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Crash casino games are fresh online casino games that offer a simple gameplay loop while giving players a few strategic choices as well. They are ideal for all players that are looking for new experiences, and we are sure that you’re going to love them if you decide to give them a chance.

In these games, any of which you can treat as a crash slot if you want to, you’ll see a line or an object accumulating a bet multiplier over time. It can crash at any time – hence the term crash slot game – but you can also cash out at any point and collect your win! Every single crash online casino game works like that, so there are no fancy rules or complex paytables for you to read.

You may now want to ask – what’s the main difference between a crash casino game and an ordinary slot? Well, a crash casino game, free or not, always allows you to make a choice that will directly affect the outcome of the game round. You can adopt a low risk low reward strategy and cash out as soon as you get a reasonable bet multiplier. Or, you can adopt a high risk high reward strategy and try to wait it out while hoping for a big win – there’s nothing quite like that in regular online slots! Soon enough, we might even get to see a dedicated crash games casino!

Crash Casino Games

1. Jet X - Smartsoft Gaming

Jet X is the original crash slot and one that remains popular to this day. With a simple interface and a progressive jackpot that’s shared across the Jet X universe, you can win big if you dare to take the risk!

Jet X Smartsoft Gaming
#1. Jet X game

2. Aviator - Spribe

Aviator has taken the world by storm by including plenty of social features. It has an in-game chat, live statistics, and even tournaments for you to participate in. As far as crash slots are concerned, this one is the deepest!

Aviator Spribe
#2. Aviator game

3. Spaceman – Pragmatic Play

Spaceman is the best-looking crash online casino game on this list and it offers a 5,000x max win. Moreover, it also has auto-cashout options and a live chat!

Spaceman Pragmatic Play
#3. Spaceman game

4. Space XY – BGaming

Space XY Crash is another space-themed crash casino game. It has minimalistic graphics, but a huge 10,000x jackpot and a fancy 97% RTP that makes it a better deal than most other entries on this list!

Space XY Crash BGaming
#4. Space XY game

5. F777 Fighter – Onlyplay

In the F777 Fighter crash game, you’ll fly the modern F777 while avoiding obstacles and hoping for a big win multiplier. This one also comes with a hidden jackpot and very appealing graphics, so it’s fair to say that Onlyplay did a great job!

F777 Fighter Onlyplay
#5. F777 Fighter game


As you can see, there’s already way more than just a single crash slot game for you to choose from. If you want to enjoy something fresh, we highly recommend you give this niche a shot, as it’s fun and quite different from other casino games. Each game round comes with an ounce of interactivity, and there’s always a choice for you to make – do you cash out or do you hope for a better win?

If you’re looking at the different crash games and don’t know which one is the best, consider the following factors:

  • Theme and graphics
  • Max win
  • Volatility
  • Social features

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