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DJ Psycho slot is a medium volatile rave party game from NoLimit City, and it plays out on a 4x4 cluster pays grid with cascading wins. It’s all about upgrading symbol multipliers via different special symbols, as well as upgrading the xKnob win multiplier. Symbol multipliers keep building per win as well, and never reset in the two bonus rounds. The win multiplier is non-resetting in the top-tier Psycho Spins feature, and the max win is 25,420x your stake. Check our full slot review below the free DJ Psycho demo game.

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User Rating: 9.0/10 (2 votes)

Provider:Nolimit City
RTP 🔗: 96.05% RTP Ranges!
Variance: Med
Max Win: x25420.00
Betways: Cluster pays
Release Date: 2023-08-22
SlotRank: N/A
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DJ Psycho slot Big Win August 2023

Nolimit's recent DJ Psycho slot keeps paying big to the players. On 29th August, one of the punters managed to achieve the biggest payout on the game, winning a staggering 25,420x from his 0.4 euro bet, which brought him over 10,000. Check this epic win out below.


The player caught a lengthy cascading combo that filled the free spins meter and activated the Gees! Spins bonus.


He got 4 more spins on the first free spin by filling the meters further, yet all that wasn't really necessary since only a few were enough for the player to reach the desired max win.


In several spins, the reels got flooded with bonus symbols. One xKnob, one Break, one Bite, and four xBPM symbols produced an unbelievable combination with tons of Wilds and Multipliers, which smashed through the win barrier.


The feature was put to an end immediately, and the player was paid €10,168.

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DJ Psycho Review

Remember the escaped convict, DJ P5ychØ, from NoLimit City’s hallucinogenic funnel called The Rave? Well, he’s back with a bang in this follow-up release simply called DJ Psycho, and it seems that marijuana is the drug of choice this time, at least judging from the visuals, win story, and the 420 hints in both the game’s max win and bonus buy price. This is less of an emotional rollercoaster perhaps, but all the blinking lights from the DJ booth-centered grid might be a tad too much for players outside of the game’s target audience.

The gameplay itself can also be confusing at first, but it boils down to landing Crossed symbols that upgrade the symbol multipliers in different ways. This is how a 4x4 grid can produce cluster wins up to 40+, and consecutive wins add to the symbol multipliers as well. The Beat Bar keeps track of everything, and both symbol multipliers and the xKnob win multiplier only keep building in the top-tier Psycho Spins bonus round. DJ Psycho is a less volatile follow-up slot to The Rave, but the 25,420x potential is also significantly reduced.

NoLimit City - Slot Developer

NoLimit City rose to stardom via their willingness to tread where no other developer dares. They suddenly started churning out one controversial release after another, and they often cover bizarre and gory subject matters (but usually with a healthy dose of humor to balance out the darkness of their themes). They deliver top-notch quality almost every time, and they are in a class of their own as what they do hardly compares to anyone else.

Slot Theme And Storyline

DJ Psycho is set in the DJ booth of a wild rave party, and both zombies (or is it aliens) and undead skeletons are in charge of the music. The repetitive soundtrack is hypnotic, as you can imagine, but the win story is far from the hallucinogenic deep dive you may remember from The Rave. Less heavy drugs, like cannabis, seems to be the focus this time, and we are sure fans will appreciate this unexpected DJ P5ychØ comeback.

DJ Psycho RTP, Volatility, And Max Win

The top-tier DJ Psycho RTP is 96.05 %, which is a tad above average according to our stats. However, operators can adjust the RTP down to 94.09, 92.08, or 87.04 %, depending on the market. Surprisingly enough, DJ Psycho is a medium volatility game from NoLimit City, and the volatility scores 6 out of 10 on their own scale. The max win is 25,420x your stake, and max win hit rate is 1 in 37 million spins for the top-tier RTP version.

DJ Psycho Slot - Reels Screen

DJ Psycho Rules And Gameplay

You win by landing 3 to 40+ matching symbols in a cluster anywhere on the grid, and clusters connect vertically and/or horizontally (not diagonally). Winning symbols are removed to make room for new symbols to appear, and this process repeats as long as you keep winning. You can spin with bet levels between £0.2 and £100, which caters to both penny punters and high rollers.

There are 5 low and 5 premium symbols in DJ Psycho slot, and wild symbols step in for any pay symbol to help complete and/or improve cluster wins. Perhaps you’re wondering how 40+ symbols cluster win is possible on a 4x4 sized grid? Well, the answer is found in the symbol multiplier system we cover further down in this DJ Psycho slot review.

