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Miscellaneous Casino Games

Most online casinos have a category called “other types” or “other games”, and this is where they put all the casino games that don’t really fit anywhere else. The potpuri of strange games that goes into this category is vast and varied, so in this article we shall simply look at the most common “other type games” you’ll find out there.

Please note that all the games we will talk about here come in many different versions also, and we will only give a general description of each game. While many other type games are obscure and fringe, you’ll also find some hidden gems in this category, and it can be well worth checking out.

Online Bingo

Bingo is among the most popular “other type” casino games out there, and it has a huge fan base, not least because of the game’s social aspect. Internet gives you a wide variety of choices when it comes to bingo, and the social aspect is taken care of by fun chat rooms where you get to meet the other players.

It’s been estimated that there are as much as 4 million bingo players in the UK alone, so this is clearly a game type that players appreciate. All bingo games you’ll find out there share a common core set of rules, and it’s all about matching the numbers on your bingo card. It’s very simple, but also very fun. This is how you get started:

  • Buy your bingo card with a random selection of numbers
  • There are different ways to win depending on the game, but a Full House, a horizontal line or some other pattern of numbers is the most common winner
  • The game displays randomly selected numbers
  • You match the called numbers with your bingo card
  • You win by matching the required numbers


Keno might not be nearly as popular as Bingo, but it still has some reach in the casino world. It’s a game based purely on luck, and it strongly resembles a common lottery game. The House edge varies between 25% to 40% depending on the version of Keno you choose, and also on the casino you play at.

If you’ve never tried Keno, don’t worry, as it’s super easy to get into. Here we’ll explain the basics for you, and get you started in no time. 

  • First you must start by selecting which type of Keno game you want to play, and you might look at thing slike House edge and max win to make your decision.
  • The Keno game comes with a minimum and a maximum numbers you can choose, and the grid consists of 80 different numbers. Usually the minimum to choose will be 1 number, and the maximum will be 20 numbers.
  • After you’ve chosen your lucky numbers, it’s time to choose the amount you want to wager on these numbers. How much you can bet will vary from game to game, and once your bet is placed it cannot be undone.
  • Select whether you want your chosen numbers to be valid for 1 game, or 5 games.
  • Press the corresponding button, and watch the numbers be drawn to see if you’ve won or not.

Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports has long been a rising star at casinos, and has already established itself as a fun alternative to regular sportsbook. Although virtual sports can be compared to regular sports betting, it’s based on a Random Number Generator and it’s much more fast paced than a typical sports bet.

Fans of regular sportsbook might enjoy virtual sports precisely because the results are in that much quicker than in real life sports events. Typical virtual sport games you’ll find at many casinos are:

  • Virtual Horse Racing
  • Virtual Greyhound Racing
  • Virtual Football
  • Virtual Motor Racing
  • Virtual Tennis
  • Virtual Cycling

A normal virtual sports game or race will last no more than a couple of minutes, so you’re definitely in for some fast paced action if you opt for these kind of games.

Virtual sports tries to be as authentic and close to the real thing as possible, and the games make use of real life race statistics and match statistics. You can therefore look up the statistics for every horse, greyhound or football team or whatever you want to bet on.

Virtual Sports makes use of real life match-statistics and race-statistics. You can find statistics on all teams, horses and hounds too. Details of the race track or sport stadium is also given, and all combined this creates a nice atmosphere and authentic feel to virtual sports.

Other types

As we said in the intro, there are tons of different games in the “other types” category, and going over them all would be a very lengthy task. You can always browse through our list of other games here in this section, and check out more detailed info for each game if you wish.

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