win.

How many winning ways are available in Fortress Charge?

There are only 3 ways to win here, and these are the 3 rows where the heroes charge towards the fortress.

Is there a free spins mode in this game?

No, there are no free spins, re-spins or bonus games to be found here.

Can I play Fortress Charge for free?

Yes, this is easily done. Scroll to the top of the review, and you’ll find the free demo game installed and ready. You’ll also find a nice selection of trusted casinos where you can play Fortress Charge slot with a sweet welcome offer.

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Fortress Charge Attributes

Provider: Crazy Tooth Studio
Release Date: 11.06.2020
Type: Video Slots
RTP: 96.45%
Variance: High
Hit Frequency: 12.32
Max Win: x16000.00
Min bet $, €, £: 0.1
Max bet $, €, £: 15
Layout: 6-3
Betways: 3
Features: Multiplier
Theme: Medieval, Middle Ages
Objects: Castle, Chest, Shield, Weapons
Genre: Fantasy
Other tags: Gray, Dwarf, gnome, Elf, Knights, Medusa, Monsters, Scorpio
Mobile: Yes
Technology: JS, HTML5
Game Size: N/A MB
Last Update: 23.07.2020

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