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Why should I play at an online casino with PayPal?

When it comes to playing at an online casino, first and foremost, you want to be able to transact safely, securely and conveniently. No matter how great a casino might be, or their massive games line-up, if you can’t get funds into your account and even more importantly, withdraw your winnings, then it’s a waste of your time. This is where PayPal shines. PayPal has been around since 1998 and it really is the pioneer of online payments. As of 2019, PayPal had more than 300 million users and generated almost $18bn in revenue. So why should you use PayPal for your online casino needs?

Advantages of using PayPal

No more credit cards for UK players - On the 14th of April 2020, the UK Gambling Commission introduced a new law that prohibits all UK betting companies from processing credits cards for gambling. This means you will have to use an alternative payment method, which is exactly why you should consider a casino that accepts PayPal.

You’ve got a PayPal account already - The odds are pretty good that if you shop online, you already have PayPal account, in which case you are already 75% of the way there to get started with your preferred PayPal casino.

Free to sign up - The process of registering a PayPal account is really easy and it’s free. You will need to complete some verification steps in the process, similar to the mandatory verification processes of almost any online account. You will also need to link a credit/debit card to your PayPal account that they will draw funds from to add to your PayPal balance.

Fast transaction times - Paying with PayPal is fast, really fast. Generally, when you reach the transaction page, you are redirected automatically to the PayPal checkout page, where you simply put your username and password to log into your PayPal account, confirm the transaction and the amount and within a few moments, you are redirected back to the casino lobby where your transaction is confirmed and your bankroll is updated and you are ready to start playing.

Move and spend as you wish - With the ease of moving funds with PayPal, if you have various casino accounts with other PayPal casinos, you can move funds around really easily. This is a huge advantage, instead of having to withdraw to your bank and then redeposit with another online casino.

Superior security and support - PayPal is renowned for their stringent security and fraud protection, plus they are very strict about which casinos they allow to use their services. By using PayPal, you also don’t need to expose your credit card details to the gambling companies as only PayPal will use your info for processing. When you consider all of this, you can have real peace of mind and focus more on enjoying your gaming. Should you hit any issues with depositing into a casino using PayPal, they have a responsive support team that will assist you.

Link multiple cards and banks accounts - PayPal gives you the option to link up to 4 credit cards and 8 bank accounts to your PayPal account. This is a huge plus in terms of where you allocate your spending and where you may want to withdraw your PayPal balance to. The other major benefit is when you transact with the casino, you don’t need to remember all the details of the cards and accounts or expose all this info to the casino. You simply need to remember your PayPal account email and password.

Fast Payouts - Once the casino processes your withdrawal request and initiates the transfer of the funds, the PayPal transaction is near instant, so your money will be in your account in no time at all. Withdrawals to credit cards and other payment methods can take longer, and if your preference is a wire or bank transfer, it can take days till you see your money.

High transfer and withdrawal limits - If your PayPal account is in good standing, you should have no problems depositing or withdrawing higher amounts compared to many other payment methods. If you are a high roller, you definitely want to consider PayPal as an option.

Disadvantages of using PayPal

Limited Choice of Casinos - The number of casinos offering PayPal as an option is somewhat limited compared to credit cards, eWallets and alternative payment methods. However, as mentioned, with the introduction of UK laws banning credit card processing for gambling, you can expect the number of casinos accepting PayPal to continue to grow.

Account verification - No one really enjoys the whole process of opening a new account and going through the entire verification process, however, PayPal has a fairly streamlined process. When you consider all the benefits of using a PayPal casino, the little bit of inconvenience initially is well worth it.

Step by Step Guide to Using PayPal for a Casino Site

  • Register for a PayPal account - Complete the short registration form with the usual type of personal information and link a credit card to your PayPal account.
  • Verifying your PayPal account - You will need to submit some documents to verify your personal information, including an identity document, proof of residence, a utility bill, etc.
  • Find a good PayPal casino - Your first step here is to take a look at our list of the best PayPal casino sites. At SlotCatalog, we give you the facts, plus we present the most reputable and licensed PayPal casinos. You can use our effective filtering options to find the perfect online casino to match your needs. The next step is to check out if the PayPal casino you have in mind has the games you want to play. Again, this is really easy, and you simply need to take a look at our in-depth reviews. Finally, what sort of welcome bonus does the casino offer, and do they possibly offer any extra or exclusive PayPal casino bonuses? Don’t forget that not all online casino bonuses are created equal, so here some things to consider:
    1. First deposit match and free spins - Does the casino offer a first deposit bonus, what percentage and up to what value? Take note if they also include free spins as part of the welcome package.
    2. Wagering requirements - This is something not to overlook. Be sure to read the promo terms and check what the wagering requirements are on the bonus. If the welcome package included free spins, check to see if there are additional wagering requirements on any wins from the free spins.
    3. Time restrictions - It’s quite common for online casinos to put a time limit not just on how long have to activate the bonus but also for how long it is valid for from the time you do claim it. If free spins were included, there could also be a time limit on them.
    4. Maximum cash out and maximum win amount - Most casinos put a limit on the maximum amount that
  • Sign up for your preferred casino - With all the due diligence out of the way, it’s time to register your casino account with your chosen PayPal online casino. Generally, the registration process is pain-free and quick, but be sure to complete all your details accurately because it will have to match the verification documents you send.
  • Make your first deposit - Visit the "Cashier" or "banking" tab of the casino and make your first PayPal casino deposit. Usually, to claim your first deposit bonus or welcome package, you don’t need to use a promo code as this happens automatically, however, before finalizing your deposit, check the welcome mail you got from the casino to see if there is a deposit or promo code you need to use. Complete your deposit and get ready to play.
  • Start playing - With all the formalities out of the way and your new PayPal casino account funded, it’s time to start enjoying all your favourite casino games and hopefully, winning loads of money.
  • Withdraw your winnings - When you’re ready to cash out, simply visit the "banking/cashier" tab and follow the steps to withdraw your money to your PayPal account.

