SC Level Up: New Game Sections and Improved Filters!

You deserve better! You deserve to easily find online casino games according to your personal preferences.

That’s why this day is a big day for you and for us at SlotCatalog. We’ve launched additional game sections and improved filters to help you navigate through the huge selection of online casino games.

Whether you’re a player, a casino operator, a game provider or a mix of them, you now have the tools that you deserve to easily browse our gigantic database of casino games.

This is an important milestone to us as the number of game releases grows exponentially. New innovative games are released each day and it is crucial to us that you find the games or type of games that you’re looking for!

That’s why we worked so hard at releasing six new game sections with heavily improved filtering capabilities. Improved statistics and graphs are included in the new features as a bonus. Enjoy!

Level Up

The Game Sections


The Filters


Browse SlotCatalog data by selecting one of our 26 markets.

This is the way to discover which games are the most popular in your region, or another region of interest.

Game type

Filter games by one or several game categories.

Video Slots, Classic Slots, Card Games, Roulette Games, Dice Games, Live Casino Games, Scratch tickets or our miscellaneous category: Other Types.


The brand filter provides an excellent way to find games by your favourite game provider, or why not combine or compare a few of them?

Release Date

An easy way to exclude older games with outdated technology, or do exactly the opposite, find only the classic game titles.



SlotCatalog was the first online resource that started gathering and publicizing the RTP, Return To Player metric for casino games on a large scale.

Today, we’ve launched an improved way to browse games by RTP! Remember that we always publish the standard RTP of a certain game.


Interested in games with a specific variance or volatility?

This filter provides an easy way to find the games where you win big! If you don’t have the patience to wait that long, just use the filter to find the low variance games.

Max Exposure

Filter games by the maximum win (the maximum bet amount multiplier)

Min Bet

Filter games by the minimum bet amount in $


Max Bet

Filter games by the maximum bet amount in $

Game Features

We’ve made it easier to find games with your favourite theme, game feature or character.

Select one or several out of our 900 tags to easily discover games that you’ve missed in the past.

Casino Quantity

There are quality games out there with limited distribution. That means they might not be in the lobby of your go-to casino yet, which makes them easy to miss.

That’s why we at SlotCatalog thought it was important to add a Casino Quantity filter to let all players discover quality games that haven't been discovered by the large mass of casino operators yet.

Layout (Slots only)

Looking for slots with specific layouts?

Our selection of grid categories will help you in your quest to find new quality games with the perfect slot layout according to your preferences.


Not familiar with the SlotRank metric yet?

If you’re not familiar with our SlotRank metric yet, make sure to read: What is SlotRank?

Miss anything?

We are constantly thriving to improve SlotCatalog. If you miss a specific feature in our new game pages, make sure to send us an email with a description of the requested feature and we’ll make sure to look into it!

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