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Provider:Play'n Go
RTP 🔗: 94.2% RTP Ranges!
Variance: Med
Max Win: x5000.00
Betways: 20
Release Date: 2020-08-27
SlotRank: 868
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Jolly Roger 2 Review

Ahoy, fellow pirates. Join the motley crew and set sail on an adventure to conquer the entire ocean with the brand new slot Jolly Roger 2 from Play'n Go. Piracy is a pretty common theme within the gambling industry, and even more, it has become pretty cliched and jaded over the years since almost every provider has at least one pirate-inspired slot in their portfolio.

The original Jolly Roger was a lovely title and it was a hit back in 2012 when it was released, so Play' Go decided to give a rebirth to their brainchild and follow the footsteps of its success, so now it's officially a series. The sequel is a step-up in quality and delivers a new layer of entertainment thanks to loads of features involved. The devs also have drastically improved the appearance of the game, thus we get a reinvented version that has fewer similarities to the original than you might have thought, though, Play'n Go kept the DNA of the original part in some of the aspects, however, not that significant.

Jolly Roger 2 - Design and Symbols

As alluded to earlier, the slot comes with a pirate theme, so don't expect to see anything except the corresponding elements concerning the design. The semi-transparent greed is set on a ship, while the backdrop showcases a vast blue sea filled with numerous other ships all ready to crush their enemies with loaded cannons. Not to say that the scenery is one of the most wonderful we've seen so far, but it's way better than the original had and we have to pay tribute to the design team for depicting everything in detail. Over the last years Play'n Go has been actually sticking to a meticulous approach in terms of the design, and this title is no exception indeed, thus the changes between the original Jolly Roger and the second part shall be visible to an unaided eye. The soundtrack is another of highlights as it fits the gameplay perfectly as an epic piece of music play whilst you spin the reels. It captures the essential pirate vibe and picks up the tempo when you hit bonus features to add a final touch to the atmosphere.


The payable offers a bunch of recognizable symbols alongside some newer ones. The symbol collection is a set of 9 regular symbols split into highs and lows. On the lower side, we get a common pack of 10-A royals. They do correspond to the theme thanks to the touch of styling applied, giving them a dash of personality. They are followed in ascending order by skull rings, skull saltires, a bunch of diamonds, and treasure chests as the top stars here. There's also a Wild symbol included in Jolly Roger 2, which is represented by a black flag with a skull and crossed bones, which acts as a substitute to any other regular symbols, assisting you in making winnings combos or enhancing already existing ones. Moreover, it's worth the same as the treasure chest symbols, so keep an eye for these specials.

You'll require at least 3 symbols on a line to score a win, and 5-of-a-kinds lead to the highest regular symbol payouts. The game isn't as generous on the payouts as we'd like it to be. The payouts start from 1x on the low end and reach 2.5x of the bet for the low pays, while the premiums award from 5 to 10 times the stake for matching 5 instances on a single line.

Jolly Roger 2 - Technical Info

When it comes to the technical aspects, Play'n Go sticks to their common straightforward approach. Jolly Roger is played across a 5x3 reelset with 20 ways to play. The game is powered by a medium volatile math model, so the wins will occur fairly often to keep you afloat, however, you'll still have to manifest a great level of patience awaiting the big wins to come, thus adjust your bets wiser to survive in the long run. The RTP value is solid at 96.2%, which is above the average level within the industry of 96%.\

Players drop in by setting bets from 0.2$ to 100$ per spin, providing a pretty wide range that would appeal to both high-rollers and casual less risky players. True to the Play'n Go's style, the maximum potential is 5,000x of the bet. Not to say that 5k times the stake is a meager amount, though, we've seen a lot higher potentials so far. Thus, you can hope for a win of up to 500,000$ on a single spin when playing with the max bet option available.

Jolly Roger 2 - Bonus Features

Unlike the first part of the series, the second Jolly Roger is packed with outstanding features to keep you entertained during the session. It seems that Play'n Go and NetEnt are flexing the muscles and making a little completion to determine the best piracy-inspired slot of the year. The Jolly Roger sequel really boasts as many features as Rage of the Seas does.

