Baccarat Games

For convenience, baccarat games are divided into several categories. The best slots of 2024, new games, slots with high and low volatility, with megaways mechanics, with progressive jackpots and baccarat games with the highest RTP.

Best Baccarat Games 2024

List of the best baccarat games at online casinos in 2024. Games are sorted by SlotRank.

Dragon Tiger First Person slot

Dragon Tiger First Person

Baccarat First Person slot

Baccarat First Person

First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat slot

First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat

Baccarat (GamesOs) slot

Baccarat (GamesOs)

VIP Multihand Baccarat slot

VIP Multihand Baccarat

Baccarat (Pragmatic) slot

Baccarat (Pragmatic)

Baccarat (Rival) slot

Baccarat (Rival)

Dragon Tiger (Habanero) slot

Dragon Tiger (Habanero)

New Baccarat Games

New baccarat casino games released in the last 12 months. Sorted by release date.

Baccarat Triple Treat slot

Baccarat Triple Treat

Baccarat (Hacksaw Gaming) slot

Baccarat (Hacksaw Gaming)

Emperor Baccarat slot

Emperor Baccarat

Gangnam Speed Baccarat slot

Gangnam Speed Baccarat

Baccarat Casino Games With The Best RTP

Online baccarat games with the highest RTP. Please note that for some games, RTP values may vary between casinos.

Baccarat (FBM Digital Systems) slot

Baccarat (FBM Digital Systems)

Baccarat Evolution Pairs VIP slot

Baccarat Evolution Pairs VIP

Baccarat Evolution Pairs slot

Baccarat Evolution Pairs

Speed 6 Scanner Baccarat slot

Speed 6 Scanner Baccarat

High Volatility Baccarat Games

Most popular baccarat games with high volatility at online casinos in 2024.

Baccarat (FBM Digital Systems) slot

Baccarat (FBM Digital Systems)

Baccarat (Esa Gaming) slot

Baccarat (Esa Gaming)

Baccarat (Kingmaker) slot

Baccarat (Kingmaker)

Low Volatility Baccarat Games

Baccarat online games with low volatility, which are the most played recently.

Baccarat (Realistic) slot

Baccarat (Realistic)

Baccarat Deluxe (PG Soft) slot

Baccarat Deluxe (PG Soft)

No Commission Baccarat (Switch Studios) slot

No Commission Baccarat (Switch Studios)

Dragon Tiger (Switch Studios) slot

Dragon Tiger (Switch Studios)

Online Baccarat Games With Progressive Jackpots

Most favorite baccarat games with with progressive jackpots.

Premium Baccarat slot

Premium Baccarat

Baccarat (Popok Gaming) slot

Baccarat (Popok Gaming)

All The Most Popular Online Baccarat Games On Slotcatalog

All The Most Popular Online Baccarat Games On Slotcatalog

You can easily find the best baccarat online games at the top of this page and use the Games filter button to access our library. There, you'll find more advanced filters to sort the thousands of titles we have reviewed and ranked by major criteria. If you find a baccarat game of interest, simply click on the logo to access its individual page.

You can play baccarat online free via the demo versions we have uploaded, or select a casino from our recommended list and win real money. Keep in mind that on each of the highlighted gambling platforms, you'll find exclusive bonus offers to claim immediately after signing up. If you want to learn more about Baccarat, continue with the rest of this article!

Brief History Of The Game

Nowadays, baccarat (baccara) is one of the gambling classics and is widely played in online and offline casinos. It's a table card game, and each player can place its wager on one of three options - Bankers Hand, Player's Hand, or Tie. Here is the game's history in a nutshell:

  • Baccarat's origin is uncertain, and there are two most popular versions, depending on the source. Some historians claim that the game was invented in France in the 19th Century, while others say that it was brought to the country around the 15th Century.
  • Baccarat games were incredibly popular among the French nobility and found their way to other European countries first and, in the 20th Century, to America.
  • In the US, baccarat goes through some changes due to a race among casino owners to offer unique products. The most popular variants even today are Baccarat Banque, Punto Banco, and Chemin De Fer.
  • Nowadays, every player can play baccarat online and set a bet via various devices. Most titles are mobile-optimized, and pretty much all land-based casinos have baccarat tables. Moreover, many online venues feature live dealer baccarat, as it's known as a high-roller game and attracts the most wanted type of gamblers.

