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Top Ranked Classic Slots

There are basically two types of slot machines you’ll find at any given online casino, namely Classic slots and Video slots. Many players prefer classic slots because they enjoy the simplicity, and the nostalgic charm of the good ole’ fruit machine. Classic slots can also be a nice change-up when you’re tired of all the flashiness and the fancy, elaborate features you’ll find on most video slots out there.

Many players like to seek refuge in the simple act of trying to get 3 bar symbols, cherries or lemons to line up, while others just want to play slots that remind them of the physical fruit machines from the local pub or shopping mall. In fact, many classic slots out there are exact online replica of successful physical slots.

What is a Classic Slot anyway?

Most casinos out there will have a category you can sort on called “Classic Slots”.However, it might be a bit unclear what exactly is meant by that term. The simplest and most common definition is that a classic slot is quite simply a slot with 3 reels.

Of course, in an industry bubbling with creativity you’ll always find all sorts of cross-pollination and borderline cases. There are video slots closely resembling classic slots (except for the fact that they have 5 reels), and, naturally, there are some classic slots full of features resembling a video slot also.

Drawing the line by number of reels seems to be the most effective way to keep the two main types of slot machines apart, but we can also mention some other common features you’ll typically find on the classic slots.

Apart from having 3 reels, the classic slots usually have a very simple and straightforward gameplay. They usually have between 1 and 5 paylines (although there are exceptions here), and the classic slots usually imitate and look like a physical slot machine (even if it’s not an exact replica).

How do Classic Slot games work?

Classic slots online work based on the same principle as video slots online, namely the RNG (Random Number Generator). This is the engine and the heart of every slot machine out there, and it will ultimately decide whether you win or not.

Every classic slot out there also comes with a specific RTP (Return to Player) percentage. On average, the RTP hovers around 96%, but there can be some variation from game to game. The RTP is the opposite of the House edge, and it tells you how much a given slot machine is likely to pay out in the long run.

Bonus features on Classic Slots

If we gave the impression that Classic slots are completely stripped from bonus features, it was not our intention. The fact is, there are a few simple features you’ll find on most classic slots out there. These features are so simple that they can also be found on the physical slot machines and fruit machines on your local pub or brick and mortar casino.

Supermeter: First we have the Supermeter, which is usually an extra set of reels (or something similar) where you can choose to transfer your winnings to try your luck. In Supermeter mode you can usually win a lot higher payouts, but you also risk to lose your original winnings.

Gamble: This is a simple 50/50 “coin toss” gamble feature you’ll find on many games. After every win you have to option to gamble. If you win you’ll double your winnings, but if you don’t win you’ll lose it all.

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