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Light and Wonder released 6 slot games during the last several months. The latest release was Zeus Thunder Wins on 2024-02-28.


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About Light and Wonder

Light and Wonder is an online casino game provider which not only develops slots but also a wide array of technology platforms and lottery experiences. It has a large market share of the iGaming industry considering it owns smaller developers such as Bally, WMS, Barcrest, and NYX Gaming. Initially, it focused on manufacturing pinball slot game machines way back in 1943.

Light and Wonder has been consistently creating exciting game titles and it is one of the core reasons why most casino operators tend to include them on their game roster. One of their most renowned is the 88 Fortunes slot game.

It is a game provider with over 40 top slots to its name and they are expertly crafted. Light and Wonder, the business arm handling online casino products always ensure high quality games that keep players coming back for more.

With over 70 years experience in the gaming industry, this developer has helped revolutionise the online industry while winning more than one game awards. For instance, in September 2016, Light and Wonder won the Global Gaming Award for Land-Based Gaming Innovation of the Year.

Which are the most popular Light and Wonder slot machines?

Light and Wonder had been developing both pinball and slot machines over the decades since 1943. During the onset of the online gaming era, it recruited numerous programmers to help transition, whilst still maintaining its initial approach to developing unique online casino games.

Light and Wonder, and its subsidiaries such as WMS Gaming, offer a stunning portfolio of both slots and table games that have crisp graphics and immersive sound designs. These titles are also optimised for mobile play on most devices, including Android and iOS.

Players from various regions prefer particular slots by Light and Wonder. All the Light and Wonder slots have specific themes and features. Check out our ranking of Light and Wonder slots for your region here.

Play Light and Wonder slots for real money

While selecting an online Light and Wonder casino to play in, there are a number of factors that you should consider, all of which will help in the selection of Light and Wonder slots.

It is essential to answer these questions, which makes it easier to select an Light and Wonder casino and games:

  • Are you interested in playing all their game titles, even the older and less common titles?
  • Is it important for you that the casino is quick to add Light and Wonder's new releases?
  • Do you want a welcome bonus that is specific to one or more of their games?

Some online casinos also award bonuses with free spins on specific game titles. If your favourite game is 88 Fortunes, would you sign up to a casino that offers 88 Fortunes free spins?

What is a Light and Wonder casino?

To us at SlotCatalog, an Light and Wonder casino is an online casino which focuses on games by Light and Wonder. There are a few pointers to this and some of them include:

  • A casino that has a large number of Light and Wonder’s games on their roster.
  • An operator who has a large Light and Wonder game collection of both new and old titles.
  • Any online casino that offers bonuses specific to their games.
  • Online casinos that are quick to add all of Light and Wonder's new releases to their catalogue.
  • Any operator that has exclusive deals for one or more of Light and Wonder's games.

Can I play Light and Wonder slots for free?

It is possible for all iGamers to play Light and Wonder games without having to deposit any cash at the online casino. These games have a 'free to play' feature which enables you to replay them as many times as you want without staking money.

Once you log in, select your preferred slot and click on the 'free play' option to start playing.

With some slots, you may have to activate the flash player installed on your internet browser. Also ensure that the browser is always updated so that the flash player can stream the slot game in real time.

There are also SG games which you can play without wagering by using a no deposit bonus. Some casinos simply require that you register before you begin.

At any Light and Wonder casino, you can start playing by using the no deposit bonus after signing up. In other instances, a free spins bonus might be awarded. Always check if there are any playthrough requirements for both the bonus money and these free spins. Once you win money, you will need to have completed these before you can make any withdrawal from the online casino. An Light and Wonder no deposit bonus is a great way to try out the games and find your way around the casino!/p>

Light and Wonder Attributes

Provider Rank (US-NJ):
Founded: 1973
Website: Light and Wonder
Total Games: 196
Video Slots: 175
Card games: 5
Roulette Games: 3
Dice Games: 1
Scratch tickets: 3
Other types: 9

Light and Wonder latest news

Q&A with Rob Procter at SG Digital

Q&A with Rob Procter at SG Digital


This week we’ve had the fortune to deep dive into SG Digital’s Cluedo Cash Mystery. SG’s content specialist director, Rob Procter shares insights on the development process, what crucial features they envisioned early on and how they managed to balance the math to the overall experience.

