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Mines casino games are fresh arrivals to the online casino gaming scene and they are quite unlike games like blackjack, roulette, or even online slots.

So what are mine casino games? These are games that somewhat resemble the original minesweeper game that many of us have played on older computers. You have to pick spots hidden on the playing field and hope they don’t contain mines. If they don’t, your potential win will increase. If they do, the game round will be over. This picking repeats until you either hit a mine, or decide to cash out and take the win that’s on offer. Most of these games copy the minesweeper look in one way or another, but we are also seeing new studios coming with fresher themes and ideas, since the niche is growing in popularity big time. It suffices to say that more and more players now enjoy playing minesweeper for money!

If you’re asking what’s the main practical difference between a mines slot and a regular slot, it mainly comes to the interactivity. In a normal slot, you only press the Spin button and hope for the best. In a minesweeper game, free or not, you always get to play around and make a few decisions. Also, most minesweeper slot machine games, if you want to call them that, allow you to choose how many mines there should be. That allows for a customisable minesweeper online experience, as you can essentially adjust both the volatility and the top jackpot!

Mines Casino Games

1. Gold Digger: Mines - iSoftBet

Gold Digger: Mines is an iSoftBet take on the genre and it’s incredibly easy on the eyes. You can bet between €1 and €300, and win up to 288x your bet on the riskiest setting!

Gold Digger: Mines iSoftBet
#1. Gold Digger: Mines

2. Mines - Spribe

Mines from Spribe is a minimalistic minesweeper slot with a clear-cut design. It’s a great entry point to the niche, though it doesn’t have as much glamour as you’d perhaps like it to.

Mines Spribe
#2. Mines Spribe

3. Coin Miner – Gaming Corps

Coin Miner resembles Mines from Spribe, but it’s a bit more flashy while keeping things clean and to the point. With the right settings, its RTP can be as high as 97.28%!

Coin Miner Gaming Corps
#3. Coin Miner

4. Minesweeper XY – BGaming

Minesweeper XY is a mines slot machine with a twist, as its gameplay is slightly different. You’ll be walking forward with each pick instead of navigating a clear playing field. It might work for you, though, so check it out!

Minesweeper XY BGaming
#4. Minesweeper XY

5. Mines – Hacksaw Gaming

Mines from Hacksaw Gaming is a highly polished and mobile-friendly experience with excellent production values, just ideal for playing on the go. We also appreciate that you can choose how big the playing field should be – 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, or even 9x9!

Mines Hacksaw Gaming
#5. Mines Hacksaw Gaming


Mines slot machine games and minesweeper slot games are likely to stay with us for years to come, so it’s high time for you to get into them! They are fun and provide a completely different experience than regular slots. Choose one from our list and get going, you can even play a mines casino game demo if you want, so that you essentially play minesweeper for free. That will allow you to get a grasp of things, as well as choose the right game that you will want to play for longer! When evaluating which specific game to choose, consider the following:

  • Production values
  • Bet settings
  • Top jackpot
  • Gameplay features
  • Availability at online casinos with bonuses

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