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Tiki Fruits

Video Slot. RTP: 96.05%

Video Slot 'Tiki Fruits' from the software provider Red Tiger is a 8*10 gameSlot has RTP=96.05% and MED? level variance. Main game features are: FreeSpins, Symbols collection (Energy), Cluster Pays, Bonus symbols, Avalanche.

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Aloha! Cluster Pays

Video Slot. RTP: 96.42%

NetEnt™ takes you to a tropical island with its latest fun-filled video slot: Aloha! Cluster Pays™. This 6-reel and 5-row video slot features a Cluster Pays™ mechanic, Sticky Win Re-spins, Substitution symbols, and Free Spins with a Symbol Drop feature.

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Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion

Video Slot. RTP: 96.5%

Saving the galaxy and playing groovy synthfunk? All in a day’s work for Lyra, frontwoman for space-age megastars The Astro Legends. Her beats and basslines are a big hit with interstellar audiences, but Lyra also has star power in a literal sense: she’s perhaps the last of a race of shape-shifting musical guardians called starchildren. Their world, Oratorio, is now a frozen ruin, but rumors float between solar systems that the legendary peacekeepers are still out there, quietly using their powers to fight oppression, and even reshape entire planets with musical energy. So it’s no coincidence that when Lyra and The Astro Legends put on a show, planetary problems get solved in the process. She’s fixed climate change by entertaining a group of sentient gas clouds. She’s taken on her wolf spirit form and convinced a conquering race of canines to free their prisoners of war. But today Lyra faces her toughest challenge yet: an eccentric artificial intelligence with a taste for synthfunk, and a lot of time on his hands. Flying solo to a rehearsal with her bandmates, Lyra picks up a distress call from Libretto, an abandoned planet near the old intergalactic shipping lanes. Landing on the surface, Lyra discovers that Libretto, once a bustling trade hub, is now home to just one being – an A.I. called Erion. Originally part of a vast network of A.I.s who served as gatekeepers of galactic trade, Erion has been alone for centuries. Faster-than-light travel made the old freight lines obsolete, leaving him with just radio waves and music broadcast between galaxies to keep his vast intellect occupied. So, when the frontwoman of his favorite band answers his beacon, Erion can’t resist the chance to commission a private concert. The only problem? Erion is immortal, so this show looks like it might carry on forever… and Lyra has other places to be! To escape, Lyra needs to keep Erion entertained at the same time as harvesting enough stardust to transform into her wolf form and sprint away across the planet’s surface. And if she happens to collect some of the valuable gems left behind by traders over hundreds of years, all the better… a popstar has to get paid, after all! But Erion will do almost anything to keep Lyra planet-side – and he has more than a couple of crystalline tricks up his sleeve. Become an honorary Astro Legend, help Lyra escape the surface of Libretto, and above all, get ready for the gig of a galactic lifetime!

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Jack in a Pot

Video Slot. RTP: 96.06%

Video Slot 'Jack in a Pot' from the software provider Red Tiger is a 7*7 gameSlot has RTP=96.06% and MED-HIGH level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Cluster Pays, Avalanche, Mega Symbol (3x3), Symbol Swap.

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Berryburst Max

Video Slot. RTP: 96.23%

Video Slot 'Berryburst Max' from the software provider NetEnt is a 5*3 gameSlot has RTP=96.23% and MED(?) level variance. Main game features are: Wild, Expanding Symbols, Respins, Cluster Pays, Feature: Substitution Symbols, Stack.

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Lost Relics

Video Slot. RTP: 96.3%

Video Slot 'Lost Relics' from the software provider NetEnt is a 5*5 gameSlot has RTP=96.3% and MED(?) level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Cluster Pays, Feature: Substitution Symbols, Random Wilds / Additional Wilds.

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Jammin' Jars

Video Slot. RTP: 96.8%

Jammin’ Jars is a fun and fruity slot from Push Gaming, and it was first released 14 September 2018. You’ll find a huge layout of 8x8 reels, and they are jam packed with colorful fruit and berry symbols that will make your mouth water like some Pavlovian dog.

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Fruit Blast

Video Slot. RTP: 96.1%

Go for a spin with Fruit Blast, a fast-paced match-3 game. Enjoy exotic shake bars and get served by unique bartenders. Collect stars and complete missions to level-up. Unlock 8 different and exciting bonus features.

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The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays

Video Slot. RTP: 96.59%

The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays™ is the next installment in NetEnt™’s Cluster Pays™ series. This time, the wise monk accompanies you on the path to enlightenment. However, be careful of the dragon spirit on the mountain! It does not take trespassers lightly. With the monk by your side, together you will prevail.

