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Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

On this page we list all Bitcoin and other crypto currency bonus offers available in your region. To claim one of the offers, all you have to do is follow the promotion link. If a specific offer requires a bonus code to be input upon registration at the bitcoin casino site, we’ll let you know by showing that code before you head over to their webpage.

In this guide you will find

  1. Introduction
  2. The Bitcoin Deposit Match Bonus
  3. Bitcoin Casinos with No Deposit bonuses and Bonus spins
  4. Categorizing bonuses into two different categories: Non-Cashable and Cashable
  5. Understanding the Bonus Requirements and Terms and Conditions for Bitcoin Bonuses
  6. What makes an excellent bitcoin casino bonus?
  7. Bitcoin Casino Bonus FAQ

Since the early days of online casinos, bonus offers have been a part of the industry. The first online casino, Gaming Club opened up their doors in 1994, and shortly afterwards casino operators were using bonuses as a promotional tool. The only difference today is the variety and complexity of the bonus offers. Which makes it important to be informed about the fundamentals of casino bonuses, whether you make your bets in fiat currency regular online casinos or with Bitcoin or another crypto currency at one of the Bitcoin Casinos.

In this article we will help you to better understand these bonuses and the value of them as well as providing you with a framework that you can use while looking for the bonus promotion that fits well with your wants and needs.

Online casino bonuses often come in different forms and sizes, and the same is true for Bitcoin casinos. Some bonuses are given to you when you register an account, some when you make your first deposit. Others are given when you reload your already existing account and some are exclusive bonuses only available to high rollers. Let us explain these different bonus categories broadly before we jump to the fine print of these bonus offers.

The Bitcoin Deposit Match Bonus

This bonus is credited to your bonus account depending on a percentage rate of your deposited amount and are mostly restricted by a limit of the maximum bonus sum that you can claim. Most bitcoin casinos also have a minimum deposit level, which means you would have to make a deposit above that limit.

The most common form of the Bitcoin Deposit Match Bonus is a promotion that provides such a bonus when you register your account and make your first deposit. However, there are also bitcoin casino operators that provide such bonuses on your 2nd deposit, 3rd deposit, 4th deposit or simply as a reload bonus long after you’ve actually created your account.

Today, many casino sites offer welcome bonus packages, consisting of several bonuses for your first time at their site. This means that you will get some kind of deposit match bonus on several of your first deposits. They might be pure deposit match bonuses, or a combination of the previous and bonus spins (attributable to specific games which you will find in the bonus description or the terms and conditions).

Bitcoin Bonus on with deposit match on the first deposit

This type of casino promotion is the most common one, both for fiat currency casinos and crypto-currency casinos. It’s basically a Bitcoin welcome bonus which you are eligible for when you register an account with the casino site in question and make your first deposit.

Sometimes the welcome bonus will be a combination of the matched bonus sum depending on your deposit amount and some bonus spins. Let’s look at three examples of how these bonus offers might look:

  1. 100% up to 1000 mBTC
  2. 100% up to 1.5 BTC + 250 Spins (on Starburst)
  3. 100% up to 5000 TPLAY

Bitcoin Bonuses with deposit match on the 2, 3 or 4th deposit

Bitcoin promotions that give you a deposit match on your 2nd, 3rd or 4th deposit is often part of a welcome bonus package. Notable about these later levels of the bonus packages is that they are usually lower and of less value than you received on your first deposit.

Online Casino Promotions with Bonus spins

As previously mentioned, It is very common that casino sites offer bonuses in terms of Bonus Spins. A bonus might have only that element, or matched together with other bonus elements.

Bitcoin Casinos with No Deposit bonuses and Bonus spins

Some of the Bitcoin and other crypto-currency online casino sites offer a small bonus upon registration, that does not require a deposit. It’s a simple trade between you and the casino site. You provide them your valid information, and they will give you a small amount of money or bonus spins to play with so that you can get a feeling about how good their service is. All this without making any deposit with your own money.

But make no mistake, they are not doing this out of pure generosity. Their plan is to make money out of your gambling later on, when you’ve tried out their service, found it good and decide that you want to make a real deposit. As with other types of bonuses, the Bitcoin casinos promotions of the No Deposit or Bonus spins are subject to certain terms and conditions as well.

Categorizing bonuses into two different categories: Non-Cashable and Cashable

To make it easier to grasp how all these different promotions work we intend to provide you with a framework that you can use when you review which bonus you would like to claim. We will show you that it makes sense to think about bonuses, or different parts of a bonus package by splitting them up into two fundamental categories. They are either Cashable or Non-Cashable.


Cashable means that the bonus amount is withdrawable when you’ve met the wagering requirements specified in the terms and conditions, within any set time limit etc. In example:

You make a 100 mBTC deposit at a casino site which offers a 50% bonus up to 100mBTC. You managed to play through the wagering requirements with a positive result, and ended up winning 25mBTC. This means that the total balance of your account, which consists of your initial deposit of 100mBTC + the win of 25mBTC + the bonus amount of 50mBTC are cashable.


Non-Cashable bonus elements on the other hand means that you can only cash out the winnings from playing with this bonus (as long as you’ve met the wagering requirement and time limits etc) and not the bonus amount itself. The bonus amount itself you can only continue to play with, which might result in additional wins for you to cash out or that you lose the full bonus amount. Let’s go through an example to clarify it:

A bitcoin casino site that you find interesting is offering a 100% deposit match (non-cashable) up to 500mBTC. To try out their service to see if the casino seems good you make a deposit of 30mBTC. This results in an account balance of your own deposit, 30mBTC and the bonus amount of 30 mBTC. After playing through the 40x wagering requirement you’ve managed to win 10mBTC. In total your account balance is 70 mBTC but only 40 of those milibit are cashable, not the bonus amount itself. You can request a cash out on the full withdrawable amount and hope to win more with your remaining bonus balance.