Online Baccarat Rules

Online Baccarat Rules

Baccarat is played with a shoe containing either 6 or 8 standard decks with 52 cards each. This is one of the games of chance with the simplest rules of all! The Player (Punto) and the Banker (Banco) get 2 cards each, and the objective is to guess which hand will be closer or equal to 9 (nine).

It might sound complex, but it's not, and a few baccarat free play sessions will make you an expert. A critical moment is to learn card counting! Aces bring one point, royalties (K, Q, and J) and 10s bring zero points, while cards with face values 2 to 9 deliver the same amount of points.

If any hand goes above nine points, a 10 is taken out from the total to get the new value. Later in this guide, I will introduce the types of baccarat bets, the odds and RTPs, and the available payouts. For now, I'll conclude the topic with the fact that under strict rules, some baccarat games allow a third card to be drawn.

Types Of Baccarat Games

Nowadays, players can find a wide variety of baccarat online games, but they are all based on the same rules with very small deviations. Below, I have extracted the most common and played baccarats online. Remember that each one is available for free at SlotCatalog, and you can try it immediately with no strings attached.

Punto Banco

Most of the online baccarat games carry this name or are played under the Punto Banco rules. There are no side bets or special features here, and the outcome of a round is determined by luck only. You can bet on the Banker, Player, or on a Tie, and the payout is according to the classic paytable. Punto Banco is also known as American Baccarat.


It’s played with 8 52-card decks and with up to 7 players. In online casinos, you won't spot too many differences with American Baccarat. However, in land-based casinos, Mini Baccarat is played with only one dealer instead of 3 casino persons in Punto Banco, and players can't touch their cards.

Chemin De Fer

This version is almost never available in brick-and-mortar casino establishments, because it grants players more power. They can touch the cards and even request shuffling the decks, which in theory, may lower the Casino advantage. Chemin De Fer is much easier to find in the form of baccarat online for real money!

Live Dealer Baccarat

Online Baccarat Rules

Thanks to the rapid development of digital technologies, the iGaming industry was introduced not long ago. Now, you can play baccarat online with live dealers on your desktop PC or mobile device. Real-time croupiers organize the games from professionally equipped studios or directly from the floors of popular land-based casinos.

Live gaming is trendy now and thanks to the efforts of companies like Evolution Gaming, we can enjoy classic and modern baccarat games. You can find detailed reviews of the top games at SlotCatalog and try baccarat free online. Some of the highest-rated live baccarats are Baccarat Squeeze and Baccarat No Commission.

Playing On A Mobile Phone

As I already mentioned, playing baccarat online and winning great payouts is possible via any mobile device. All casino games are adapted to Android, Windows, and iOS smartphones, tablets, and laptops. To play baccarat on the go, you don't have to download heavy software, but simply log in via the browser of your device!

How To Play Baccarat Online

How To Play Baccarat Online

Learning the rules is essential, and I strongly advise you to get acquainted with them and play for free before staking real money. Once you have mastered the game and feel confident, it's time to start your real money adventure. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1Research several licensed and reputable gambling platforms

2Choose the best baccarat casino online and sign up

3Make a deposit and claim a baccarat-friendly bonus if available

4Choose one of the featured online baccarat games

5Make a bet - Banker, Player, or Tie

6Two cards are dealt, and the outcome is announced

7If any hand value is equal to 0 to 5, a third one is dealt (only if allowed by the rules)

Betting Options In The Game

It's time to explain the types of bets in baccarat online in detail. It's important to understand that each of the wagers, Banker's Hand, Player's Hand, and Tie, have different payout rates. The RTP rates of each one in the same sequence are 98.94%, 98.76%, and 85.64%.

In other words, the House edge in all three situations is 1.06%, 1.24%, and 14.36%. As you can see, the Tie bet comes with a very high risk, and theoretically, it's the worst choice in any case. Even so, many high rollers place their wagers on a Tie because it pays 8 to 1.

In comparison, the Player's Hand pays 1 to 1, the same as the Banker's Hand, but in the second case, a 5% commission is paid to the casino. Therefore, the payout is actually 0.95 to 1 for the highest-RTP type of a baccarat bet. Some casino operators go wild and offer a payout of 9 to 1 in case of a successful Tie wager!

