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Cozy Slots 30+ slots ranked by popularity in United Kingdom, 2019

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Looking for Cozy slots? We list 30+ Cozy games by popularity. Play for free Cozy casinos in UK + Bonus

Well established game provider from India. Company has hundreds games in the portfolio including bingo, classic and video slots, table games, scratch cards and network jackpots.

Cozy. mision: Be a game changer and a trend-setter, based on core strengths - consistent technical innovation, operational excellence and long-standing partner relationships

Avg % games in casinos

Graph shows average percent of game providers in the casinos and in the casinos lobby.

Top Cozy casinos

Chart presents the statistic for top 6 casinos that have maximum % of Cozy 's games in the lobby (or in general).


Top Games Lobbies Slots Rating displays the list of Cozy games that have maximum SlotRank. SlotRank calculates based on game position on the lobby.

1.  Chain Reactors  1007   -2

2.  New Honey Bees  1164   -9

3.  Shaman's Luck  1188   -9

4.  Aztecs  1215   -8

5.  Irish Gold (Cozy)  1226   -4

6.  Toony Jack  1242   -3

7.  Chain Reactors Trails  1718   -2

8.  Cupid's Arrow (Cozy)  2827   -7

9.  Crystal Drop  3741   -6

10.  Honey Bees  3759   -2

11.  Rolling in the Dough  3760   -4

12.  Wild Vegas (Cozy)  3761   -6

13.  Tutti Frutti  3764   -2

14.  Lucky Devil  3765   -5

15.  Fish Toons  3766   -5

16.  Hot Habanero  3767   -4

17.  Gas Money  3768   -4

18.  Treasures of Egypt (Cozy)  3770   -4

19.  Elizabeth  3778   -4

20.  Royal Treasures  3780   -4


By SlotRank

Chain Reactors

Video Slot. RTP: 94.63%

Video Slot 'Chain Reactors' from the game provider NYX Gaming Group is a 5*5 gameSlot has RTP=94.63% and MED level variance. The main game feature is Jackpot.

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New Honey Bees

Video Slot. RTP: 95.36%

Welcome to the world of New oney Bees, a slot game dripping with bonus sweetness that comes with the Beehive as the ild and the Queen as the Scatter which awards up to 2 free spins

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Shaman's Luck

Video Slot. RTP: 95.47%

Love the wanderlust? Live your dream through this peculiar slot game that gives you a high of the shaman’s magical power. Feel the power as you move ahead into the wilderness and experience a care-free life.

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Video Slot. RTP: 95.1%

Aztecs is an exciting new slot from Cozy Games featuring random multipliers and an innovative cascading reels feature. The game is themed on the Aztec culture and features a tribal leader standing on the left of the screen wearing a feathered headdress while the reels are laid out within a stone monument.

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Irish Gold (Cozy)

Video Slot. RTP: 95.74%

Irish old is an amaing slot game that comes with a bunch of lucky symbols that will add a magical touch to your gameplay. Explore the warm rish culture, except this time it’s going to be all gold - golden four leaf clover, golden coins, a pot of gold, a golden harp, a castle, a pint of beer, a leprechaun

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Toony Jack

Video Slot. RTP: 93.78%

Get ready for some royal slots fun with Toony Jack. Enjoy a quick London tour through this pleasant slot game that offers you a vintage car ride to big bonus up to 3000 times your bet

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Chain Reactors Trails

Video Slot. RTP: 94.58%

Video Slot 'Chain Reactors Trails' from the game provider NYX Gaming Group is a 7*7 game Main game features are: FreeSpins, Bonus Game, Jackpot.

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Cupid's Arrow (Cozy)

Video Slot. RTP: 93.8%

Romance is in the air with this cute and kitsch slot machine from Cozy Games. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines in this game, offering a classic set up from the start.

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Crystal Drop

Video Slot. RTP: 96.34%

Crystal Drop is an atmospheric slot game from Cozy Games featuring brightly coloured gem crystals and an outer space theme. There are lots of ways to win here with 20 paylines, wild symbols, re-lucrative spin feature and a fun gamble option after every winning spin. Instead of the usual slot reels there are 14 spaces in an interlocking grid and the colourful crystals drop down to fill the spaces. At least 3 matching symbols on a payline results in a space age payout!