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Laser Fruit

Video Slot. RTP: 96.02%

Video Slot 'Laser Fruit' from the software provider Red Tiger is a 5*3 game with 243 betways. Slot has RTP=96.02% and HIGH level variance. Main game features are: FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, 3D, Random bonus symbols.

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Video Slot. RTP: 96.4%

Emojis will bring a new and unique social gaming experience to the online casino world. Video Slot 'Emojiplanet' from the software provider NetEnt is a 6*4 gameSlot has RTP=96.4%. Main game features are: Wild, Sticky Wilds, Multiplier.

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Sweet Alchemy

Video Slot. RTP: 96.52%

Video Slot 'Sweet Alchemy' from the software provider Play’n Go is a 5*5 gameSlot has RTP=96.5% and MED(?) level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Bonus Game, Multiplier, BonusGame: Pick Objects, Level Up, Random bonus symbols, Avalanche.

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Legend of the Nile

Video Slot. RTP: 95.62%

Explore the timeless myths of Egypt in LEGEND OF THE NILE, the latest Classic Slots release from Betsoft Gaming! This 7×7 cascading slot features cluster pays and exploding wins to build anticipation for the new symbols that cascade in from above.

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Pixel Samurai

Video Slot. RTP: 93.98%

Make fighters clash for heaps of cash in this chaotic collapsing reels slot. Land 5 or more matching warriors vertically or horizontally anywhere to form a winning combo. All winning combos explode – chain multiple wins from a single spin! Matching symbols can award up to 5,000 times your bet. Land 8 or more Red Samurai symbols to trigger the progressive jackpot!

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Giovanni's Gems

Video Slot. RTP: 94.94%

You are invited on an unforgettable adventure with Giovanni the Gem Hunter in this fast-paced, vibrant 7×7 grid video slot!

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Joker Gems

Video Slot. RTP: 96.3%

Joker Gems is a vibrant colourful corner of the Universe where your wildest dreams can come true. A place where valuable gems fall through this timeless landscape forming patterns of vibrantly coloured light, becoming shining beacons of hope. Watch as your gems create clusters with each respin to potentially win the Gold Jackpot.

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Moirai Blaze

Video Slot. RTP: 96%

Video Slot 'Moirai Blaze' from the software provider IronDog is a 7*7 gameSlot has RTP=96% and MED? level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Symbols collection (Energy), Cluster Pays, Avalanche.

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Slots of Money

Video Slot. RTP: 95.5%

Video Slot 'Slots of Money' from the software provider Betdigital is a 3-4-3-4-3 gameSlot has RTP=95.5% and MED? level variance. Main game features are: Respins, BonusGame: Pick Objects, Bonus wheel.

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Bubble Craze

Video Slot. RTP: 94%

Bubble Craze is a video slot game that was created by IGT and offers a very different layout than the typical online slot game. In order to win this game, the player must align the symbols into position in order to make winning combinations much like the popular match three games like Bubble Witch or Candy Crush. This video slot game is both mobile and Mac friendly, and IGT even has a mobile app to make accessing mobiles games like Bubble Craze easier.

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The Sting

Video Slot. RTP: 96.69%

Video Slot 'The Sting' from the software provider bwin.party is a 7*4 game with 100000 betways. Slot has RTP=96.69% and MED? level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Jackpot, Scatter symbols.

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Dwarven Hoard

Video Slot. RTP: Unknown

Video Slot 'Dwarven Hoard' from the software provider Betsson Group is a 5*5 game Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Symbols collection (Energy), Cluster Pays, FreeSpins Multiplier, Avalanche.

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Neon Cluster Wins

Video Slot. RTP: 95.77%

Neon Cluster Wins brings back the retro vibes in an exciting 6 reel slot game. Enhance your fortune with two additional rows in Free Spins mode which can be triggered at any time with the new buy feature. Keep an eye out for the Joker who grants additional wins with the Extra Wilds and Cluster Swirl feature.

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Chilli Pop

Video Slot. RTP: 95.38%

Spice things up with Chillipop, the cluster-based, cascading slot game with a secret ingredient: an expanding grid offering explosive new ways to win. From the Mariachi soundtrack to the potent red and green chilli symbols, Chillipop is suffused with the spirit and sizzle of Mexican cuisine. Players try to assemble the perfect salsa, matching symbols like tomatoes, onions, garlic, and red, yellow, and green peppers to create the tastiest (and top-paying) combinations.

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Mysterious gems

Video Slot. RTP: 96.66%

Mysterious gems is a matching game played on a 6x6 grid with multi-cascade feature, random multipliers, stretching wilds, and a free spins bonus feature. Step inside the exciting world of magic and alchemy, dare to find abundant riches by matching symbols. Watch how they disappear while new symbols cascade down for even more wins. The more gems matched, the greater the reward!


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