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RTP 🔗: 96.06%
Variance: Med-High
Max Win: x7142.00
Betways: Cluster pays
Release Date: 2020-05-16 [ i ]
SlotRank: 285
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Online Casinos where you can play Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

We have scanned 14 casinos in US New Jersey and found Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior at 7 of them. On the list below, you`ll find the best casinos that feature the Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior slot and accept players from US New Jersey.

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Review

Being the only one in my neighborhood who managed to play through Street Fighter II on difficulty level 7 without losing energy (with Guile after months of frustration and practice), it’s been a great nostalgic pleasure to test Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior slot from NetEnt. The game stays as true to the original arcade classic as a video slot can do, and the big highlight is the Boss Fight bonus round.

The reels are set against the original backdrop of whomever you are fighting against, and it all plays out on a cluster pays 5x5 grid with Cascading win mechanics. Pick your warrior, and off you go to your first destination. You only need to win one regular fight to get to the first of the 4 bosses here, and the good news is that boss fights give you unlimited free spins where the multiplier increases per boss you defeat.

Each of the 8 original characters you get to choose from come with their own personal wild modifier, and you’ll see the character perform his special moves when his/her meter has been charged to the max. Choose your warrior wisely, however, as you will be committed to fighting with him/her until you either win or are defeated (and both RTP and volatility varies somewhat for all of them).

What symbols are there?

The high value symbols in Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior slot will depend on the fighter you pick, as well as who you’re fighting against. You will land 2 victory version symbols of each respective fighter, and also 2 defeat symbols per fighter. All of these 4 different premium symbols are worth up to 30x for a cluster of 16+. You can also land the premium symbols as 2x2 mega symbols, and this guarantees you a win when it happens.

What are the bonus features?

Just like you probably remember from the mighty popular arcade game, it all starts with picking your favorite fighter to travel the world with. You have all 8 of the original characters to choose from, and each characters comes with a slightly different volatility, RTP and also different wild features:

  • Ryu (RTP of 96.02%) - 3 wild symbols on the same row
  • Guile (RTP of 96.04%) - 2 wild symbols on 2 vertical stacks
  • Dhalsim (RTP of 96.04%) - 3 or 4 wild symbols which are randomly placed
  • E. Honda (RTP of 96.05%) - 3 wild symbols on the same reel
  • Ken (RTP of 96.06%) - 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same row
  • Blanka (RTP of 96.08%) - 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same reel
  • Zangief (RTP of 96.08%) - 2 wild symbols on 2 horizontal stacks
  • Chun-Li (RTP of 96.08%) - 2 or 7 wild symbols which are randomly placed

As you spin the reels, you will see each fighter on the opposite side of the reels, and you deal damage to your opponent by landing premium symbol wins. There is a wild meter for each of the fighters, and this gets filled by 1 point for each premium symbol win. When you fill the meter with 7 points, you trigger the corresponding wild modifiers as listed above.

You will either win or lose the battle, and when you lose you trigger the Car Smash Bonus Game. You will then smash a car with your character, and this can land you wins between 5 and 15 times your stake. You can choose the “Quick Finish” option to get the result immediately, and then it’s off to choose a new fighter (or the same one again if you prefer that).

Free spins in Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

Winning the base game battle takes you to the Beat the Boss free spins bonus round. It plays out more or less the same as the base game does, but now there is a win multiplier involved. The free spins will keep going until either you or the boss wins, and if you kick his ass you move on to the next one.

Just like in the original game, there are 4 bosses to defeat here, and these all come with an increasing win multiplier as follows:

  • Balrog - 2x multiplier
  • Vega - 3x multiplier
  • Sagat - 5x multiplier
  • M. Bison - 10x multiplier

If you beat them all you will be rewarded with an extra 100x bonus win, because you went through the whole tournament undefeated. Losing against a boss takes you back to the base game, or you can restart against the same boss via the Insert Coin gamble feature. You only have one chance at this per free spins bonus round however, and you will need to give up a certain amount of your winnings. It’s probably worth it though, as you now get to play with an RTP between 98.7 % and 100 %.

How to play

Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior is pretty far from an ordinary video slot, but the gameplay is less complicated than it might sound when you first read about it. Here we shall walk you through everything you need to know to get started, so you can get the most out of this anticipated NetEnt title.

