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Gretta Kochkonyan at Endorphina chats with SC about their journey and why emotions are key when it comes to slots

We’ve got the opportunity to talk to Gretta Kochkonyan, Head of Account Management at Endorphina about their amazing journey, future plans and the importance of the emotions that their games instills. Gretta started her career in iGaming as a regular Sales Manager on the aggregator’s side. After gaining a lot of experience and knowledge about the market and competition, she moved to the provider’s side. Now she’s working at Endorphina as the Head of Account Management and strengthening the company's position on exciting markets.


Gretta Kochkonyan, Head of Account Management at Endorphina

Welcome Gretta! Could you give our readers a brief intro to Endorphina?

Endorphina first started out as a company with less than 10 passionate people who already had experience within the gambling industry. Now, we’ve got 60+ employees, and I believe that we did not even touch our potential yet.

We have quite a mixed team inside our office – different cultures, different ages, different experiences, which also becomes our advantage when it comes to the creative process. As we are doing everything in-house, we have various specialists that needed to cover the whole game creating process, especially when it came to promotion and sale.

What is the corporate culture like at Endorphina?

Endorphina’s motto is to bring endorphins to all people involved – our players, clients, our partners, and, of course, our employees.

We have a great working atmosphere in our office filled with mutual support. For example, we have a gong in our office! And as soon as our sales team closes a cool deal, or the marketing team succeeds in some promotion, or our account team agrees on something cool, we ring this gong so that we can share this exciting moment and crazy emotions with each other.

We have a very friendly and open atmosphere. For example, we, with the account team, created a challenge to support each other in our May goals and bet for a BBQ party.

We also have a lot of cool benefits like team building events, pizza days (actually, not only pizza ☺), flexible working days, language courses, and so on.

What would you say is the key point to your success?

From my point of view, it’s a combination of several things.

First, for us, quality is more important than quantity. We want to create the games that will fit the market, which will entertain the players by giving them the best gambling experience they can have.

And here is our second point - we’re listening to the players. All of our games are created with our players in mind. With our approach of listening to our players’ needs, studying their backgrounds, and unique cultural aspects, we are creating a portfolio that is fitting different markets according to cultures, history, mentalities, and even current popular social phenomenons.

Also, we are not afraid to think outside of the box, as it was with Diamond Vapor,Taboo, Satoshi’s Secret, and other slots. And as we can see, both players and operators love that.

This brings us to our last point, which is the people themselves. Our team is a key point of our success. We have a great mix of different but very experienced professionals who live and breathe iGaming. We’re lucky to have such passionate people who love this brand with all their heart. They’re truly doing their best for creating fabulous games, excellent service, and strong relationships with all people involved. Maybe it sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true ☺

There are more reasons for our success, but not to kill the readers with the amount of information, I’ll just stop here.

Alright, let’s dive into the games themselves. Personally speaking, which of your titles is your favourite release? Please motivate your pick as well!

My favorite one is - Book of Santa. It’s bringing up great memories from childhood, the warmth and coziness of our house, and the atmosphere of magic. I love all these details there: the symbols, the music, this fairy Santa, the beautiful bonus game, and all those lights. I just love the atmosphere that is created, it definitely keeps me entertained.

The best part behind all this magical design is the great math and amazing feature that is keeping players engaged, and providing him with solid wins ☺

What is the most important aspect of the game from your perspective?

First of all, it is the emotions that the game will give you. All these details that are creating a truly unforgettable gambling experience - the graphics, features in the game, sounds. And of course, the math – it’s the foundation of each slot.

Personally, I prefer slots with reach themes, interesting gameplay, and high volatility.

What is your general plan for the future?

We want to push towards more serious expansion in 2020. This means new jurisdictions, new team members, new promotions, and of course, new releases with new features.We want to make it clear – 2020 year is Endorphina’s year!

Could you give us slots fanatics some hints about your next release?

Very soon, we’ll have a new game about the heroes of the illustrious Asgard, called Asgardians. It’s a very colorful slot that will thoroughly immerse players in the atmosphere of the home of Norse Gods.

We have a powerful and diversified roadmap for this year. I won’t spoil the surprise, but believe me, everyone will find something interesting for them in our upcoming titles. Follow us on social media, as we are very often sharing small sneak-peeks and hints there.

Why should players try out your games directly after finishing reading this interview?

We believe that great slot providers should create games that attract a variety of audiences. That’s the reason behind our push for developing a range of games from both innovative to traditional themes, cute and provoking, and the contrast between something trendy and old-school.

We also love incorporating a gameplay that is accessible and challenging for both High Rollers and total beginners.

Every player can find a theme and mechanic for his or her own taste. Each of our games fit different markets according to cultures, history, mentalities, and even current popular social phenomenons.

When it comes to creating our games, we’re always keeping our players in mind. By doing so, we’ve been able to create stunning additions to our portfolio such as Geisha, Satoshi’s Secret, Dia De Los Muertos, Mongol Treasures, Taboo and more.

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