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We assume, that you were already curious about the ’ice and flame’ banner on our home page and have clicked on it for at least once. It may seem a little bit complicated at first sight, but let’s take a closer look on this page to make it all clear.

Hot Cold Slot


To make profits from our innovative service you need to follow just three simple steps:

1. Click a Hot&Cold banner to see most attractive games.

2. Choose game to play based on regularly updated data.

3. Try to catch a Big Win playing in trusted casinos!

What lies behind the definition of Hot or Cold slots

To begin with, we should understand what lies behind the definition of Hot or Cold slots. Hot Games are the games where the statistical return percentage (SRP) is higher than RTP in-game rules. Cold Games are the games with current SRP that is lower than RTP in-game rules. In other words, this means if the game gives more (hot game) or less (cold game) winnings compared to the expected ones according to game rules in the current period of time.

To define what is going on with the certain slot game now SlotCatalog gathers game round history in the real-time mode. The information updates every 5 minutes. You can even see how much time has left to the next update!

Hot Cold Games Screen
Hot Cold Games Screen

We get all the necessary information from our data sponsors - the best and certified casinos. Don’t hesitate to click on the top right casino logo banner because it will directly lead you to the most generous bonus offers from safe and reliable brands!

Switching through the tabs, such as Attributes, SRP and Spins, Big Wins q-ty and Big Wins max can provide you with various information about the game and how it is performing.

Keep in mind that this is a beta version of the service, so it may evolve to become better.

*Our Hot & Cold Slot Games section just gathers data and shows it to you. There is no guarantee that you will win, or gain any type of edge by selecting a specific game in this section.

Formal info

Attributes Screen

On Attributes tab you can find such formal info as Volatility, RTP, SRP, the difference between RTP and SRP, total spins quantity, bets amount and wins amount. All this data is displayed for the last 4 hours.

SRP and Spins
SRP and Spins Screen

SRP and Spins graph visually shows dependencies between spins quantity and statistical return percentage for the last 12 hours.

Big Wins Quantity
Big Wins Quantity Screen

If you want to know how often the game gives Big, Super and Mega wins in the context of last 24 hours - you can switch to the Big Wins quantity graph. We all understand that it is less likely to get Mega Win after someone just dropped Jackpot.

Big Wins Max
Big Wins Max Screen

The Big Wins max graph allows us to detect Maximum Big Wins values for 24 hours. Minimal efforts to see game wins dynamics by your own eyes!

For Data Partners | Games and Casinos Promotion

Today thousands of casinos are proposing more than 15K games from over 300 game providers. It is becoming more and more challenging to succeed in such a tough competitive environment. You can become our Data Partner to significantly boost games or casino visibility on SlotCatalog (Hot/Cold games section, slot, provider page and casino page)!

To do this you need to implement data feed according to the specification and push it as often as possible.

More detailed information about Data Partnership you can find here.

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