After the classic intro screen and music has filled your heart with nostalgic memories, you need to choose your favorite fighter. The 8 world warriors from the original game are included (as mentioned above already), and they are lined up according to volatility.

Fighters towards the left-hand side (like Dalshim, E. Honda and Ruy) will win more often, but smaller wins (i.e. lower volatility). The opposite is true for fighters towards the right hand side (like Chun Li, Blanka and Ken), as these are the higher volatility choices. Towards the medium range of the spectrum you’ll find good ole’ boys like the clean-cut military man, Guile, and the wild-eyed russian wrestler, Zangief.

Clicking the marker on each character will also display their special wild move, and once you have selected a warrior, you will go by plane to your first destination and fight. You can then click the hamburger menu down in the left-hand corner to check the game settings and paytable. In the settings menu you can turn on quick spins (which we always recommend), and you also have some other pretty standard options here.

The info icon takes you to the paytable, where you will find out all about the different features, as well as how much each symbol is worth. It can be a good idea to check it before you start, as to refresh your memory a little about how things work in this game. Finally, there is the game rules section, where everything is summed up in short and snappy sentences, which makes it easier to get an overview.

You are now ready to fight for glory, but you need to decide on your bet level. You choose this by selecting the coin value between 0.01 to 5, but you will all the time be able to see the total bet in £ also. Choose coin value 0.05 if you want to play with £1 per spin. You can then spin the reels manually, or set up the autoplay feature. The latter comes with between 10 and 1,000 autospins, and advanced options like stopping the autospins once you have lost or won a certain amount.

Where to play Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior?

Being a NetEnt title based on a mighty popular arcade game, there is no shortage of places you can play Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior slot. In fact, most casinos will die to carry this game, and the good news is that you can try it out for free here first, if you’re unsure that this game is for you. We also have a large selection of casinos where you can play for real money right away, and we’ll present you with both options below.

Play for real money

Playing for real money is what it’s all about, and since we scan all the casinos on a daily basis, you get the best overview from us. The link below will take you to the top of this review page, and here you can pick and choose from our vast selection of trusted and licensed casinos. Most all of them come with a nice welcome offer you can use to play Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior and win real money immediately.

Play free demo version

It can be a good idea to try out the demo version of this game first, especially since it’s so different from regular slot games. Fans of SF2 will probably like it no matter what, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It just so happens that we have the demo version installed right here on top of the page, and all you need to do is follow the link, and you can try Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior demo game for free right away.

The 200 Spins Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior Experience

Staying true to our childhood preference, we could not help but choose Guile for our 200 spins test run. We had no hope of repeating the feat that made us semi-famous in the neighborhood when growing up, namely walking through the game without losing energy on the hardest level 7.

This is not possible in a game based solely on chance, as there really is no skill involved here. Still, we felt that Guile was a well-balanced choice, right smack in the middle of the two extremes. Our first battle took us on a flight to Brazil, where the green monster and heavy hitter, Blanka, was waiting eagerly to kick our ass.

And kick our ass he did. We put up as good a fight as we could muster, but we must have lost our touch since the glory days, cause it felt like good ole’ Blanka was toying with us in his swamp home arena. His heavy blows depleted our energy bar quickly, and we were taken to the car smashing bonus game that gave us a small consolation prize.

We were not about to give up however, and this time Guile seemed more on top of his game as he dealt out his sonic booms and back-flip kicks. It was a close call, but Blanka went down this time, and we travelled to the US to meet the first boss. The 2x multiplier made an impact on our winnings, and Balrog seemed a far easier opponent than Blanka.

He was easily beaten, and then we travelled to Spain to meet the dreaded masked narcissist, Vega, with all his trickery and shenanigans. Vega was always the wild card of SF2, and because of his unpredictability we thought he was cheating in our childhood fantasy world. He turned out to be our nemesis once again, but we ended up with a decent win of 118x our stake from the bonus round in total.

We called it quits, collected our winnings, and did not opt for the try again coin insert feature. This would have cost us 113x, which was most of our winnings. Perhaps we should have however, because of the decent RTP this option offers, but we had other pressing business. Anyway, it was certainly a very enjoyable experience, and we wish you the best of luck with your first fights in this highly unusual slot game.