Symbols And Paytable

Symbols Bet Multiplier Values
Pink Crown Light 3 to 40+ = 1.25x to 1,271x
Yellow Smiley Face Light 3 to 40+ = 1x to 750x
Green Cannabis Light 3 to 40+ = 0.75x to 650x
Purple Skull Light 3 to 40+ = 0.55x to 550x
Blue Alien Light 3 to 40+ = 0.25x to 500x
Red Light 3 to 40+ = 0.2x to 450x
Orange Light 3 to 40+ = 0.15x to 400x
Green Light 3 to 40+ = 0.1x to 350x
Purple Light 3 to 40+ = 0.1x to 250x
Blue Light 3 to 40+ = 0.05x to 200x
‘W’ Wild Symbol Substitutes for pay symbols (no value)

DJ Psycho Bonuses And Special Features

DJ Psycho is packed with somewhat confusing bonus features (at least at first glance), but we’ll give you clarity and an overview of how things work below.

Boosted xBet

You can start by deciding whether or not you want to play with the Boosted xBet switched on, as this will increase your regular price per spin by 235 %. The benefit is that the Geez Spins Bonus Round is 3x more likely to trigger, and your top-tier Psycho Spins Bonus Round chances are increased by 7 times.

You get one of the two bonus rounds every 147 spins on average without the xBet switched on, which is already a better than average hit rate according to our stats. The xBet RTP is actually a tad lower than the regular top-tier RTP, which is something to take into consideration, and it clocks in at 96.01 % as opposed to 96.05 %.

Special Symbols

The special symbols below turn themselves, as well as surrounding symbols in different patterns, into Crossed Symbols. This upgrades the symbol multiplier by +1 per affected symbol. If you get 2 transformations of the same symbols in the same cascading sequence, the upgraded symbols turn wild.

  • Break symbols - turns itself and adjacent symbols in a cross formation into crossed symbols (an extra symbol is added per upgrade, essentially).
  • Bite symbols - same as above, but for diagonal adjacent symbols.
  • Drop symbols - triggers only if 2 drop symbols are present, and this turns the drop symbols, as well as all symbols in the shortest path between them, into crossed symbols. A single drop is a valueless blank.

Here are some more special symbols to look out for:

  • xKnob symbol - turns into a wild and adds a minimum of +1 to the overall win multiplier (the multiplier resets between base game spins).
  • xBPM symbol - doubles the symbol multipliers on its row, and turns into a wild.

Beat Bar

Can be seen on the right-hand side, and it provides you with an overview of the symbol multiplier of the colored symbols. The respective symbol multipliers increase by +1 each time a colored symbol connects, and everything resets between base game spins. Also, 1 to 5 colors are chosen randomly per spin to become bonus round triggers.

DJ Psycho Free Spins

You get 2 different free spins rounds in DJ Psycho, and they both have in common that the Beat Bar symbol multipliers never reset.

The Geez Spins Bonus Round triggers when a FS-marked color symbol hits an x3 symbol multiplier in the Beat Bar. This gives you 5 free spins as a minimum, and you win +2 additional free spins per additional FS-marked color symbol that hits an x3 symbol multiplier at the same time.

The Psycho Spins Bonus Round triggers when you achieve an x5 symbol multiplier for all the color symbols in the base game. Upgrading from the Geez Spins feature is also possible, and once again it happens when all color symbol multipliers reach x5. You get 17 free spins either way, and the xKnob multiplier never resets in this top-tier bonus round. Also, any win guarantees at least one special symbol on the next cascade.

Bonus Buy (not UK)

The feature buy menu is found on the left-hand side, in the form of a yellow star, and eligible players can choose between the following 4 options (max bet is £32 for all options):

  • Pay 50x your stake for the Geez Spins bonus round (RTP of 96.27 %).
  • Pay 420x your stake for the Psycho Spins bonus round (RTP of 96.2 %).
  • Pay 77x your stake for a Lucky Draw with unspecified chances (RTP of 96.21 %).
  • Pay 209x your stake for a Lucky Draw with a 40 % chance of Psycho Spins, a 20 % chance for Geez Spins, and a 40 % chance for the regular Lucky Draw (RTP of 96.33 %).

The 200 Spins DJ Psycho Online Slot Experience

You get a brief taste of the base game, before we purchase the Psycho Spins bonus round at 0:32 into the 5:34-minute highlights video. We can promise you plenty of special symbol action, as well as larger win story-triggering wins, and you can check it all out for yourself by hitting the play button below.

Review Summary And Verdict

We can start by saying that we were far more impressed by The Rave than this follow-up, and DJ Psycho is not a game for players with any kind of epileptic tendencies. The base game is confusing at first, until you realize that it’s mostly about upgrading symbols with symbol multipliers, as well as hopefully dialing the xKnob win multiplier up as many notches as possible per cascading sequence. Most of the time it doesn’t amount to all that much though, but at least the bonus rounds come along quite frequently.

