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Hit It Big

Video Slot. RTP: 96%

Hit It Big is a fun and exciting game show slot from ELK Studios, and it was launched 9 April 2019. It comes with 5 reels, 3 rows and 5 ways to win, and the main feature is the game show feature where you can win a multiplier boost up to 1000x your stake. Hit It Big slot also comes with 4 different base game features, and you can win up to 2500x your stake on this highly volatile game.

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Divine Dreams

Video Slot. RTP: 96.51%

Divine Dreams is set within the deep rain forests of Indonesia. Within this forest a Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is worshipped. It is said she will bring a successful harvest to those on the island. People of the island create beautiful artefacts that worship her and the nature around her. These valuable artefacts, the connection with nature, along with the spirituality of this setting is what we have designed the symbols around. Divine Dreams is very feature rich and one of the very cool features is that you will have a multiplier on each win you make.

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Video Slot. RTP: 96.54%

Big Time Gaming is delighted to introduce Donuts™ the worlds first 5p spin WAYS Game with a brand new, lock and load free spin multiplier that can turn humble four of a kinds into EPIC WINS. Donuts™ is full of surprises with random Donut boxes that can reveal more ways to win or add up to three x4 wild multipliers to create spectacular winning combinations in the base game!

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Primal MegaWays

Video Slot. RTP: 96.76%

Video Slot 'Primal MegaWays' from the software provider Blueprint is a 6*6 game with 46566 betways. Slot has RTP=96.76% and MED ? level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Bonus Game, Multiplier, Jackpot, Respins, Scatter symbols, Multiway (+1024), Random multiplier, FreeSpins Multiplier, Mystery symbol.

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Video Slot. RTP: 96.02%

Video Slot 'Reactor' from the software provider Red Tiger is a 5*3 game with 20 betways. Slot has RTP=96.02% and HIGH level variance. Main game features are: Wild, Multiplier, Respins, Random Wilds / Additional Wilds, Random multiplier, Mega Symbol (3x3), Symbol Swap.

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Cabaret Royale

Video Slot. RTP: 96.029%

Video Slot 'Cabaret Royale' from the software provider 2by2 Gaming is a 5*6 game with 40 betways. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Expanding Symbols, Multiplier, Scatter symbols, Random Wilds / Additional Wilds, FreeSpins Mode Choosing, Random multiplier.

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Glory and Britannia

Video Slot. RTP: 95.94%

Video Slot 'Glory and Britannia' from the software provider Playtech is a 5*3 game with 243 betways. Slot has RTP=95.94% and MED ? level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Expanding wild with re-spin, Respins, Scatter symbols, Random Wilds / Additional Wilds, Multiway (+1024), Random multiplier, Reelset Changing, Stack, Mystery symbol.

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The Wiz

Video Slot. RTP: 96.1%

Behold the mighty wizard! Follow the Wiz into his mysterious world, collect the obscure artefacts, brew potions and watch the dragons run wild! Collect the different magic artifacts as you explore the magical world of The Wiz. If you are lucky, you’ll meet the Wiz himself as he casts his spells and transforms everything into gold resulting in even higher wins! And behold the Dragon as he will set anything he touches on fire! The Wiz is an action packed, highly entertaining 5 reel slot designed for Mobile First. It’s highly engaging game mechanics and stunning visual effects keep the player on the edge of the seat at all times, as the Wiz performs his magic to transform the reels, resulting in awesome wins through his epic journey through the realms.

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Lucky Stripes

Video Slot. RTP: 95.92%

Video Slot 'Lucky Stripes' from the software provider iSoftBet is a 3*3 game with 1 betways. Slot has RTP=95.92% and N/A level variance. Main game features are: Wild, Multiplier, Respins, Respin Wild, Random multiplier.

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Inspector Gadget

Video Slot. RTP: 96.49%

Video Slot 'Inspector Gadget' from the software provider Blueprint is a 5*4 game with 20 betways. Slot has RTP=96.49% and MED? level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Bonus Game, Expanding Symbols, Scatter symbols, BonusGame: Pick Objects, Random multiplier, Additive symbol, Stack, Gamble, Mega Symbol (3x3).

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Ninja Ways

Video Slot. RTP: 96.03%

With 4,096 ways to win up to 10,000x stake, Ninja Ways is sure to fire slot players' imaginations.This game promises to engage with a medium level of volatility and a high hit rate.When the stealthy Ninja leaps across the reels, you can be certain that big rewards will quickly follow!

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Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion

Video Slot. RTP: 96.5%

Saving the galaxy and playing groovy synthfunk? All in a day’s work for Lyra, frontwoman for space-age megastars The Astro Legends. Her beats and basslines are a big hit with interstellar audiences, but Lyra also has star power in a literal sense: she’s perhaps the last of a race of shape-shifting musical guardians called starchildren. Their world, Oratorio, is now a frozen ruin, but rumors float between solar systems that the legendary peacekeepers are still out there, quietly using their powers to fight oppression, and even reshape entire planets with musical energy. So it’s no coincidence that when Lyra and The Astro Legends put on a show, planetary problems get solved in the process. She’s fixed climate change by entertaining a group of sentient gas clouds. She’s taken on her wolf spirit form and convinced a conquering race of canines to free their prisoners of war. But today Lyra faces her toughest challenge yet: an eccentric artificial intelligence with a taste for synthfunk, and a lot of time on his hands. Flying solo to a rehearsal with her bandmates, Lyra picks up a distress call from Libretto, an abandoned planet near the old intergalactic shipping lanes. Landing on the surface, Lyra discovers that Libretto, once a bustling trade hub, is now home to just one being – an A.I. called Erion. Originally part of a vast network of A.I.s who served as gatekeepers of galactic trade, Erion has been alone for centuries. Faster-than-light travel made the old freight lines obsolete, leaving him with just radio waves and music broadcast between galaxies to keep his vast intellect occupied. So, when the frontwoman of his favorite band answers his beacon, Erion can’t resist the chance to commission a private concert. The only problem? Erion is immortal, so this show looks like it might carry on forever… and Lyra has other places to be! To escape, Lyra needs to keep Erion entertained at the same time as harvesting enough stardust to transform into her wolf form and sprint away across the planet’s surface. And if she happens to collect some of the valuable gems left behind by traders over hundreds of years, all the better… a popstar has to get paid, after all! But Erion will do almost anything to keep Lyra planet-side – and he has more than a couple of crystalline tricks up his sleeve. Become an honorary Astro Legend, help Lyra escape the surface of Libretto, and above all, get ready for the gig of a galactic lifetime!

