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BGaming Exclusive Interview With Director

The SlotCatalog team introduce Marina Ostrovtsova. Marina is Director of BGaming. BGaming is quite a fresh but prominent game provider with a rich and diverse portfolio. Players can enjoy more than 40 slots, table games and casual games from BGaming. The company’s titles are very popular in the cryptocurrency society.


Marina Ostrovtsova Director of BGaming, a registered brand and trademark of SoftSwiss group.

Hi Marina, SlotCatalog team (SC) is happy to have you as our guest. Could we start from the short introduction for our readers?

Hello there, I’m Marina - BGaming director.

As a little intro, BGaming is an influx of fresh blood into an existing product (formerly known as “Softswiss games”). In February 2018 the SoftSwiss portfolio of casino games went through rebranding under the “BGaming” name. Since then we are a separate and powerful iGaming “unit”, within the Softswiss Group.

What are the benefits of your games? How do you conquer players loyalty?

As you’re aware, SoftSwiss has provided progressive casino solutions with a number of games for quite a period of time already (although the games were not the company’s main priority). Time ticked by, we were slowly expanding the game portfolio but never actually stopped to analyze how we do it. It was just natural to have an in-house game development. But then at some point we did stop to look around and what we found was a great observation - the games performance was on top throughout the operators we were working with.

Indeed we started offering games with crypto currencies at the right time, we added a unique feature called Provably Fairness while no other providers offered this feature to players at that time. All of this had a positive impact and increased our audience.

Provably Fairness - is the feature that provides possibility to verify the outcomes of the game. This gives to players confirmation that the game outcome was random and fair without any adjustments or manipulations. More information how Provably Fair works you can find here.

Further development of our relationship with this audience - this is what we find most fascinating so far. Our main goal is to obtain a player who trusts the product and operator prioritizes the target audience in our favour.

What is the company history?

SoftSwiss gaming content has been re-branded into BGaming, which is now 1 year old as a brand. This was a fruitful time for us.

First things first - the team means everything. We achieved this goal - a group of young and ambitions, self-motivated people has been assembled.

BGaming team

Last year ended well for us in terms of new game titles which amounted at 6. We released three deluxe versions of our best seller video slots and three absolutely new titles.

SC Remark: Here Marina mentioned such titles like: Domnitors Deluxe, Aztec Magic Deluxe, Platinum Lightning Deluxe. You can check all BGaming games here.

We visited 3 momentous exhibitions this past year, where we moved up in the world.

Still we can consider the period as a ramp-up and you definitely can expect more from us.

Please share your opinion on what the reasons of your company success are? Why did your achievements become true?

We have an explicit and long-term development strategy. We clearly realize what our “final product” should feel and look like.

We are well aware of all trends in IGaming, so our aim is not only to match the energy level of the industry but literally be ahead. What we are focused on is to become game changers. It is unlikely (but we don’t rule this out) to create something new or be innovative in every step that we take. All best things are already created and are in place, not particularly in iGaming, but pretty much in every sphere of life. So you can either follow the game or change the rule of the game.

And nothing succeeds like success, so new achievements are just around the corner.

Sounds intriguing. Could you tell a little bit more about your company vision and strategy?

BGaming skeleton crew of eager beavers digging what they do. Sounds cliché, but we wanna steal the show with our fresh thoughts and captivating ideas.

This is not only about what you can see on the surface. This is about our day-to-day life, working experience, interaction with each other and external world. A brand personality is a combination of the little various things that come together and all those things can help to make your brand unique. In other words, it’s not just about the games we produce, but the messages that we want to put out to the public, and the platforms we use for communication.

We want to stay true and open.

Tell us about corporate culture and core values of BGaming?

When it comes to the corporate culture, it can be difficult to refine our characteristics into a couple of key terms. But to hell with that, let us pick one - what we find fundamental.

Common sense. “It really tied the room together”. This is something we adhere to when expanding the team, this is what we rely on when chatting with players and operators, and this is exactly the term to describe the development process.

Common sense - this is what we find fundamental. “It really tied the room together”.

Apart from that we are fun and wonderfully weird, involved and empathetic. And this is what we try to bring into our products - all of these things are making our brand more human.

What is your favorite BGaming production?

There is none. Might sound strange but this is the way it is.

Each game has its best and worst moments. I like some certain theme of the game but dislike the development process. I like the performance of the game but hate the theme. This is all individual preferences. In general all the games are great, most of them are time-honoured titles. And this is we want and can improve about our content. Add the freshness and more life to them.

BGaming games

What can players expect from us this year is of course more slots, dice games, lottery. Each of the new titles will have a great deal of BGaming’s personal touch.

OK thank you. What is the most important aspect of the game from your perspective?

You can always hear such things as Graphics? Story? Characters? Gameplay? And any of the mentioned points is equally important. But on the other hand these are just essentials.

My personal aspect will be music. It is on a gut sense level to me that music is by far the most powerful part of a game.

Music is by far the most powerful part of a game. But this is all personal of course.

We all remember great films by the main soundtrack. A good soundtrack can convey emotions and can make players want to re-live those emotions again and again. This is the detail that can make the game really unique comparing to graphics. A banana will always stay a banana (it can be brighter, sharper, “yellower” but the essence remains).

But this is all personal of course.

Back to BGaming production. Why players should play your games?

To be perfectly honest with you every game provider out there claims to have unique game design, unique idea, trouble-free performance. In reality few of them really put into effect what they claim to be their advantages and I am luckily enough to know them and play their games.

So to avoid any duplication here I would pick several points that would reflect what BGaming really wants to outline. This would be music, provably fairness of the games and customer care.

My pick of point on what BGaming really wants to outline is music, provably fairness of the games and customer care. Literally we do reply any email we receive.

We have always been into music with our games and players can really experience this. In the end, the game should be an experience, it is not just about mindless spinning.

Provably fairness is the feature we launched to be different from our competitors. Time has passed and this remains unchanged which is very pleasing.

Lastly we do care of what our players say to us and about us. We try to solve any case (a game provider cannot get away with this, let’s be honest here) with maximum care and attention. We literally reply to each and every email we receive.

Could you describe iGaming industry future?

Answering this question depends on what perspective you use to look at it and the timeframe you define as future.

A great deal of developers imagine a future where the game industry is overrun with exciting technologies and they look forward to try them and succeed in them.

It might happen that we all will be living our best lives in VR and our entertainment will be there as well. But this is long-term if I may say so.

From a software provider’s point of view, our future depends on the jurisdictions and their coverage. You need to follow the trend and be compliant.

From a player’s perspective - regardless of what is happening, a player wants to be entertained. And this is exactly what we are here for.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Everything you do is about getting experience. Here at BGaming we’re not just making games, this is the real art for our visual artists, developers and other members of the team. This is what they want to do for a living and something they succeed in.

Wo do adore our loyal players and will strive to help them whatever the case is. We know we produce this content for someone - and this someone might be you.

Thank you for the answers. We are looking forward for your new releases. And will be glad to see you again as our guest.

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