Alternatives to PayPal

There are various other alternative payments methods that most online casinos accept as well, including Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz/Ecocard and more. All of these payment options work very similar to PayPal, with the added benefit that some even offer a physical debit card that can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs across the world or they can even be used to make point of sale purchases.

Ready to get started?

There is no doubt that the benefits of casinos that accept PayPal far outweigh the disadvantages. PayPal is an extremely convenient and secure way to transact online and with its massive user base and long history, you can have confidence in this great payment option for your gambling needs. While not all casinos accept PayPal, this is growing constantly and as gaming laws evolve, we could see even more online casinos offering PayPal.

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Frequently Asked Questions about PayPal Casinos

You probably have some questions about casinos that accept PayPal, so below you will find some of the most common questions we get asked. If you don’t find answers to your questions here, feel free to ask us and we’ll get back to you, or contact the casino support and they will assist you.

Are there any fees related to using PayPal for online casino sites?

The typical process with PayPal is there are no fees when making payments as these are charged to the side receiving the funds. With this in mind, when it comes to withdrawing from the casino to your PayPal account, you will more than likely be charged a fee by PayPal. PayPal fees vary from country to country, so make sure to check the PayPal fees page to gauge how much they will deduct. There is usually a very small flat fee, plus a percentage of the transaction that can go as high as 5.4%. Something important to note is PayPal charges for currency conversion. This means, if you choose to cash out from a currency that is different from your casino account and your PayPal base currency, you can expect even less money back as PayPal uses their own rate of exchange and charge a 2.5% fee. To save on these conversion fees, it’s always best to have your casino account and PayPal account in the same currency. PayPal does also allow you to have multiple balances in different currencies and often when you receive a payment in a different currency, PayPal will notify you and will ask if you want to convert the funds or keep it in the currency it was received in. While PayPal is a little more expensive than most other payment methods, the convenience, security and ease of use do make it a payment option to strongly consider.

How fast are the deposits using PayPal?

PayPal processing is similar to other alternative payment methods in that your funds will be transferred to the casino almost instantly. Depending on the casino, you should see your new balance within a few minutes. To avoid any unnecessary delays, make sure you have completed all the relevant verification processes, both with PayPal and the casino.

How fast are withdrawals to PayPal?

Receiving money through PayPal is near-instant, i.e. when the sender hits send, you will receive an email from PayPal within a few minutes informing you that you have received money. In some cases, PayPal may require you to log in and accept the payment, or they may put a temporary hold on the money. This is not common, but it’s important to be aware of this. When it comes to fast withdrawals from a PayPal casino, the bottleneck is usually the casino themselves and how quickly they process your request and if they insist on any other documents from you. We suggest always getting all your verification procedures completed as soon as possible when joining a new casino, so you can enjoy your gaming and banking without any disruptions.

Is this payment method suited for mobile casinos?

PayPal can be used for mobile casinos and there is a PayPal App for both Android and iOS devices. If you like, you can also navigate the PayPal site from your mobile device and make payments, however, there are mixed opinions about the user-friendliness.

What will show up on my statements?

PayPal payments will show as PayPal on your statement, however, depending on the casino site and how they have configured their payments, it might show up with PayPal and the casino name or their holding or payment processing company name. This will vary from casino to casino. If you are concerned about what will show on your statements, contact the casino support and ask them.

Can I link more than one bank account to my PayPal account?

PayPal allows you to link up to 8 bank accounts with your PayPal account. This may change or vary depending on your location, but you can be confident they will allow you to link more than one bank account.

Is it possible to have more than one credit card connected to my account?

Yes, you can have up to four credit/debit cards linked to your account. The big benefit of this is you can choose which card to use when making payments depending on the miles, points or cashback benefits of the card. It’s certainly worth collecting extra rewards while enjoying your casino play.

I have an issue; how should I contact PayPal?

You can call and email PayPal, however before you do that, we suggest checking their FAQs, which are extremely comprehensive. If you don’t find answers in the FAQs, there is also a highly active community forum, and by doing a search for your question, you will more than likely find an answer.

Do all casinos accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, not all casinos accept PayPal and there certainly aren’t as many casinos accepting PayPal as there are for other payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, etc. It all depends on where the casino and/or their holding companies are located. Other factors affecting which casino accepts PayPal payments is where their players are situated as there may be local laws and regulations preventing the use of PayPal. As we mentioned earlier, the number of PayPal casinos is growing all the time, so you can expect your choice of options to continue to grow.

Why can’t I withdraw to PayPal?

There may be various reasons why you can’t withdraw to PayPal. Some casinos may not allow it due to internal policies. Other reasons could be legal or regulatory issues. Those casinos that don’t allow withdrawals to PayPal will offer you the option to withdraw to an alternative payment method, such as Skrill, Neteller or direct to your bank account.

Does PayPal offer their "Buyer Protection" for casino deposits?

One of the most attractive features of PayPal for buying online is their Buyer Protection policy, which offers users a type of insurance should they get scammed or not receive their purchase. To claim Buyer Protection, your purchase needs to meet certain criteria and then you can open a dispute and within a few weeks, you should receive all your money back. Unfortunately, in PayPal’s terms and conditions, gambling and betting purchases are not covered. It is rather easy to understand why they would have this in place.

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