What is the jackpot (max win)?

There is no progressive jackpot to be won on Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior slot, and the game’s max win potential has not been disclosed by NetEnt. Since it’s a medium to high volatility game with a progressive boss multiplier, we assume you will be able to win decent amounts, and we will update the review if/when NetEnt decides to go public with the potential.

Where can I play Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior?

You can play Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior for real money at one of the listed casinos below: Where to play Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior.

Don’t want to play for real money? No problem, you can easily play the demo for free here at SlotCatalog: Play Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior for free.

Yes, you can surely play Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior on your mobile and tablet, and NetEnt Touch makes sure this game looks great on any handheld unit. Join the fight for glory on the go, and win big with your favorite character on your Android, iPhone or iPad.

SlotCatalog verdict

This is probably among the most anticipated slots to ever be released, as most everyone who’s into gaming has a strong relationship with the iconic CapCom arcade classic. Street Fighter 2 is a game that basically defined this reviewer’s childhood, so it’s hard to be 100 % neutral here.

NetEnt stays very true to the original game, both when it comes to graphics and features, and it’s a pure nostalgic pleasure to hear soundbites like “Hadouken” and “Shoryuken” when you spin the reels. The gameplay might be too unusual for some players, however, and you will probably need to play a bit before you get into the swing of things.


  • Pick your fighter among the 8 original Street Fighter II characters
  • Fight the 4 bosses in the bonus round with increasing multiplier
  • Each character comes with unique wild modifier attacks
  • Bet range from 20p to £700 suits all player types
  • Original graphics, moves and soundbites for nostalgic enjoyment


  • Gameplay might be too unusual for some players


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Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior slot?

The payout percentage of this game will vary slightly according to which fighter you choose. The RTP range is between 96.02 % and 96.08 %, so the difference is not huge no matter who you pick.

How volatile is this game?

The volatility is medium to high, and again, the volatility varies somewhat according to your chosen warrior. Here are the fighters you can choose ranked from low to high volatility: Dhalsim, E. Honda, Ruy, Guile, Zangief, Chun Li, Blanka and Ken.

What is the biggest win possible in Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior?

Due to the unlimited Boss Free Spins and the increasing multipliers, you can win up to 7,142x your stake during the bonus round here. Play with the highest possible stake of £100, and you can pocket up to £714,200.

How does the Beat the Boss free spins feature work?

It’s quite simple really. Whenever you win a base game match, you will get to meet the first of the 4 bosses, Balrog. Here you no longer pay for any spins, and there is a win multiplier that increases per boss you beat.

How does the Special Moves Wild Modifiers work?

Each fighter comes with a unique wild modifier. This feature is unleashed when the wild meter above the fighter is filled, and you need 7 points to fill it. The meter is added to each time you land a winning combo with a premium symbol (including the opponents symbols).

Can I play Street Fighter 2 The Word Warrior slot for free?

Yes, we have the free demo game good and ready to be loaded on top of this review page. Simply scroll up, and you can play it immediately. You will also find a nice selection of trusted casinos there, where you can play this game for real.

Scanned Countries

US New Jersey

The Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior slot is available in 7 from 14 scanned casinos. Overall, we have scanned casinos in 54 different markets, and Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is available in 47 countries. Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is most common among the casinos in the following countries: FI, NO, NZ, CA

Country Scanned [i] With Game [i] In Lobby [i] SlotRank [i] Action
Finland FI 536 205 0 4214 See Data
Norway NO 437 174 1 1196 See Data
New Zealand NZ 423 159 0 3332 See Data
Canada CA 623 129 0 5652 See Data

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Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Attributes

Provider: NetEnt
Release Date: 2020-05-16 [ i ]
Wide release date: 2020-05-21
Type: Video Slots
RTP: 96.06%
Variance: Med-High
Hit Frequency: 34.25[ i ]
Max Win: x7142.00
Min bet $, €, £: 0.2
Max bet $, €, £: 700
Layout: 5-5
Betways: Cluster pays
Features: Avalanche / Cascading wins, Battle feature, Bonus Game, Cluster Pays, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Level Up, Mega Symbol (3x3), Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Scatter symbols, Symbols collection (Energy), The choosing or changing of design and / or character, Wild
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