Understanding the Bonus Requirements and Terms and Conditions for Bitcoin Bonuses

Don’t let big numbers fool you, whether it is a high deposit match percentage or a high maximum bonus amount. The value of a Bitcoin casino bonus is determined by these numbers together with the details of wagering requirements, any maximum cash out restrictions, game contribution rates and time restrictions. Don’t know exactly what all of these terms mean? No problem, we’ll go into the details and explain them below.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are restrictions put on your bonus that you have to meet before your bonus is released. The metric is usually described as a multiplier, like 30x. But before we go into details about what’s a decent or good multiplier for wagering restrictions it’s important to us that you understand that these wagering requirements stated on SlotCatalog, other sites and the casino sites themselves can be based upon:

  1. Only the bonus amount
  2. The bonus amount + your deposit

Let’s start with an example for a bonus that have their wagering requirement of 25x, which is calculated only on the bonus amount:

You registered and deposited 50mBTC at a Bitcoin Casino which granted you a bonus of 25mBTC. The bonus had wagering requirements of 25x the bonus amount which means you would have to make wagers of 625mBTC in total before the full bonus amount is released.

In example number 2 a specific bitcoin site has granted you a 50% bonus (90mBTC) on your deposit of 180mBTC, which means the total sum of Bitcoins that falls under the wagering requirements are 270mBTC. The wagering requirements stated in the terms and conditions of this casino bonus was 35x. This means that you would have to make wagers of 8100mBTC or 8.1BTC.

Max win or max cash out restrictions

When going through the terms and conditions for a specific bonus it’s crucial to keep an eye out for any restrictions on the maximum win and cash out of the bonus amount. This condition simply describes how high the maximum cashout is of your bonus balance and could have a severe impact on the value of your bonus. As usual it differs from promotion to promotion but we would recommend that you go for those promotions without a cash out limit, if you find them. If that’s not possible then at least go for a promotion that lets you cash out a minimum of 5x your bonus amount.

Game and Product Contribution rates

Another important factor to be aware of is that the casino bonus and its wagering requirements may respond differently to different games and casino products. We mentioned one example of this previously when talking about bonus spins which might only be applicable to a certain slot game or a group of slots.

But there is also the element that different games contribute with a different percentage to the wagering requirements. Why? Because the house edge, rake or RTP differs between different products and it’s the casino sites protection against getting exploited by bonus abusers. Generally speaking the higher the house edge the bigger the contribution to your wagering requirements. Let’s describe it with an example:

After claiming a bonus you have a wagering requirement of 1000mBTC before your bonus is cashable. As stated in the terms and conditions of the bonus, playing roulette at the bitcoin casino site only counts as 25% of the bonus terms. This means that if you wager a total of 1000mBTC on the roulette product, you’ve only cleared 250mBTC on your wagering requirements according to the bonus conditions.

The contribution rates for different casino products vary a lot from site to site, which means you should always give these terms a thorough read before signing up. This way you avoid any sad surprises and your expectations will be in line with what you’re given in the end.

Time restrictions

Some online casino sites put time restrictions on their bonus promotions which means that the bonus amount, or the possible bonus amount can expire if you’ve not met the parts of the terms and conditions that you have to meet to release and receive the bonus. For example:

This weekend, you’ve registered a new account at a Bitcoin online casino and made a initial deposit in the hopes of playing through and receiving the bonus offer during the upcoming week. Unfortunately, your work week turned out super busy which made it hard to meet the wagering requirements during that week and you remember reading about the 7 days time restriction on the bonus amount. Now you lose your bonus, due to not fulfilling the terms and conditions.

This is one example which underlines that you should always be aware of what terms you are signing up to when claiming a bonus from an online bitcoin casino or a regular, fiat currency one.

What makes an excellent bitcoin casino bonus?

Several of the factors we’ve mentioned above are crucial to go through when evaluating if a bitcoin casino bonus is good or not.

Sure the promoted, often largely visible text and numbers regarding the bonus or bonus package deposit match % up to are should be taken into consideration when evaluating the attractiveness of the promotion. But as stated previously they can’t be evaluated by their own. To really get a good feeling about how attractive a bonus is you have to dig into the small print of the terms and conditions, to discover the wagering requirements multiplier, on what base its calculated (bonus amount or bonus plus the deposited amount), what games are allowed or how they contribute to fulfilling these wagering requirements. Any possible restrictions on maximum cashout and time limits should also be taken into consideration.

It’s hard for us to provide a unified average offer for what’s good, as there are several aspects to consider and all of those are combined in different manners by the casino sites. If we were to give some guidelines we would suggest looking for bonuses with:

  1. Wagering requirements below 40x on bonus amount only.
  2. If a bitcoin casino site base their wagering terms on bonus + deposit it should be substantially lower, depending on the bonus match percentage.
  3. Avoid time limits to the extent it’s possible as you never know what will happen tomorrow.
  4. Try to find bonuses without a max cash out limit, or at bonuses with a limit of at least 5x the bonus amount.

But in your quest for an exciting, positive casino experience you should not only look to a casino site’s bonus. Remember to evaluate the other parts of an online casino’s service offering as well. The following questions are good to think about before making your final casino selection:

  1. Does the casino with the juicy bonus offer have good reviews?
  2. Do they have the games you want to play?
  3. Do the games you want to play contribute to the bonus wagering requirement?
  4. What do people say about their support department in case you need help with something?

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