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Lucky Mr Green

Video Slot. RTP: 96.04%

Exclusive to Mr. Green, this game represents the very peak of Red Tiger Gaming's development and visual production capabilities. Lucky Mr. Green contains ingenious game mathematics and offers players a great cinematic experience. It's a true crowd pleaser!

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Pig's Feast

Video Slot. RTP: 95%

This larger-than-life pig, with an appetite to match, wants to guzzle his way to good fortune. Hot dumplings, spring rolls, yummy soup – this chubby, firework-wielding character wants it all and he wants players to win big along the way. Follow the Pig on a quest to sate his hunger on this 5 reel, 3 row, 25-line slot, which is packed with FREE spins and bonus features. Inspired by 2019 Year of the Pig, Pig’s Feast is a world in which rockets trigger free games and explosive firework displays, rice bowls stack up to reveal random multipliers, and Lady Pig offers up a platter of Prize Pick dumplings.

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Justice League (NextGen)

Video Slot. RTP: 96.501%

Stand alongside super heroes to defeat the evil Darkseid - save Metropolis with the powers of free spins, Super Hero spins, random wilds, Super Hero Power-Ups that give re-spins!

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Vikings vs Trolls

Video Slot. RTP: 96.01%

Video Slot 'Vikings vs Trolls' from the software provider Pragmatic Play is a 6*4 game with 4096 betways. Slot has RTP=96.01% and MED-HIGH level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Respins, Multiway (+1024), Random multiplier.

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Claws vs Paws

Video Slot. RTP: 96.85%

Dogs or cats? We are not here to debate about which is better. We are here to see that! Spin the reels to see crafty cat in action, trying to outact the loyal watch dog. UK-targeted, 3x5 slot. Main Game features series of Non-stop Win spins and series of spins with only high paying symbols on the reels. And if you are lucky enough, your cat will help you to land the final Scatter to trigger Free Spins. 3 Free Spins modes, each having various exciting features: Multipliers, Moving Wilds and Sticky Wilds. And the characters are acting out a story of the best bank-theft story you can think of!

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Sherlock Mystery

Video Slot. RTP: 94.09%

It`s elementary you`ll win! You`re the detective with Sherlock Mystery! Write the ending to your very own cliff-hanger as you search for clues in our Crime Scene Bonus! Win more cash when Sherlock and Watson meet on the reels! Crack the mystery of cash falling into your pocket when you win 10 free games with an Extra Wild Multiplier!

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Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway

Video Slot. RTP: 96.15%

Video Slot 'Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway' from the software provider IGT is a 5*3 game with 25 betways. Slot has RTP=96.15% and MED? level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Jackpot, Respins, Scatter symbols, Feature: Substitution Symbols, Bonus wheel, Random multiplier, Bonus symbols, Mega Symbol (3x3).

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Clockwork Mice

Video Slot. RTP: 95.45%

Video Slot 'Clockwork Mice' from the software provider Realistic is a 5*3 game with 20 betways. Slot has RTP=95.45% and MED(?) level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Random multiplier.

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Power of Asia

Video Slot. RTP: 95.05%

Video Slot 'Power of Asia' from the software provider Fugaso is a 5*3 game with 10 betways. Slot has RTP=95.05% and MED ? level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Jackpot, Scatter symbols, Random multiplier, FreeSpins Multiplier.

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Hot Ink

Video Slot. RTP: 96.49%

Ready to get inked? Life is always lived to the max by the tattoo artists at Hot Ink tattoo parlour, and you could join them by spinning the 5 reels of this Microgaming slot machine. There are 1,024 ways to line up winning combinations, which means that there will be a lot of winning opportunities, albeit with a relatively low range of pay outs. Nonetheless, this game makes up for low pays with a myriad of interesting gameplay features. There is a bonus round in which players can win 122,500 coins and a free spins round which will pay out up to 100,000 coins. On top of all that, spinners can enjoy mixed pay symbols and a special retriggering “re-spin” option.

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Reels of Egypt

Video Slot. RTP: 94.43%

Video Slot 'Reels of Egypt' from the software provider Cayetano Gaming is a 3*3 game with 5 betways. Slot has RTP=94.43%. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Bonus Game, Scatter symbols, Random multiplier, Bonus symbols.

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Slammin' 7s

Video Slot. RTP: 96.57%

Video Slot 'Slammin' 7s' from the software provider iSoftBet is a 3*3 game with 27 betways. Slot has RTP=96.57% and MED level variance. Main game features are: Wild, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Respins, Random multiplier, Additive symbol.

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