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Thanks to our comprehensive approach and daily updates of analytics and selections of slots and casinos, SlotCatalog has become extremely popular among gamblers, representatives of game studios and operators. As a result, the SlotCatalog team has been getting a lot of requests to do live streams with us and we knew that sooner or later, the day we would launch our Twitch channel was just around the corner. And now we can say that this day has come!

Let's consider together how it was. As you know, the goal of the SlotCatalog team has always been to show objective information about the products of the iGaming industry. And we thought for a long time about how to realize our goal in live communication with gamblers and other industry representatives. We considered many options, but ultimately we decided to launch our Twitch channel, where we will review new slots and players' favorite slots live.

Twitch has become a platform on which thousands of online casino streams occur daily. But how many streamers understand what they are playing? How many streamers bring their viewers not only entertaining content but also educational content? Unfortunately, for us, the answer is too little.

Don't think we are some "snobs-professors of the University of Online Gambling". We understand that the best way to teach players something is to give them truthful and objective information in a form that is easy to digest. That is, mix fan and really useful information about slots!

What do you get by subscribing to SlotCatalog's Twitch?

  • Get tips on how to choose the best online slots from SlotCatalog's Live-Streamer;
  • Explore new games with us! It's always more fun to be with like-minded people, right?
  • Enjoy themed streams! How about a Halloween-themed horror stream? Are you a fan of Book of ... slots - let's launch a thematic stream with only such games. Brace yourself, Winter is coming - we are preparing for a themed stream only with Christmas-themed slots!
  • Live communication - ask about anything, we are open to the ideas of the community.

Well, it looks like we're setting the bar too high, haha. Well, the only way to verify our words is to go to our channel and watch the stream. We are very excited about this event and invite everyone to join us on this journey.

But what about the headliner of the live stream - our streamer? Let's meet Shippo.

Meet Shippo! The new SlotCatalog streamer.

SlotCatalog Twitch with Shippo
Shippo is SlotCatalog's main Twitch streamer

Why do players watch a particular streamer? Let's not delve deep into the tastes and beliefs of each person, but the point is obvious because players like the streamer they are watching. The streamer is the main character of his stream. He entertains, teaches, and communicates with the audience. And this is a challenging role.

Congratulations to SlotCatalog's Twitch streamer - Shippo! An extraordinarily talented and slot-savvy young guy from Berlin. Shippo has extensive experience in gaming and streaming. He has logged hundreds of hours in online casinos and understands game mechanics.

We are happy to welcome Shippo as our leading streamer because he completely shares our vision and philosophy. Shippo likes to test everything new, dig deep into the essence of online casino games and analyze them with the audience.

Shippo speaks English and German fluently. And although the first streams of SlotCatalog are planned in English, we urge German players not to be disappointed. With your support, we can also launch German-language streams for you.

We wonder what games Shippo likes. He told us in secret that he likes Nolimit City slots the most. So, fans of this game studio, are you ready to watch Shippo play your favorite games? But don't worry, there will be not only games from them but also many exciting things. So, if you can't wait any longer, just click here to go and subscribe.

How do I know when the next stream is?

To find out when the next SlotCatalog Twitch live-stream with Shippo will be, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the banner at the top of the section;
  • Follow SlotCatalogLive on Twitch;
  • Go to the Schedule section on Twitch and see when the next stream is scheduled;
  • If you forgot to check when the stream will be live, don't worry Twitch will send you a notification when we go live;
  • Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletters to be the first to hear about industry news as well as our live-streams.

If you would like to leave a message for us or Shippo, just click Contact Us. Also, subscribe to our Instagram, there will be all updates related to Our Twitch channel as well.

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