Interview spotlight: Eran Sharar Skillzzgaming CEO

This week we’ve spent time with Eran Sharar Skillzzgaming CEO to hear about their work and their innovative match-3 game genre.


Eran Sharar, CEO at Skillzzgaming

Hi Eran! I’m glad you could join us for this weeks interview. Could you give us an introduction to Skillzzgaming?

Skillzzgaming is an innovative game studio, that develops match-3 games, as well as games from other genres to the real money gaming industry.

We push the creative envelope, mixing casual gaming formats with real money game foundations, and pave the way for the gaming industry by introducing new gaming genres to the scene.

Founded in 2015, Skillzzgaming has developed 6 premium games that are played on hundreds of casinos worldwide. Our games are regulated in multiple jurisdictions and are distributed by leading game distributors, such as Microgaming.

In our games, winning is more than random chance or odds - the choices that players make impact the outcome of the game.

Moreover, players discover new content as they progress in our games, unlocking unique and exciting bonus features and mini-games.

The company is lead by three keen-minded gaming experts: Eran Sharar (CEO), a mobile and web specialist who has more than 15 years of experience working in the industry, a part of which as the Head of Mobile for Playtech software; Dadi Neeman (Chief Product), a skilled game producer who has led a team of game designers at 888; Last but not least, Lior Aziz (COO), who completes the leading trio at Skillzzgaming, bringing with him a wealth of experience from the world of entrepreneurship, and who specialises in mathematics and law.

Looking at SlotRank numbers, it’s rather impressive what you’ve accomplished with six titles. What would you say is the reason behind your success?

Our success is based on our ability to create the right player experience, combining casual gaming with a sense of accomplishment and winning; and on the fact that we produce high quality games that offer content that is highly entertaining and engaging.

We develop our games using cutting-edge technology, innovative creative thought, carefully crafted art, and fine mathematics. On top of that, we strive to give our partners the best service.

What is your strategy going forward?

We believe that gamers’ DNA is changing, their preferences evolving, and that casinos’ offers should expand to include new genres and specially match-3 games to account for the new generation of native gamers.

We meet this challenge by introducing new and exciting games to the scene, with a widest and best quality match-3 portfolio and other genres, that combine the fun of casual gaming with the thrill of the winning experience. With our face to the future, we plan to keep pushing boundaries for the gaming world.

New genres are entertaining for sure, but not all of them receives the expected appreciation. However, your games have been received with open arms! Which of your titles are your personal favourites?

Our favourite products are match-3 games, such as Fruit Blast, Gems Odyssey, and Pets Go Wild. We are delighted to be the first company to create and lead this new successful game genre. We are glad that our players love it and enjoy it, and it shows by how they’re playing more and more.

It’s true that introducing a new genre doesn’t promise any specific results, but in our case, the data speaks for itself. Both Gems Odyssey and Fruit Blast climbed above the top 200 SlotRank for the United Kingdom market and stayed there for most of the time since the release dates. This definitely shows that the match-3 games are appreciated by the players.

As for Pets Go Wild, our latest release, it’s popularity is definitely proven as it reached a top notation of SlotRank 119 in October, although the game was released during April 2019.

The match-3 genre is definitely popular, as our data describes. Besides this game formula, is there any aspect behind a quality release that you see as the most important?

A great game is made by mixing together many ingredients. If we were asked to choose just one, it would have to be that ‘magical powder’ that makes players keep on playing, and return to the game time-after-time.

What’s unique about your games, why should we play your games?

Our games offer players a chance to combine the pleasure of interactive and skill-based gameplay with the adrenaline rush of real winnings.

As players progress through our games they reveal new content and unlock a plethora of unique bonus features.

Players that love the match-3 genre, and who would like to test their skills on a perfect runner game, which combines the thrill of luck, can do it with our new and exciting games: Fruit Blast, Pets Go Wild, Gems Odyssey and more to come soon...

Any final words you would like to say to our readers before we wrap up?

Be creative. Dare to explore. Enjoy the game!

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