Dam Beavers Slot by ELK Studios - Free Demo & Game Review 2023

Dam Beavers slot by ELK Studios is a CollectR mechanic game with 4 floor levels. Beavers collect symbols to trigger different modifiers, and uncovering the large max win coin on the lowest floor level cracks the 10,000x potential. Play Dam Beavers demo for free, check our detailed review, and claim your bonus below!

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User Rating: 7.0/10 (1 votes)

Provider:ELK Studios
RTP 🔗: 94%
Variance: High
Max Win: x10000.00
Betways: Cluster pays
Release Date: 2023-11-23 [ i ]
SlotRank: N/A
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Dam Beavers Review

It’s rare to see an online slot that actually expands the horizon of what a slot game can be, and does so in a highly engaging and successful way. This is exactly what ELK has delivered with Dam Beavers. It comes with the same CollectR mechanic as Pirots, and the follow-up Pirots 2, but ELK has taken things to a whole new level in Dam Beavers slot. The beavers are as busy as can be on the grid, collecting symbols, triggering modifiers, and dropping down to different floors as you level up.

Also the pay symbols come with different levels, and each floor level has a unique theme. The bonus round simply continues the ongoing mayhem, and there are so many features and modifiers to explore that it will make your head spin. The visuals and animations are as hilariously charming as they are entertaining, but we know that the 94 % RTP is a turd in the punch bowl for some players. Still, Dam Beavers is definitely worth checking out, and you’ll forget all about the RTP once these beavers get busy collecting your winnings for you.

ELK Studios - Slot Developer

ELK Studios - is a renowned Swedish developer that’s been around since 2012, and they are known for high production value games with plenty of unique and entertaining features. This is an innovative developer for sure, something the game at hand is a fine example of. ELK has 94 video slots in their catalog at the time of writing.

Slot Theme And Storyline

You get to meet 4 charming beaver characters in Dam Beavers slot by ELK, and they’re into dam building and disco. Don’t worry, it will all make sense as you read the rest of the Dam Beavers review. The beavers move around to collect your winnings, as well as set off fireworks, TNT, and plenty of other modifiers. Each of the 4 floor levels comes with a unique theme, and Dam Beavers blur the lines between slot game and cartoon in ways we’ve hardly seen before.

Dam Beavers RTP, Volatility, And Max Win

The Dam Beavers RTP is 94 %, which is well below average, and this is typical for ELK these days. There are no RTP ranges to worry about, however, and this is a high volatility installment from ELK Studios. The Dam Beavers max win is 10,000x your stake, which is also not uncommon from this developer.

Dam Beavers Slot
Dam Beavers Slot - Reels Screen

Dam Beavers Rules And Gameplay

You can place bets between £0.2 and £100 per spin, and Dam Beavers slot plays out on a 5x5-sized grid by default. However, the grid will expand to 6x6, 7x7, and 8x8 as you reach levels 2, 3, and 4, respectively, and there are 4 different-colored beaver characters on the grid. They collect symbols of the same color, if possible, which is how you win. The pay symbols can be upgraded to different levels as well. You get an overview in the Dam Beavers paytable below.

Symbols And Paytable

Symbols Bet Multiplier Values
Strawberry pays 0.1x to 50x
Peach pays 0.1x to 10x
Grape pays 0.05x to 7.5x
Blueberry pays 0.05x to 5x
Wild Substitutes for pay symbols
Pie Scatter 3 collected triggers Bonus Round

Dam Beavers Bonuses And Special Features

The pay symbols are collected by the beaver with the same color shirt, and collected symbols fill the feature meter. This gives you different modifiers in escrow, and beavers can also collect and uncover feature symbols on the grid. Let’s take a closer look!

Feature Meter

You will see the Feature Meter above the grid, and fruit and wild symbols are collected in this meter. At the end of the meter you’ll see 3 cards, and two of the cards are revealed only when the meter is filled. A full meter triggers the face-up card feature, or features, when the symbol-collecting beavers cannot collect any more symbols. Here’s an overview of the features that can be unleashed:

  • Wild Scatter - replaces a random amount of symbols with wild symbols.
  • Refresh Symbol - replaces all present symbols with random symbols.
  • Symbol Swap - swaps two randomly chosen symbol types.

