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The best new online slots released during the last month

Slots are undoubtedly the most popular type of casino games. In recent years, the number of slot developers has grown exponentially which has translated into about 40 new slot games being released each week or approximately, 160 a month. Given the number of new slot releases these days, there simply isn’t enough time to give all of them a fair chance, but to be honest, not all titles deserve much playtime or attention. However, to keep things simple for you, the SlotCatalog slot ranking system makes it easy for you to decide which game deserves your time and money.

  1. Introduction
  2. SlotCatalog’s list of the latest, most qualitative and best slot games
  3. How to play the best new slots?
  4. Where to play the best new slots?
  5. What kind of new casino games makes the list?
  6. Hot slot game trends in 2020
  7. New online slots FAQ

SlotCatalog’s list of the latest, most qualitative and best slot games

Online slots have become hugely popular in the last decade, providing players with an entertaining, exciting, and potentially profitable gaming experience on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Online casinos offer a massive (and sometimes overwhelming) selection of online slots with a dizzying array of features and themes, from 3-reel classics to sophisticated multi-bonus slots with life-changing payouts.

Navigating your way through thousands of slot titles can be daunting, especially when new games are released daily into an extremely crowded and competitive market! This is why SlotCatalog’s SlotRank is a useful slot ranking metric for players, operators, and software providers alike.

Determining what is a good, bad or ugly slot is somewhat of a subjective topic because every player has different tastes and expectations. However, one way to objectively evaluate slots is to use a data-driven approach and this is where the SlotCatalog SlotRank steps into the spotlight.

SlotRank is a unique ranking system that rates, scores, and ranks online slots based on exposure in online casinos. SlotCatalog’s Game of the Month ranking is an objective and data-driven list of the highest-ranked online slots in specific regions over the last 30 days.

The SlotRank engine scans about 1000 online casino sites in over 24 global markets daily, to determine which slot games are on offer, as well as their position (visibility) in the casino lobby. In short, a game with a prominent lobby position in a high-profile casino will receive a better overall slot ranking. SlotRank is calculated by region, which means players can see the slot rankings for a specific country by changing the language in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Since thousands of new slot titles are released every year, the Games of the Month list is refreshed and updated daily. Visiting the page on any specific day will display results for the games released during the last 30 days, so be sure to check it regularly. Games of the Month results can be filtered by region, RTP, game type, provider, max bet, and volatility. We also provide technical data and full slot reviews for every slot that appears on the Games of the Month page, and you can play the game for free right here at SlotCatalog.

How to play the best new slots?

Getting started with the best new slots is a rather simple process, and here are our suggested guidelines for getting the most out of your slots playing experience.

1. Select a New Slot - Deciding which slot to try can be overwhelming due to the huge number of choices. Many players simply choose at random, maybe basing their choice on the game’s title or the developer or theme. Some players choose based on the initial visual appearance of the thumbnail image. In essence, there is a multitude of ways to choose a slot to play, but one of the ways to make the process simpler and to kickstart your playing is with the SlotCatalog list of the best new slots. Taking a look at our list for your region will narrow down the list of potentials. We suggest being adventurous and trying slots with varying themes as you just might find the "golden nugget" you’ve been looking for.

2. Read the Review - As mentioned, all the top-ranking slots have been reviewed by our diligent team of slots aficionados. Clicking on a title in the list will take you to a comprehensive review of the game. You will find plenty of detailed info about each new slot, to give you even more direction. Bear in mind that our reviewer’s experience and opinion of a slot may be completely different to yours. The slot review is simply a great starting point to know what the game is all about, the features and a way to further narrow down your list of choices.

3. Try the Slot for Free - Today, almost all game developers make a free play version available, and when you check out our review of a slot, you will find the demo version on the review page. We highly recommend playing the demo version before committing your hard-earned cash. While it is great to play with the intention to win money, the entertainment factor is crucial and nothing is more disappointing than blowing through your bankroll in minutes on a new slot that doesn’t even give you some level of enjoyment. Another key reason you should play the free play version is to get familiar with the game, its features, how wins are achieved and if it meets your entertainment expectations. From our experience, playing slots is far more enjoyable when you have a grasp of the game. Be sure to give the slot a fair test run with at least a couple hundred spins. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, pick another slot and try again. When you’ve found the best new slot for you, it’s time to play for real money.

4. Choose an Online Casino - When you’re ready to start wagering for real cash, you need to pick a casino to play at. You may already have a favourite casino where you’ve got an account, or you may want to choose a new casino. If you plan on playing at a casino where you are already a member, check to see if they have your new slot available; almost all casinos have a search option. If you’re up for a new casino and a welcome bonus, on the slot’s review page, we give you a selection of the best online casinos in your region that offer the new slot. Choose one and get started (don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus).

5. Set a Budget and Playing Strategy - With the decision of which best new slot to play and which online casino to play at, you will be tempted to just get the reels spinning at soon as possible. At SlotCatalog, we love casino games and gambling, but we are big advocates for playing responsibly. Before getting the action started, decide on a playing budget, i.e. the amount you feel comfortable putting on the line and decide a playing strategy. What is a playing strategy you might ask? This is an extensive topic, but in the simplest form, it is deciding how much you want to wager on each spin based on your allocated bankroll. If you’ve got a budget of €100, you don’t want to be staking €10 per spin or you’ll be out of bankroll in no time. You may want to start with a small bet per spin and increase it as your bankroll grows. Almost all new slots have responsible play settings available within the game. We recommend setting your limits upfront, so you can focus on enjoying the new slot game.

