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RTP +5.4%


Spins (last 4 hours)

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Hot / Cold



RTP +5.45%

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For Last 4 Hours:

SRP :99.52%

Statistical Return Percentage (SRP) see definition below

Game RTP: 94.07%

SRP-RTP: +5.45%

Volatility: LOW-MED

Max Win: 1250 xBet

Spins: 516

Bets (EUR): 1 412€

Wins (EUR): 1 674€

Last Update:

UTC timezone: 2024-02-29 00:00

Last Big Wins info:

We have analysed a total of 0.52K Guns N' Roses spins provided by our data sponsors in the last 4 hours.

During these game rounds, Guns N' Roses has paid 5.45% more money to the players than it should have had according to an RTP of 94.07% and LOW-MED level of the game's volatility.

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Hot & Cold Slot Games

Our Hot & Cold Slots section displays the RTP and quantity of game rounds for certain games. We gather this data from game rounds history. Hot Games are the games where SRP (SRP - statistical return percentage) is higher than RTP in-game rules. Cold Games are the games with current RTP that is lower than RTP in-game rules.

This page can be used in a purely fun and superstitious way, or on the other hand as a tool for verifying the RTP level of customizable slots. Before you use this service, please make sure to read our Hot & Cold Slots Service Disclaimer.

About Hot & Cold Slot Machines

A common missperception among superstitious slot players is that slot machines are either hot or cold, depending on its recent payouts. The slots that have paid out more recently gets labelled as a “hot slot” and slot machines that have paid out little is labelled “cold slots”.

Who would not want to be able to tell when a slot machine will HIT next?

This thought certainly raises the excitement of playing slots by taking you on a quest to find the right slots. However, these days this is pure superstition and carries no fundamental logic behind it.

Why? Because the slot machines use Random Number Generators and the previous outcomes have no correlation with future outcomes. It is just random, as the name suggests.

The myth about “hot” and “cold” slot machines or “stuffed” and “empty” ones started with the classic fruit machines in environments where these physical machines were located. Everything from land casinos, pubs, pizzerias and ferries. Back then, the logic behind hot & cold slots was actually not a miss conception, it was actually true. These old physical machines were not that advanced and were simply programmed to payout once in a while on a set schedule that was not totally random. This made players spend a substantial amount of hours just to sit at these places and watch how much money went into a specific slot machine and how much it paid out.

The RTP levels may vary between casinos

However, there is a really important thing to know about online casinos and slot machines from some game providers which makes this page exceptionally useful and not only enjoyable to use for fun.

The fact is that many game providers distribute their games with several pre-configured levels of RTP (Return to Player). SlotCatalog always displays the standard RTP level, but there are other levels that some casinos might use. These levels can be higher or lower than the base RTP.

To change RTP from the base level the online casino needs consent from the game provider as well as displaying this information on the slot page where you as a player play the game. We always recommend our players to check the fine print.

Hot & Cold Slots Service Disclaimer

Our Hot & Cold Slot Games section does just gather and present you with data. There is no guarantee that you will win, or gain any type of edge by selecting a specific game in this section.

  • This is a Beta version of the service.
  • We are only gathering available data.
  • There could be delays in data delivery. Everything from 7 - 30 minutes.
  • Most often Hot and Cold games are games with high Volatility.
  • The casino might have changed the RTP level for the game. Ask casino online support about the game RTP level before playing a specific game.

Terms and Definitions

RTP – the Return to Player is something to consider, as this directly influences the bottom line. The industry average RTP hovers around 96%, which means the house edge is around 4%. This is what most players expect. It’s a good idea to check that your chosen provider does not deviate too much from this industry standard.

SRP - Statistical Return Percentage (SRP) is the average payback for a number of rounds for a specific period of time.

Example: We are calculating win/bet for each round, sum it and divide this value on round quantity. This way SRP does not depend on the bet amount. In the long run, this value should be equal to RTP unless the casino has a set a different RTP level.

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