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About SlotCatalog.com

SlotCatalog is rapidly growing Internet platform for players, casino operators and game developers. Our main goal is to become the most competent Internet Slots Game Catalog to supply objective and up to date slots game analytics for gambling industry.

SlotCatalog pay big attention for all game aspects. Starting from game play and features to formal attributes like volatility (risk), RTP etc. We are sure that our analytical database will be interesting not only for players but could be very helpful for online casino operators and software game developers.


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structured information

Structured information about games

In our database, for each game, we save more than 50 different attributes. Players will be able to easily find the slots by such important characteristics as RTP (return to player), Variance (risk), the minimum or maximum bet, the maximum possible win, and so on.



Tags are key words that help to filter games. For example: you can filter slots that have a bonus game or a game with a progressive jackpots and so on. For easy using tags, are grouping to some categories, like theme, genre, color. For example tags can help you to find all slots on Vikings theme with blue color

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SlotCatalog rating


Ratings - this is another important and useful feature on our site. Due to our rating visitors can quickly find realy great games. There are two types of assessments "experts" and "common" . Our experts (registered users) can assess each slot by such criteria as: entertainment, features, animation, graphics, sounds and innovations. Innovation - mean new game mechanic, approaches or technologies. Common rating - is slot player aggregate ratio. I.e. we are encouraging all our visitors to rate slots by 10-points scale.



SlotCatalog has a structure that will allow us to translate all our content into any languages. On current moment we have three languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian. In the nearest future we have plans to launch Polish and Swedish languages

visual  information

Visual information

On the game`s page you can find all visual information about slot: screenshots, promo video, video that demonstrate slot features, as well visitors can try game and play for fun.


Advanced Search

Advanced Search - helps site visitors to find slots by the specific formal attributes. For example you can find all games with a particular RTP, minimum or maximum bet amount, maximum wins and etc.

Advanced search


Our announcements, press releases and newsletters will allow players, operators and developers to be familiar with all modern trends in the gaming industry.


Please note: some pages in Slot Catalog site are available only for registered users.

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