6. Start Playing - With all the "formalities" out of the way, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the new slot, and hopefully take down some huge wins!

Where to play the best new slots?

Choosing where to play the best new slots can be even more extensive that deciding which slot to play and we have various guides and hundreds of casino reviews on SlotCatalog to help you choose a casino that is right for you, but for the purpose of this article, first and foremost, you want to make sure that the casino offers the new slot, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Top online slot sites

Right here, on SlotCatalog, you can short-circuit the decision making process by checking out our list of Top Online Casinos. What makes our list so effective is that our top online slots lists are customised specifically for your country or region. For example, if you live in the UK, you will see the top online casinos for the UK. Knowing upfront which casinos are available in your region, helps avoid disappointment when trying to sign up and getting the dreaded message, "we do not accept players from your country".

New mobile slots sites

On your quest to find the best new online slots to play, you will probably be considering a mobile slots site so that you know you will be able to enjoy your gaming sessions on your smartphone or tablet. While most casinos today are mobile-friendly, some just do it better than others and have dedicated a lot of time and effort into providing a seamless mobile user experience. To save you the time and effort of testing which new mobile sites provide the best UX, be sure to check out our list and reviews of the Best Mobile Slots sites. Best of all, you’ll get to see the best of the best mobile casinos for your country or region.

New online slots sites

New online slots sites are popping up all the time. Some of them are merely sister brands of existing sites and some are brand new. Navigating your way through all of these to find the one that meets your needs, and most importantly, offers the new slots games you want to play, can be quite a process, but as usual, the SlotCatalog team make this super easy for you. Simply visit our list of New Online Slots sites to find our top picks and reviews.

What kind of new casino games makes the list?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are hundreds of new casinos games, especially new slots, being released every month. While we make every effort to try to review every new game, it is simply not possible. Not only are new games being launched every month, but more and more small development studios are climbing into the casino space regularly. Of course, our first port of call when compiling our lists is finding out the new releases from the biggest names in the industry such as Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, Yggdrasil and others, but we also connect with many of the up and coming studios too. One of the most effective ways to deal with the plethora of new slots is our data-driven approach of tracking slot popularity with our SlotRank engine. By knowing which games players are gravitating towards, this steers our review team to check these out, review them and ensure they are on the list. Our diligent team also put a lot of emphasis on identifying the latest mobile slots, so that our lists include as many new mobile slots as possible.

New Video Slots

Finding the best new video slots (and even the older ones) to play is made easy with SlotCatalog. Simply visit our Video Slots page and you will find a plethora of new video slots for your region. Check out the list, select a video slot and give it a try for free or go for the real money action with one of our recommended online casinos.

New Classic Slots

Despite the advancements in technology and captivating storylines, animations and features of most of the new slots, there is still a strong demand for classic slots. Many developers have recognized the demand for New Classic Slots and regularly release classics with a twist. Just like old school classic cars that have been restored and have an avid following, there are many players who enjoy the simplicity of classic slots that have fewer reels and paylines and are easy to follow. Ready to play some New Classic Slots? Check out our list of the top classic slots in your country.

New Progressive Slots

Everyone dreams, at some time or another, about hitting a life-changing progressive jackpot. While there are very few new network progressive jackpots launched regularly, more and more game designers are incorporating in-game progressive jackpots into their new slots. While these new progressive slots don’t pay out the types of jackpots you can retire on, there certainly are some great prizes to be won. Hit the link here to start playing New Progressive Slots

New Roulette Games

Roulette certainly needs no introduction, as this classic game remains a firm favourite for gamblers across the globe. Every now and then, an innovative game developer comes up with an exciting new Roulette game. While the fundamentals always remain the same, the new perks can make for some thrilling action on the wheel of steel. Ready to take a punt on your lucky numbers? Check out our list of old and new roulette games here.

New Live Casino Games

When you’re up for some casino action with real dealers, it’s not always possible or convenient to travel to a land-based casino near to where you live, which is why Live Casino games bring the action to your screen. With plenty of Live Casino games available at many online casinos, there is no reason not to enjoy interacting with real people while playing your favourite table games like blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, dice games and more. Take a look at our extensive list of old and new Live Casino games.

One of the questions we often get asked here at SlotCatalog is what are the hot slot game trends. This is certainly no easy question to answer, but there are certain features we are noticing more and more in recent times when it comes to slot trends. Here a few that stand out:

Virtual Reality - VR has been gaining momentum in the last few years especially when it comes to video games, so it was expected that the slots would eventually benefit from this technology. You can expect in the coming years for more immersive slots experiences thanks to VR.

Gamification - This is not something new to the world of casino but for some reason, it has taken years for the trend to garner more and more support. Gamification features, like leaderboards, are intended to engage you more and reward you for achieving certain objectives or tracking your progress. Stay tuned, because you are sure to see this trend growing.

Megaways™ - If you’re an avid slots fan, you will have noticed over the last decade how slots went from paylines to ways to win to Megaways™. With each advancement, the number of winning lines/combinations has grown. Once upon a time, if a slot had 15 paylines, that was a lot. Now, with Megaways™, it’s possible to have 100,000+ ways to win. Want to know more about Megaways™? Check out our picks of the best Megaways™ slots.


New online slots FAQ

❔ Do new slots have better payouts than older ones?

❔ What does it mean when it says mobile slots?

❔ Do more features in new slots mean I can win more?

❔ How do I know that a new slot is random and fair?

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