The first feature to mention is the Compass feature. The compass is situated on top of the reels and activates at random on any spin during both the base and bonus games to award a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x, or 10x to the current spin.

Land 3 Scatters on the reels 1, 3, and 5 to trigger the Bonus Quest feature. Then you'll be taken to the selection round where you have to reveal 12 scrolls, and the purpose is to uncover 3 matching icons to determine a bonus game you'll be awarded. There are 4 bonus games in total, including Instant Prizes, Bottle of Rum, Treasure Hunt, and Battle Spins.

  • Instant Prizes - awards a random cash prize from 2x to 20x of the bet, and the Compass feature is also available so multipliers of 200x are possible, though, otherwise, it's the least lucrative bonus among all.
  • Bottle of Rum Free Spins - one Free Spin will be awarded to start and when the reels halt you'll be provided with 5 rum bottles corresponding to the 5 reels to pick from. Select the bottles until you discover a poisoned one to turn the correctly chosen reels into Wild. The Compass feature is also available during the bonus game, so the best outcome would be to have a 10x multiplier and an entire Wild reel to hit the jackpot of 2,000x of the bet.
  • Treasure Hunt - another Free Spins round, this time awarding 10 spins. A map will appear beneath the reels displaying a boat, an X mark, and a number of moves. Whenever a map symbol lands onto the reels, it moves the boat on the map one position further, and landing 4 will make it to the X mark and ascend you to the next level and digs up a chest. Each level upgrade awards 2 or 3 additional Free Spins. Upgrades also may award random extras to assist you during the feature, such as symbol upgrades, additional Wilds, and multipliers. There are 7 levels in total, and once you get to the top one, the map symbols will be removed from the grid and the rest of Free Spins played with accumulated extras.
  • Battle Free Spins - come with 3 lives instead of a fixed number of Free Spins, so the feature continues up to the moment when no more lives are left. The opponent will be randomly determined before the bonus round to be either a Privateer of a Merchant ship. The battles are played across a 3x3 grid where only pirate and privateer coins can land. To win the round you have to land more coins than your opponent.

Battling against a Privateer ship is a challenging task, though if you manage to win you'll get one extra life and one Free Spin with the Compass feature enabled and a random reel fully stacked with Wilds. The Privateer ships come in 3 variants - British, Portuguese, and Dutch. and each of them awards a particular Victory Reward.

  • British Victory Reward - all premiums are upgraded to the top-paying treasure chest symbols. 
  • Portuguese Victory Reward - all the instances of 2 randomly chosen symbols will be turned into Wild.
  • Dutch Victory Reward - three adjacent reels will 'merge' into 1 to synchronize and display the same symbols.

Losing a battle against the enemy will deprive you of 1 life, though you still get a consolation Free Spin with a Stacked Wild reel.

Battles against Merchant ships are always won, and you'll be awarded a Free Spin with a Pirate Victory Reward that turns a random reel into Wild, though you won't gain an extra life and the Compass feature won't be triggered.

Where to play?

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We strongly recommend you to check out the bonus offers for this game before depositing. We scan all casinos daily to provide you with the most relevant and lucrative welcome bonuses, so scroll this page up to the offer list and pick one, or just simply follow this link to claim a bonus for Jolly Roger 2.

?️ Demo Free Play

In case you still doubt whether this game is your perfect choice, you can check out the demo version at first. You'll find the game container on top of this page, just scroll up and press the 'Play for Free' button, or follow this link to play Jolly Roger 2 demo for free.

The 200 Spins Experience in Jolly Roger 2

We've tested this game for you to check out whether it is as entertaining and rewarding in fact as it is on paper. Before sharing the details, we have to note that 200 spins are not enough to provide any accurate statistics or track any patterns, so here we'll just describe our personal opinion and subjective experience.

It's necessary to mention that we've done our small test before the actual release, however, we opted for a bet of 1$ per spin and enabled the autospins mode to make things simple. It didn't take us a long time to realize that the hit rate is actually poor despite that the volatility level is set to medium. We really struggled to land a decent win, not even speaking of a couple of consecutive wins. We still did get some returns, however, not enough to keep us afloat, and our bankroll kept decreasing. Luckily, the Scatters seem to pop up fairly often, and based on our experience we can claim that the bonus triggers approximately once in 50 or 60 spins. However, we lacked some luck within the first two feature activations and ended up with a 10x and 8x instant prize, though, not the worst outcome yet indeed, it'd do for a consolation prize.

