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Bwin.Party released 6 slot games during the last several months. The latest release was Mask of Horus on 2023-09-04.


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About Bwin.Party

Bwin.Party is an online casino game provider that specializes in the creation of fun slot games. Each slot game has a distinctive level of detail which is standard to all their titles since the two gambling companies, PartyGaming plc and Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG merged in 2011.

Bwin.Party has expanded its portfolio since all those years ago, which is clear judging by the number of titles it has launched on the iGaming market such as the popular slot game Book of Horus.

This game provider has developed prolific titles with cutting edge content as well as enticing gameplay features that are unique in comparison to those of other slots.

Since the two private companies underwent a successful merger, both have seen their stock increase in recent times as Bwin.Party. The games award, however, in 2017 was presented to their holding company GVC where it won casino operator of the year. Furthermore, its flagship poker brand ’Partypoker’ won Poker Operator of the Year at the EGR Operator Awards.

Which are the best Bwin.Party slot machines?

Bwin.Party online casino games have an aura that keeps most iGamers wanting more. In fact, this is evident by the number of online casinos that are procuring the titles and adding them to their game roster.

Bwin.Party games have thematic creativity which is captivating partly because of the crisp HD (high definition) graphics. Additionally, they have a sound design which blends seamlessly with the main theme which adds more realism thus making them more immersive.

iGamers from different regions prefer specific slots by Bwin.Party which have unique themes. It is why we review the top Bwin.Party slots online.

Play Bwin.Party slots for real money

When choosing an online Bwin.Party casino to play, there are a couple of factors that you should consider to help in the selection of the Bwin.Party slots. We have discussed some of them below.

It is important to answer these questions yourself, something that makes it an easier process of selecting Bwin.Party casino games:

  • Are you more interested in playing all their game titles, even the less common and older titles?
  • Is it important for you that the casino is quick to add Bwin.Party’s new releases?
  • Do you want a welcome bonus that is specific to one or more of their games?

Some online casinos offer promotions with bonus spins. So, if your favourite game is Book of Horus, would you prefer to sign up at a casino that offers these spins?

What is a Bwin.Party casino?

To us, at SlotCatalog a Bwin.Party casino is an online casino which focuses on games by Bwin.Party. There are various descriptions to this but some of them include:

  • A casino that has a number of the software provider’s games in their roster.
  • An operator who has a large Bwin.Party game catalogue, of old and new titles.
  • An online casino that offers bonuses specific to their games.
  • Online casinos that are quick to add the game provider’s new releases on their game catalogue.
  • An operator that has exclusive deals for one or more of the software provider’s games.

Play Bwin.Party slots for free

Any player can indulge in Bwin.Party games without staking real money at the online casino. The games have a ’free to play’ feature and you can indulge as many times as possible without spending a cent. After you log in, select a slot and click on the ’free trial’ option to start playing.

To start playing the slot game, first ensure that the internet browser is up-to-date. Once this is done, you need to enable the flash player. Sometimes, the flash player might be outdated, so you need to update it as well for optimal efficiency.

There is a large number of great Bwin.Party games that you can play with no deposit bonuses. However, at times, it depends on the online casino because you might have to register.

At any Bwin.Party casino, you can begin playing by using the awarded bonus after registration. In other cases, bonus spins are awarded as well but there’s a play-through requirement. Once you win money by staking the no deposit amount, the casino then requires you to verify your credentials before making a withdrawal. It is a bonus that cannot be withdrawn from the casino un wagering requirements are met.

Bwin.Party Attributes

Provider Rank (US-NJ):
Founded: 2011
Website: Bwin.Party
Total Games: 73
Video Slots: 71
Classic Slots: 1
Other types: 1

Bwin.Party Countries

# Country Casinos Bonuses Avg % in lobby Provider Rank
1 Australia Australia 1 | 192 0.00 % 461 See Data
2 Austria Austria 4 | 241 1 0.00 % 330 See Data
3 Belgium Belgium 2 | 36 0.00 % 91 See Data
4 Brazil Brazil 11 | 231 1 0.00 % 317 See Data
5 Bulgaria Bulgaria 1 | 7 0.00 % 21 See Data
6 Canada Canada 30 | 584 0.00 % 352 See Data
7 Canada (Ontario) Canada (Ontario) 3 | 15 0.00 % 100 See Data
8 Chile Chile 3 | 102 0.00 % 407 See Data
9 Denmark Denmark 1 | 56 0.00 % 234 See Data
10 Estonia Estonia 2 | 24 0.00 % 210 See Data
11 Finland Finland 36 | 511 0.00 % 373 See Data
12 Germany Germany 16 | 309 0.01 % 141 See Data
13 Greece Greece 4 | 59 0.00 % 243 See Data
14 India India 9 | 164 0.00 % 373 See Data
15 Ireland Ireland 22 | 269 1 0.01 % 180 See Data
16 Italy Italy 2 | 44 1 0.00 % 226 See Data
17 Japan Japan 11 | 133 0.00 % 350 See Data
18 Latvia Latvia 1 | 18 0.00 % 221 See Data
19 Malta Malta 7 | 74 0.00 % 82 See Data
20 Mexico Mexico 3 | 25 0.00 % 299 See Data
21 Netherlands Netherlands 1 | 38 0.00 % 345 See Data
22 New Zealand New Zealand 25 | 416 1 0.00 % 355 See Data
23 Norway Norway 9 | 406 0.00 % 427 See Data
24 Romania Romania 1 | 21 0.00 % 413 See Data
25 South Africa South Africa 1 | 85 0.00 % 423 See Data
26 Spain Spain 2 | 50 0.00 % 213 See Data
27 Sweden Sweden 8 | 77 0.00 % 272 See Data
28 United Kingdom United Kingdom 92 | 503 0.00 % 146 See Data
29 US New Jersey

US New Jersey

4 | 11 0.00 % 72
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Bwin.Party | Austria
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Bwin.Party | Brazil
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Casinos - quantity of scanned casinos for the market.
(Casinos where Bwin.Party games were found | Total amount of scanned casinos).

Bonuses - quantity of bonuses with Bwin.Party games.

Average percent of Bwin.Party games in the casinos lobby for the market.

Provider Rank - Rank of Bwin.Party popularity.

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