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Honey Bees

Video Slot. RTP: 95.36%

For a while, the online casino industry was all about insects, in fact you couldn’t move for them within the world of online slots. While the trend may have subsided now, it is certainly worth taking a look back at the game that kicked things off. Honey Bee might have received a rerelease, but the original Cozy Games title is still very much available to players who want to give it a try. The following looks at the original Honey Bees too see how it holds up in today’s ruthlessly modern and fiercely competitive online slots environment.

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Rolling in the Dough

Video Slot. RTP: 95.93%

Video Slot 'Rolling in the Dough' from the software provider Cozy is a 5*3 game with 50 betways. Slot has RTP=95.93%. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Feature: Substitution Symbols.

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Wild Vegas (Cozy)

Video Slot. RTP: 95.93%

Video Slot 'Wild Vegas' from the software provider Cozy is a 5*3 game with 30 betways. Slot has RTP=95.93% and MED(?) level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Substitution Symbols.

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Tutti Frutti

Video Slot. RTP: 95.36%

Video Slot 'Tutti Frutti' from the software provider Cozy is a 5*3 game with 20 betways. Slot has RTP=95.36% and MED(?) level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Substitution Symbols, Gamble.

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Lucky Devil

Video Slot. RTP: 92.42%

The Lucky Devil slot machine is a video pokie created by Cozy Games 500.  It features a unique ambient with amazing and vivid background music. All combinations pay from left to right only, and the long-term payback for this one is about 92.42%

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Fish Toons

Video Slot. RTP: 95.3%

Dive into this 5-reel and 5-payline simple slot game fun as you take a walk through the blue sea water. his is a pretty plain slot game in which each of the five reels teems with a variety of fish. here aren’t any bonus features in the game, but the progressive ackpot makes up for it!

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Hot Habanero

Video Slot. RTP: 96.22%

Hot Habanero is a 5-reel slot that comes with 15 accessible paylines. This will allow you to have a grand time in Mexico, as there are plenty of ways for you to win in this Cozy Games release. The base gameplay in Hot Habanero is actually impressive in its own right, but what you’ll soon find is that it’s the bonus features that push it over the top. 

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Gas Money

Video Slot. RTP: 95.93%

Gas Money is a 5 reel machine which has 50 pay-lines. Multi-coin configurations are supported on this machine allowing for betting more than 1 coin on each line. The denomination of the game can also be changed by the user. The minimum bet is 1 coin which will activate 1 pay-line.

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Treasures of Egypt (Cozy)

Video Slot. RTP: 92.72%

Uncover the Treasures of Egypt and jump for joy! Egypt has been known for the treasure that it holds and a lot of it is hidden under the earth there, that you can’t even imagine the richness it would impart to anyone who nds it. Get ready for an adventurous trip to Egypt to hunt for the treasures that’s hidden in this for the treasures that’s hidden in this faraway land.

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Video Slot. RTP: 94.06%

Ever thought about playing slots with the ueen liabeth? Well, this beautiful game takes you to the era ruled by Her Highness and will keep you feeling royal through massive bonus and rewards thrown in so freuently that you will become rich in no time.

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Royal Treasures

Video Slot. RTP: 95.12%

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the ancient times, especially the life of the royals? This slot game will make your dream come true - except with an added twist of slots fun.

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Dog 'n' Roll

Video Slot. RTP: 95.71%

Dog 'n' Roll is a fun Cozy Games powered 20-line video slot. It comes with 5 reels and one very fun dog and rock ’n’ roll theme.

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The Hunt

Video Slot. RTP: 94.64%

Love the thrill of going deep into the jungle and may be having an encounter or two with the big wild cats Sounds scary ret not! Now, you can experience the same thrill through this jungle-themed slot game that gets you close to the wildernes

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Plushie Pleasure

Video Slot. RTP: 95.93%

Video Slot 'Plushie Pleasure' from the software provider Cozy is a 5*3 game with 30 betways. Slot has RTP=95.93% and MED(?) level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Feature: Substitution Symbols.

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Video Slot. RTP: 97.5%

Have you been to Great Britain? It is a beautiful European country with many interesting traditions and famous landmarks. Would you like to go there and meet friendly Brits, go to a pub with them and drink beer, eat fish and chips and watch football matches? Now you can visit Great Britain without the need to leave you house! All you need to do is to play "Brittonaire" slot and have fun!

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