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Light and Wonder Countries

# Country Casinos Bonuses Avg % in lobby Provider Rank
1 Argentina Argentina 7 | 33 0.00 % 92 See Data
2 Australia Australia 5 | 188 0.00 % 364 See Data
3 Austria Austria 29 | 242 0.00 % 189 See Data
4 Bangladesh Bangladesh 1 | 8 0.00 % 361 See Data
5 Belgium Belgium 3 | 39 0.00 % 170 See Data
6 Brazil Brazil 31 | 230 0.00 % 196 See Data
7 Bulgaria Bulgaria 2 | 5 0.00 % 59 See Data
8 Canada Canada 96 | 591 0.08 % 86 See Data
9 Chile Chile 19 | 104 0.25 % 46 See Data
10 China China 1 | 35 0.00 % 217 See Data
11 Colombia Colombia 1 | 5 0.00 % 41 See Data
12 Denmark Denmark 25 | 53 0.23 % 29 See Data
13 Estonia Estonia 3 | 26 0.00 % 111 See Data
14 Finland Finland 197 | 514 0.15 % 58 See Data
15 Germany Germany 45 | 326 0.05 % 97 See Data
16 Greece Greece 9 | 51 0.00 % 103 See Data
17 Hungary Hungary 4 | 98 0.00 % 220 See Data
18 India India 27 | 178 0.11 % 62 See Data
19 Indonesia Indonesia 1 | 37 0.00 % 430 See Data
20 Ireland Ireland 87 | 279 0.32 % 32 See Data
21 Isle of Man Isle of Man 1 | 6 0.00 % 74 See Data
22 Italy Italy 10 | 36 0.00 % 109 See Data
23 Japan Japan 15 | 136 0.00 % 175 See Data
24 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 3 | 56 0.00 % 366 See Data
25 Latvia Latvia 3 | 20 0.00 % 104 See Data
26 Malta Malta 18 | 73 0.18 % 49 See Data
27 Mexico Mexico 3 | 24 0.00 % 156 See Data
28 Netherlands Netherlands 5 | 36 0.00 % 87 See Data
29 New Zealand New Zealand 103 | 421 0.18 % 46 See Data
30 Norway Norway 137 | 404 0.14 % 65 See Data
31 Poland Poland 4 | 156 0.00 % 243 See Data
32 Portugal Portugal 3 | 21 0.32 % 29 See Data
33 Romania Romania 2 | 18 0.00 % 131 See Data
34 South Africa South Africa 15 | 84 0.36 % 21 See Data
35 Spain Spain 10 | 37 0.00 % 101 See Data
36 Sweden Sweden 55 | 80 0.35 % 37 See Data
37 Thailand Thailand 6 | 73 0.14 % 42 See Data
38 Ukraine Ukraine 3 | 46 0.00 % 315 See Data
39 United Kingdom United Kingdom 371 | 514 1.09 % 17 See Data
40 US New Jersey

US New Jersey

8 | 9 1.09 % 5
41 Viet Nam Viet Nam 1 | 38 0.00 % 237 See Data
Light and Wonder | Argentina
Light and Wonder | Australia
Light and Wonder | Austria
Light and Wonder | Bangladesh
Light and Wonder | Belgium
Light and Wonder | Brazil
Light and Wonder | Bulgaria
Light and Wonder | Canada
Light and Wonder | Chile
Light and Wonder | China
Light and Wonder | Colombia
Light and Wonder | Denmark
Light and Wonder | Estonia
Light and Wonder | Finland
Light and Wonder | Germany
Light and Wonder | Greece
Light and Wonder | Hungary
Light and Wonder | India
Light and Wonder | Indonesia
Light and Wonder | Ireland
Light and Wonder | Isle of Man
Light and Wonder | Italy
Light and Wonder | Japan
Light and Wonder | Kazakhstan
Light and Wonder | Latvia
Light and Wonder | Malta
Light and Wonder | Mexico
Light and Wonder | Netherlands
Light and Wonder | New Zealand
Light and Wonder | Norway
Light and Wonder | Poland
Light and Wonder | Portugal
Light and Wonder | Romania
Light and Wonder | South Africa
Light and Wonder | Spain
Light and Wonder | Sweden
Light and Wonder | Thailand
Light and Wonder | Ukraine
Light and Wonder | United Kingdom

Light and Wonder |

Light and Wonder | Viet Nam

Casinos - quantity of scanned casinos for the market.
(Casinos where Light and Wonder games were found | Total amount of scanned casinos).

Bonuses - quantity of bonuses with Light and Wonder games.

Average percent of Light and Wonder games in the casinos lobby for the market.

Provider Rank - Rank of Light and Wonder popularity.

Casinos - quantity of scanned casinos for the market.
(Casinos where Light and Wonder games were found | Total amount of scanned casinos).

Bonuses - quantity of bonuses with Light and Wonder games.

Average percent of Light and Wonder games in the casinos lobby for the market.

Provider Rank - Rank of Light and Wonder popularity.

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