The Best Baccarat Online Casino Strategies

The Best Baccarat Online Casino Strategies

Luck is the most significant factor when you play baccarat online or offline. However, seasoned gamblers have found that some betting systems based on mathematical models might optimize the final results. Remember, there is no 100% successful gambling strategy. Here are the main betting system used by baccarat aficionados:

Martingale System

The most popular and widely used gambling system that often provides good results in playing slots, roulette, and baccarat. It would work only if the bet can end in no more than two ways and suggests the bettor to double its wager in case of loss. Thus, the winning should cover all failed wagers before that, and mathematically, a small win will be on top.

Paroli System

Similar to Martingale, the Paroli system requires a starting bet and a game that can provide only two outcomes. However, you must double your bet after a win and not loss, and do it for three consecutive wins. Whenever that's done, you must get back to your original stake and repeat the process. I highly suggest to everyone to play baccarat for free and test this system before applying it for real money!

Flat Betting

Flat betting is a consistent gambling strategy that seems to be the simplest of all. It requires the same bet on each round no matter the results, win or loss. So, for example, if you play baccarat with a bankroll of $100 and wish to bet $1 per round, you can play 100 rounds and must end the session.

Pattern Tracking

Pattern recognition is essential for poker players and requires deep knowledge, trained intuition, and a keen eye. It's not a newbie's strategy, so if you want to try it, look for additional materials online. This strategy can be used in live baccarat games, where you can participate as a spectator at first and search for any patterns. Whenever you are ready to make a decision, you can play in.

Banker Bet

Banker betting in baccarat is practiced by most online gamblers. The principle is quite simple actually, always bet on the Banker's Hand. Statistically, you should win quite often, and after a long session, you should end in the green territory. This could be a good strategy if you play a No Commission variant of baccarat and if you mix it with Martingale or Paroli.

Trend Switch Strategy

This strategy has proven to be effective in baccarat casino online platforms and land-based establishments. It's similar to Banker Bet but gives more freedom to players, and they must avoid the Tie bet only. Each gaming session provides win streaks of one of the most profitable types of wagers, and if you are lucky, you can end with profits.

Free Online Baccarat Vs Playing Baccarat At Casino For Real Money

Free Online Baccarat Vs Playing Baccarat At Casino For Real Money

Free baccarat games bring undoubted value and could be your risk-free way to this amazing universe. Demo versions allow you to test different variants of baccarat and decide which one is more suitable for you. You can also try different strategies and even invent a new one, a combination of two or three classic systems.

The free online baccarat comes with zero risk and zero chance for real money profits, and those are the only flaws. The rest are benefits, like trying different software developers and becoming a Baccarat guru. Don't forget to try modern variations with twists like zero commissions and side bets!

Pros And Cons Of Gambling Online Baccarat


  • Variety of baccarat games
  • Live baccarat on desktop and mobile
  • Online casino provide bonuses
  • You can control the pace
  • Demo versions are available
  • You can use various baccarat strategies
  • Play 24/7 from the comfort of your home


  • Bonus wagering requirements
  • Betting ranges are often limited
  • Lack of authentic land-based casino atmosphere


In conclusion, I can say that playing baccarat online is exciting and quite beneficial. Many land-based casino establishments do not allow the implementation of betting strategies, and this issue disappears once you log in. Moreover, you can run demo sessions and learn the rules with no strings attached.

Almost every baccarat casino online offers good bonuses that, despite the wagering requirements, could be useful boosters. Moreover, you can play from any location and at any hour, thanks to the flawless mobile compatibility of all modern games. Last but not least, I truly appreciate the No Commission and Squeeze variants of this great gambling game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Play Online Baccarat?

There are many benefits if you decide to play baccarat online, like casino bonuses, demo versions, and innovative features.

Where Can I Play Baccarat For Free?

You can find the best free baccarat games on SlotCatalog. Just scroll up to the beginning of this page and use the filters to navigate.

Can I Count Cards In Online Baccarat Game?

Well, if you play baccarat online, nobody will stop you from doing such a thing. However, it would work better if you play on live dealer baccarat tables.

Is It Safe To Play Baccarat At A Casino Online?

Yes, if you sign up with one of the baccarat casino online platforms recommended by our experts. They have been fully evaluated and verified for safety and fair play.

What Are The Different Online Baccarat Variations?

The most popular baccarat online games are Punto Banco and Mini Baccarat. You can also find Chemin De Fer and some modern twists like Baccarat No Commission and Speed Baccarat.


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