This is not least the case with the xBet turned on, but paying 235 % extra per spin is a bit steeper than most ante bets out there. It’s obvious from the bonus buy prices that the Geez Spins seldom amount to much, so upgrading to Psycho Spins is a priority. Things can definitely heat up when the win multiplier only keeps building, and the 25,420x potential is pretty solid for a medium volatile game. DJ Psycho is a less brutal and less emotionally exhausting ride than The Rave, and we’re sure younger players don’t mind all the blinking lights as much as we did.

Pros And Cons Of DJ Psycho Online Slot


  • Cascading Wins & Cluster Pays engine
  • Boosted xBet 7x the top-tier bonus round hit rate
  • Special symbols upgrade symbol multipliers
  • xKnob overall win multiplier upgrade symbol
  • Beat Bar symbol multiplier upgrade per win
  • FS w/ non-resetting symbol multipliers
  • Psycho Spins w/ non-resetting win multiplier
  • Win up to 25,420x your stake


  • Beware of adjustable RTP ranges
  • Should have migraine and epileptic warning

How To Play DJ Psycho At An Online Casino

If you feel ready to try your luck at an online casino, the best and quickest way to get started is to check our DJ Psycho casino list at the top of this review page. It’s found right below the free demo game, and all casinos on that list are confirmed by our daily casino scan to carry this title. Simply follow these steps to get started immediately:

  • Scroll to the top (and look below the DJ Psycho demo).
  • Pick an online casino and welcome bonus that suits you.
  • Sign up and deposit money to claim your bonus.
  • Search the slot section for “DJ Psycho”.

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If you like DJ Psycho, you should also check:

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Play DJ Psycho Slot On Your Mobile

Of course you can play DJ Psycho on the go, and all DJ Psycho casinos we recommend at the top of this page allow you to play directly in your favorite mobile browser. This means that you don’t need to download any casino app (unless you want to), and you can play DJ Psycho on both Android and Apple devices (such as iPhone and iPad).

Strategy And Tips For Winning

No strategy can ensure that you win, but we still have a few DJ Psycho slot strategy tips to share with you. Make sure that you play with the top-tier RTP setting, and ask the casino if you are in doubt. Staying afloat is easier than usual due to the medium volatility. Take advantage by considering the somewhat pricey xBet option to trigger plenty of bonus rounds.

DJ Psycho Demo Version And Free Play

It’s usually a good idea to test the free demo version of any game before playing for real money, and the DJ Psycho demo slot is available at the very top of this review page. It’s free to play the demo version, of course, and you might also be able to find DJ Psycho free spins in the confirmed DJ Psycho casino list we recommend right below the demo game.



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DJ Psycho Slot FAQs

Can I Play DJ Psycho Free?

Yes, DJ Psycho free spins may be available at certain casinos, and DJ Psycho free play is available at the top of this page via the demo version (UK players must verify age first).

What Is The DJ Psycho RTP?

The top-tier DJ Psycho RTP of 96.05 % is a bit above average. Keep in mind, however, that DJ Psycho comes with customizable RTP ranges as follows: 94.09, 92.08, or 87.04 %.

Where Can I Play DJ Psycho Slot?

Our daily casino scan keeps this review page up to date with the best DJ Psycho casino list, as all casinos we recommend at the top of this page (below the demo game) are confirmed to carry the game.

How To Win On DJ Psycho?

You win by landing 3 to 40+ matching symbols in a cluster anywhere on the 4x4 grid, but the symbol multiplier system is required to land anything above a full-grid 16-symbols cluster win. You can win up to 1,271x your stake from a 40+ cluster (without any win multiplier action).

Does DJ Psycho Have Any Bonus Features?

Oh yes, DJ Psycho is jam-packed with features. It boils down to symbol multipliers in different forms, and xKnob win multiplier upgrades. In addition, you get the Geez Spins and Psycho Spins bonus rounds, and a Bonus Buy menu (not UK).

DJ Psycho
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DJ Psycho Attributes

Provider: Nolimit City
Release Date: 2023-08-22
Type: Video Slots
RTP: 96.05% RTP Ranges!
Variance: Med
Hit Frequency: N/A[ i ]
Max Win: x25420.00
Min bet $, €, £: 0.2
Max bet $, €, £: 100
Layout: 5-3
Betways: Cluster pays
Features: Additional Free Spins, Avalanche / Cascading wins, Bonus Bet, Bonus symbols, Buy Feature, Cluster Pays, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Multiplier, RTP range, Symbol Swap
Theme: N/A
Objects: N/A
Genre: N/A
Other tags: Neon, DJ, Musician
Technology: JS, HTML5
Game Size: 38 MB
Last Update: 2023-09-23

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