You can have up to all 3 features in escrow, and they will then play out one after the other.

Feature Symbols

Feature symbols are collected whenever a beaver gets access to it, and the beaver uses these symbols to trigger different modifiers:

  • Firework - upgrades the symbol level for all symbols of the relevant beaver.
  • TNT - removes surrounding floorboards (see hidden feature symbols below).
  • Blender - fills the feature meter.
  • Wild - substitute for pay symbols at the current level.

The following feature symbols are hidden beneath the floorboards, and they can be uncovered when the beavers collect symbols or detonate the TNT feature symbol:

  • Coins - from size 2x2 to 8x8 pay their value when fully uncovered.
  • Passages - opens a door in the floor that allows beavers to move to random positions.
  • Breaking Points - breaks down the whole grid when fully revealed, and the beavers drop down to the next level grid. There are 4 levels, and the grid size increases per level up to 8x8 on level 4.

All the symbols are upgraded one tier when you enter a new grid level via Breaking Points, and you get the giant Max Win Coin hidden beneath the floorboards on level 4. If you reveal the full Max Win Coin, you immediately hit the game’s 10,000x win cap.

Beaver Night Fever

You get the Beaver Night Fever feature in escrow once all floorboards are removed, but this only happens on levels 1, 2, and 3. This removes all pay symbols from the grid, and they are replaced by higher-level symbols (if possible). The symbols reset after the feature ends, however, but they are upgraded again if you reach another level in the same sequence.

Dam Beavers Free Spins

You trigger the Bonus Round when 3 pie scatters are collected by the beavers, and this must happen in the same winning sequence. You get 5 free spins in Dam Beavers slot, and the bonus round plays out at the current floor level. Everything is carried over into the bonus round, or it’s more like a continuation of the current base game. The big difference is that your floor levels don’t reset, and you are therefore more likely to end up on floor level 4. You win +5 extra spins when you collect 3 pie scatters, and there is no upper limit to how many Dam Beaver free spins you can get.

Dam Beavers Bonus Buy (not UK)

The x-iter feature and bonus buy menu is available in some jurisdictions, and it comes with 5 different options:

  • Bonus Hunt - pay 3x the stake to be 4 times more likely to trigger the bonus round.
  • Eager Beaver - pay 10x the stake to start at floor level 2.
  • Dambuster - pay 25x the stake to start at floor level 3.
  • Bonus - pay 100x the stake for the bonus round.
  • Super Bonus - pay 500x the stake to start at floor level 3 with all symbols upgraded to level 3 as well.

The 200 Spins Dam Beavers Online Slot Experience

You get to see some features and wins in the base game first, and then we purchase the Super Bonus Round exactly 1-minute into the almost 5-minute highlights video. It’s safe to say that the feature took a while to play out, and you can see what happened for yourself by hitting the play button below.

Review Summary And Verdict

We can start by saying that this is next-level stuff by ELK, and it’s a shame that some players are bound to be turned off by the 94 % RTP this studio keeps insisting on. Just go with RTP ranges, ELK, and give operators a 96 % option. Do we really have to get down on our knees? Dam Beavers is almost like watching a highly entertaining cartoon or computer game, and you totally forget that you’re playing a slot game once these beavers get busy with all their animated antics. It’s been a while since we had so much fun testing a game.

They climb down trap doors only to reappear in different positions on the grid, and the first time the whole floor caves had us rolling on the floor. The beavers are as charming as can be, and one of them is even puffing on a pipe. They are doing everything in their power to collect as much winning symbols for you as possible, and there are more than enough features to make every stage and level of this game a highly entertaining affair. The 10,000x potential is solid as well, and this is undoubtedly a contender for slot game of the year awards.

Pros And Cons Of Dam Beavers Online Slot


  • Charming beavers and amazing visuals
  • Upgrade floor and symbol levels
  • Feature meter and feature symbols
  • Bonus Round w/ unlimited extra spins
  • Win up to 10,000x your stake


  • 94 % RTP is a deal-breaker for some players

How To Play Dam Beavers At An Online Casino

You can get started playing Dam Beavers for real money at a casino right away if you wish, but we do recommend that you test the free Dam Beavers demo game first. This game is hard to not like, as you probably understand from our raving review verdict above. Follow these instructions to get started with the real deal immediately:

  • Click this link to the top of the page to find a verified Dam Beavers casino.
  • Sign up with your chosen casino and deposit money to claim the bonus.
  • Head over to the game lobby and search for Dam Beavers.

