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Felt Ltd is exclusively dedicated to the provision of world leading proprietary casino table games to the online gaming world.

Felt is founded upon a heritage of proven game formats, authentic styling and aspirational real life casino experiences. Felt leverages these sacred elements of the casino table game combining them with intuitive interfaces and delivering them via cutting edge technologies.

Felt is the meeting point between classic real life casino vernacular, and a modern, clean and functional interactive design.

Felt games are available online via desktop, tablet and mobile devices in single and multi-player formats.

Official site: http://feltgaming.com/gallery/

Avg % games in casinos

Graph shows average percent of game providers in the casinos and in the casinos lobby.

Top Felt casinos

Chart presents the statistic for top 6 casinos that have maximum % of Felt 's games in the lobby (or in general).


Top Games Lobbies Slots Rating displays the list of Felt games that have maximum SlotRank. SlotRank calculates based on game position on the lobby.

1.  Texas Hold'em Bonus (Felt Gaming)  758   +1

2.  Buster Blackjack (Felt Gaming)  938   -27

3.  Caribbean Stud (Felt Gaming)  1297   -46

4.  21+3 Blackjack (Felt Gaming)  1608   -20

5.  6 in 1 Blackjack (Felt Gaming)  1862   -33

6.  Double Ball Roulette (Felt Gaming)  1869   -32

7.  Lucky Ladies (Felt Gaming)  1879   -31

8.  Lucky Lucky (Felt Gaming)  1884   -31

9.  Suit'em Blackjack (Felt Gaming)  3528   -15

10.  3 Card Hold'em (Felt Gaming)  3705   -15

11.  Perfect Pairs (Felt Gaming)  5350   +5



Blackjack 21+3

Video Slot. RTP: Unknown

In 21+3 Blackjack, the objective is to make a 3 card poker hand using the first two cards dealt to the player plus the dealers face up card. The better the three card poker hand the higher the payout! The game is comprised of a standard hand of Blackjack against the Dealer and the optional 21+3 Side bet. Be sure to check out this great looking game.


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Buster Blackjack (Felt Gaming)

Cards game. RTP: 99.63%

Buster Blackjack is a new addition to our range of table games like Hi Lo Blackjack, Blackjack 21+3, and Blackjack Lucky Ladies.

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Double Ball Roulette (Felt Gaming)

Roulete. RTP: 97.3%

Double Ball Roulette is an exciting new Roulette game that was launched in the Tropicana in Las Vegas in 2014 to huge acclaim.

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