The first 100 spins ended up with an insignificant overall loss, though, we didn't lose any enthusiasm unlike our bankroll and launched the next 100 autospins right away. The second try was much more fruitful than the first since we managed to get the Bottle of Rum bonus, which actually was less beneficial as we'd like it to be, and the Treasure Hunt Free Spins bonus game. The second feature was a lot funnier and lucrative, and we even managed to collect enough maps to uncover 2 buried treasures, including 2 and 3 additional Free Spins and a 2x multiplier.


Not to say that we made it to a massive payout in the end, though, we did hit a pretty decent win of 42x of the bet and were absolutely pleased with our session. In accordance with our 200 spins test of Jolly Roger 2, it seems that this title is likely to turn your dreams of 'riches' come true. The game has a perfect balance of fun and remuneration, which results in a fairly delightful session that won't leave anyone disappointed at least in terms of getting pleasure from the gameplay itself. Anyway, we wish you more luck than we had, and may the luck bless you and lead to great rewards.

Jolly Roger 2 - Verdict

All up, Jolly Roger 2 is a superb remake of the original pirate-themed oldie. The improvements affected the gameplay drastically, and it's more likely to be called a whole different game than a sequel to the first part, as there are quite a few similarities. Yet, it's not that surprising as almost 8 years have passed since the release of the original Jolly Roger, however, as mentioned before, Play'n Go managed to keep the DNA of the original in some aspects. The first was all about moving back and forth around the map and digging the treasures, and the second part nods the predecessor within a couple of features.

When it comes to the features, you'll hardly have a dull moment during the session. The feature set is outstanding and will certainly keep you in the right mood and of course, lead you to some decent wins. The features come in a particular hierarchy, however, thanks to the Compass feature you are able to benefit even from the least desired ones, and it's the little thing so many slots lack, making Jolly Roger 2 a standout at least from the niche.

To conclude, comparing to NetEnt's Rage of the Seas, the games have an equal number of pros and cons. Some may find Jolly Roger 2 more fun, while others will change the whopping potential in Rage of the Seas. They both come with authentic features and absolutely different atmospheres, ironically. In case you prefer a more dramatic and epic vibe instead of the dark and gloomy than this title is your choice, otherwise, you are more likely to prefer NetEnt's brainchild.

In a nutshell, the sequel appeals way more than the original, so if you liked the first part, the second will definitely blow your mind. It takes the gameplay to a whole new level delivering a new layer of entertainment, so it's an excellent alternative to Rage of the Seas.

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Jolly Roger 2. Jolly Roger 2 slot
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Jolly Roger 2 Slot FAQs

What is the Return to Player percentage of Jolly Roger 2?

The RTP of this game is slightly above the average level within the industry at 96.2% Read more about RTP here.

How volatile is this title?

The game is powered by a medium volatile math model, so the wins will occur fairly often to keep you afloat.

What is the max win possible?

You can hope for a win to 5,000x of the bet, which is 500,000$ on a single spin when playing with the max bet option available.

What are the bonus features?

The game boasts Random Multipliers, Instant Cash Prizes, and 3 Bonus Games.

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Jolly Roger 2 Attributes

Provider: Play'n Go
Release Date: 2020-08-27
Type: Video Slots
RTP: 94.2% RTP Ranges!
Variance: Med
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: x5000.00
Min bet $, €, £: 0.2
Max bet $, €, £: 100
Layout: 5-3
Betways: 20
Features: BonusGame: Pick Objects, FreeSpins, Multiplier, RTP range, Scatter symbols, Symbol Swap, Wild
Theme: Pirate
Objects: Chest, Diamond, Ring, Ships
Genre: N/A
Other tags: Blue, Brown, Pirates
Technology: JS, HTML5
Game Size: N/A MB
Last Update: 2022-01-09
Articles: Pirate Slots

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