Similar Slots To Try

If you love Dam Beavers game, you should also try:

Pirots - is an ELK release that comes with colorful and charming pirate parrots that collect symbols on a 5x5 grid that can expand up to 8x8 (sound familiar?). You get different modifiers from the feature meter once it’s full, and it never resets in the free spins round. The max win is 20,000x your stake.

Pirots 2 - is ELK’s follow-up to their highly successful original game, and the CollectR win system is going strong also in this game. You get even more entertaining features and modifiers, but the max win has been reduced to 10,000x your stake.

Jeff & Scully - is a highly unique conspiracy-themed release from ELK Studios, and you get an innovative Area Wins feature going in all stages. The game comes with plenty of modifier action as well, and you can win up to 10,000x your stake.

Play The Game On Your Mobile

Sure, you can play Dam Beavers on your mobile phone if you so desire, and the game works perfectly on both Android and iOS units. You might miss out on some of the details on a smaller screen though, but Dam Beavers slot is still a highly entertaining game to bring with you on the go. You don’t need any mobile app to play either, as HTML5 technology allows you to play directly in your mobile browser.

Strategy And Tips For Winning

Our best Dam Beavers tip is to close your eyes to the 94 % RTP and just enjoy the game. We have no surefire Dam Beavers strategy for you, as no such thing exists with random slot games. However, you can consider raising your bet level when you get a sense that the bonus round is overdue to trigger. This is a fun “extra gamble” you can play with, but don’t forget that the feature can trigger at any time, of course.

Dam Beavers Demo Version And Free Play

You can check out the free Dam Beavers demo via this link to the top of the review page. Playing risk-free first is always a good idea, as you will then know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when the time comes for Dam Beavers real money play. You can also use the free demo version to figure out a bet level that works for your budget.



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Dam Beavers Slot FAQs

Can I Play Dam Beavers Free?

Yes, Dam Beavers free play is done via this link to the demo game at the top of this page (UK players must verify age first).

What Is The Dam Beavers RTP?

The Dam Beavers RTP is 94 %, which is well below average.

Where Can I Play Dam Beavers Slot?

You can find a confirmed Dam Beavers casino via this link to the top of the review page.

How To Win On Dam Beavers?

You win as the 4 character beavers collect winning symbols of the corresponding color, and the Dam Beavers max win is 10,000x your stake.

Does Dam Beavers Have Any Bonus Features?

Yes, there are too many features to cover fully here (see review above). However, you get symbol collection meter modifiers, symbol modifiers, and floor level and symbol upgrades. The bonus round comes with more of the same.

Scanned Countries

US New Jersey

Sorry, Dam Beavers is not available for this market. In total, we scanned casinos at 56 in various markets. Dam Beavers is available in 16 countries. The markets with the highest number of casinos are: GB, IE, FI, NZ

Country Scanned [i] With Game [i] In Lobby [i] SlotRank [i] Action
United Kingdom GB 555 8 0 5502 See Data
Ireland IE 307 3 0 16341 See Data
Finland FI 548 3 2 650 See Data
New Zealand NZ 460 2 0 16349 See Data

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Dam Beavers Attributes

Provider: ELK Studios
Release Date: 2023-11-23 [ i ]
Wide release date: 2023-12-03
Type: Video Slots
RTP: 94%
Variance: High
Hit Frequency: 24.8
Max Win: x10000.00
Min bet $, €, £: 0.2
Max bet $, €, £: 100
Layout: 5-5
Betways: Cluster pays
Features: Additional Free Spins, Avalanche / Cascading wins, Buy Feature, Cluster Pays, Fixed Jackpots, FreeSpins, Random Wilds / Additional Wilds, Reelset Changing, Sticky Wilds, Symbol Swap, Symbols collection (Energy), Walking Symbols, Moving Wilds, Wild
Theme: N/A
Objects: N/A
Genre: N/A
Other tags: Brown, Animals, Fruit
Technology: JS, HTML5
Game Size: 27.1 MB
Last Update: 2023-11-28

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